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Face moisturizer: What is a face moisturizer for?

  • 4 min read

Face moisturizer: What is a face moisturizer for?

Table of Contents

  1. Does oily skin need moisturizing?
  2. Are there moisturizers that do NOT clog pores?
  3. What can Aloe Vera do for your skin?
  4. When should you moisturize?
  5. What are the benefits of face masks?
  6. What are the benefits of toner?
  7. What can a lemon-based toner do for your skin?
  8. What is the “Ice cube finish?”
  9. Conclusion

Perhaps one of the ubiquitous pieces of advice in skincare is MOISTURIZE! In this step, we’ve covered just that.

However, don’t miss out on the previous chapters. We urge you to understand your skin first, next is to know how to protect it, and then how to properly cleanse it.

Done reading? Now you’re ready for the next step.


Moisturizing helps keep the facial integrity strong. Now we will get into a whole new concept of moisturizing. This part of the series will explain how to moisturize topically.

Even oily skin needs moisturizing

Oily skin means there is a hormonal imbalance going on within you. Dermatologists define Oily skin as an “increased amount of surface oil caused by an overproduction of sebum."

While it doesn't seem like it, oily skin still needs hydration under the surface. By choosing your moisturizer wisely, you can hydrate your skin without making it oily. We recommend going for humectant moisturizers (the kind that attracts moisture) and less occlusive moisturizers (the kind that prevents moisture from escaping from your skin). Opting for this type will set to the right healthy pH level.

With a healthy pH level, your skin will be able to absorb nutrients more efficiently. Even if your skin is oily, moisturize away to healthy, acne-free skin.

hand holding a moisturizer

Use moisturizers that Do NOT clog the pores

They call the non-clogging moisturizer “non-comedogenic." Materials that are light and easily absorbed by your skin should be your first pick. Some of the best natural and organic moisturizers are Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil, Honey, and Aloe Vera.

Remember, anything you put on your skin enters your bloodstream 64% of the time. Unwanted chemicals will destroy natural skin barriers, allowing unwanted chemicals access into your system.

Moisturize with Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera heals and soothes as much as it protects and nourishes the skin. Those who are acne-prone will benefit from Aloe Vera as a non-comedogenic moisturizer.

Aloe vera unclogs pores and helps with the superficial area of the acne. It also helps dry skin, all at the same time. Handy in cold and tropical weather, you will find that it is loaded with Vitamins A and C and has many antioxidative enzymes.

woman with a white towel on her head, holding a moisturizer

Moisturize right after washing

The best time to apply a moisturizer is right after washing. Moisturizing is a great way to replenish oils that were stripped from you while you were washing your face.

Moisturizing is a great way to replenish oils that you lost while you were washing your face. It also seals the moisture that adds a protective barrier to your skin as you go about your day.

Use face masks

laying woman with a facial mask on

Face masks help draw out dirt and toxins from the skin while rejuvenating the dermis by healing the cells, giving your skin an all-around healthy glow. Once or twice a week will ensure you keep your skin healthy, clear, and even wrinkle-free for longer!

Wrap it up with a toner

Toners seal the deal when it comes to your facial routine. As the toner adds a more moisturizing effect, it also closes the pores, as it tightens the cell gaps of your skin.

Toners then clean up whatever impure residues are left on your face. This includes chlorine and minerals from tap water. Complete your clear, acne-free skin routine with a toner!

half lemon with a peeled off part

The lemon-based toner

After washing and moisturizing your face, put 5-7 drops of lemon on your palm. Apply the lemon drops evenly on your face while avoiding your eyes. Use facial tissue to dab away the lemon from your face after a few seconds.

ice cube

The “Ice cube finish” 

The Ice Cube finish is one of Korea’s secrets to fine and clear skin. After cleansing, moisturizing, and toning, gently rub ice all over your face. Ice will minimize facial pores, practically closing the door to all bacteria and toxins. Your skin will love this!


Now you know the key to keeping your skin looking young and dewy as you properly moisturize it. The road to finding the right products that work for your moisturizing routine can be a long one - or not! But one thing to keep in mind is to go for more organic, natural products to avoid irritation or acne.

Now, we’re ready for the next step - nourishing yourself right.

How to Get Clear Skin Outline

We’ve broken up the steps on the How to Get Clear Skin series into easily digestible categories. This is to help you not to get overwhelmed. Serving as your outline, here are the 8 main things that you’ll expect from this series to keep your skin acne-free and healthy.

  1. Understand your skin
  2. Protect your skin
  3. Cleanse your skin
  4. Moisturize
  5. Nourish yourself right
  6. Deal with that acne: Let’s face it!
  7. Keep flowing to get glowing
  8. Protect your face from the sun

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