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Embark on worry-free adventures with GearTop’s affordable sun and wind protection. 

We are a father and daughter duo who loves the outdoors. As much as we have fun immersing ourselves in nature, we’ve always recognized how the elements can take their toll, especially on the skin. 

Therefore, getting the highest level of sun and wind protection is paramount.

Going hand in hand with protection is prevention. This is why we fell in love with headwear. Protecting the most vulnerable parts of your skin - scalp, face, neck - having the right headwear shields you from harmful UV rays and harsh elements to prevent problems from ever even arising in the first place. Problems that range from premature aging, fine lines, and wrinkles. And, as we all know, constant exposure to the sun’s UV rays increases your chances of developing skin cancer. So, wearing high-performing protective clothing will help minimize your chances of developing these skin conditions. 

Sifting through hundreds of brands and a line-up of different department stores, we’ve since found that a steep price is to be paid when one wants optimal sun and wind protection. This should NOT be the case. 

Enjoy the highest level of sun and wind protection at a low price

We’ve traveled the world to find some of the best materials and cultivated relationships with manufacturers for our products. By cutting out the middlemen, we are able to save costs that otherwise would’ve been spent on commissions. Freeing us of these fees, we can focus on what truly matters - spending on better materials. 

We can now offer premium quality protective headwear at a fraction of the cost compared to other brands. 

Don’t take our word for it. You can check more than a thousand reviewsthat have been left by highly-satisfied customers who were witness to our supreme-quality builds.

Lifetime Guarantee for every GearTop purchase

We are so confident in our products that we offer a Lifetime Guarantee for each one of them. In the unlikely scenario that customers should encounter any problems with any of our products, we’d be happy to issue a refund or even replace the product - COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE.

To register your item for a Lifetime Guarantee, you can sign up through this page

If you purchased our products on Amazon please click the button below to register the warranty.

*All products purchased on our website are already registered.

Receive unmatched customer service

As a father-daughter business, family is important to us. And, we consider every customer to be a part of our family! This is why we make it a point to always be ready when our customers need us. We love to go the extra mile and ensure that every shopper gets the attention they deserve. 

How do we go the extra mile? Every question we work hard to answer. Rest assured that we ARE here to help.

We’d love to hear from YOU!

We are always looking to expand to new products. If you have some ideas for us, we would love to hear from YOU! 

Can’t find your favorite go-to outdoor gear in our shop? Want us to feature sports apparel for your favorite sport? Don’t hesitate to tell us what you want to see in our collection! Share your ideas here and we’ll be sure to look into it. 

Or, if you want to be one of the first ones to hear about promo codes, exclusive discounts, and exclusive offers, write to us here. Or, you can also visit our social media page for some of our latest updates. 

Meet the team



Patricia is an avid hiker, paraglider, and skydiver. As she spends countless hours under the sun, she understands the toll that the harmful UV rays can inflict on the skin - causing premature aging and increasing the risk for skin cancer.  This is why she is a strong advocate for sun protection. Also a snowboarder, guarding the skin against wind burns is just as important to her.



Greg is a runner. Weary of Canadian winters, he’s witness to the importance of wind protection, especially for his chilly runs. This is why he’s very particular with his running apparel. He is always on the lookout for running gear that’ll keep him comfortable as he pounds the pavement.


At GearTOP, we create products maximizing safety, comfort and fun for all day-to-day activities.

We specialize in high quality, sun and wind protection products.