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Aside from prepping your bait and tackle, make sure to prep your skin, too! Pack fishing essentials that protect you from the elements. With GearTop’s quality fishing hats, guard yourself against harmful sun rays as well as unwelcome insects!

Why wear GearTop’s fishing apparel?

Here are some of the benefits that you will experience with GearTop’s fishing gear:

  • Complete sun protection. Our Discoverer Series sun hat makes sure that harmful sun rays stay at bay! With its removable neck flaps, this fishing boonie hat protects your neck and ears from the elements. Fully immerse yourself in nature while staying protected with this full sun protective hat!
  • Insect, wind, dust protection. Keep bugs and blood-sucking mosquitoes away as you wear our Explorer Series Sun Hat ! Featuring a removable and lightweight mosquito net, you are not only protected from annoying creepy-crawlies, but also from dust, wind, and dirt.
    If you’re not a fan of nets (though it is removable), our Discoverer Series sun hat does the job equally as well with its removable flaps.
    If you’re not a hat person, however, our breathable Face Masks are an equally viable option to protect your cheeks and neck from the elements.
  • Adjustable. All of GearTop’s fishing hats feature an adjustable drawcord that allows you to loosen or tighten its fit according to what suits you best. Especially handy during those unexpected strong gusts of wind, an adjustable drawcord and drawstring ensure that your hat stays in place all the time!
  • Breathable. All of GearTop’s sun hats feature mesh panels to let heat escape easily. Our Navigator Series Fishing Hat and our Wanderer Series Hat, for example, feature a breathable mesh band, keeping your head cool and breathable as you reel in your catch! Wick sweat away with this waterproof sun hat’s sweatband, too!
  • Quick-dry. All of GearTop’s fishing hats consist of lightweight and quick-drying material. You don’t have to wait long for this fishing hat to dry off as you leave it under the sun.
  • Packable. Making sure that on the move adventurers are hassle-free, this fishing bucket hat is easily foldable. Not needing much storage space, you can store GearTop’s portable sun hats inside your bag or pouch to keep it safe.
  • Versatile Style.It’s not just all about utility for our fishing hats, either. Change up your style as you flip the brim or the sides. Our Floater Series sun hat has snaps at the side for you to sport a fun look!
  • Lifetime Guarantee. Built to last, GearTop’s fishing hats are made with premium quality elements. As each one has a Lifetime Guarantee, you can let us know if you encounter any problems with our items. We’ll give you a full refund, or even replace the product - free of charge!
    Are you going on a fishing trip soon? Our article on how to stay protected on your trip should be a helpful read.

Buy premium-quality outdoor apparel from GearTop

If you love spending time outdoors, you might want to check out our shop . GearTop’s arsenal is well-stocked with essential outdoor gear that you can take with you no matter what season. Choose from versatile sun hats to the full-face protection of breathable balaclavas and more!