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9 Tips on how to get glowing skin

  • 3 min read

Girl with glowing skin

Table of Contents

  1. What can a body massage do for you?
  2. Can you do a facial massage on yourself?
  3. What are the benefits of exercise?
  4. How many glasses of water should you drink daily?
  5. Why should you clean up?
  6. Why do you need sun protection?
  7. How many hours of sleep do you need?
  8. Why is rest essential?
  9. How do your thoughts and feelings affect your skin?
  10. Conclusion

The key to youthful, glowing, clear, healthy skin is circulation. Good circulation distributes oxygen efficiently throughout the body. Stay in prime condition and know which things get you flowing to get glowing!

woman having a body massage

Body massage

Deep tissue body massages can have the desired effects of rejuvenation, regeneration, and vitality to your skin and your whole body in just one session if done right. Matched with all the healthy habits, you are sure to stay in tip-top condition.

facial massage

Facial massage

Facial massages will help keep your circulation flowing by releasing tension and blockages while increasing circulation movement - much like in a body massage. This will keep cells healthy and help induce lymphatic drainage. It is essentially letting toxins out of your system.


Exercise increases blood flow throughout the body, thereby bringing vital oxygen, nutrients, and minerals to the skin. It also has most of the benefits of a body massage.

woman holding a glass of water

Stay hydrated

Need we say more? Staying hydrated will help keep good circulation and push out toxins more through sweat, breath, and more. Not to mention all of the other endless benefits of drinking a minimum of 8 glasses of water to your health!

organized surroundings

Keep yourself in clean surroundings

Being in clean surroundings lessens your risk of catching germs and bacteria that badly affect your skin. Be in a place where you can move around freely and happily! Be in a place where you can always feel good about yourself and life! Make time to make sure you have a clean, safe, beautiful space that makes you feel good at least once a week. Tidy up every day!

Don’t skimp out on sun protection

woman sitting and holding her hat on

While we’ll be discussing this further in the next step, we felt that we needed to add it to this chapter as well. Making sure that your skin is fully protected from harmful UV rays ensures that your skin stays young and fresh while doing away with premature aging.

So, don’t forget to apply sunscreen alongside wearing a high-quality sun protection hat! In fact, GearTop’s Navigator Series Sun Hat brings the highest level of sun protection - UPF 50+!

alarm clock and a sleeping woman


A night of good 8-hour sleep has all the benefits of keeping you young and glowing. No sleep means you produce more cortisol hormones that are “pro-inflammatory." Keep that cortisol level down to get tighter, brighter skin, lesser skin breakouts! Plus, boost your mood. Give yourself that sleep you so deserve!

woman sitting on a couch while holding a cup of coffee


Rest in between whatever you are doing! The objective is we enjoy life at our own rhythmic pace. Rest normalizes your body’s rhythm and allows it to rejuvenate. Your skin will reflect how rested you are!

Keep happy thoughts and feelings

What makes a happy person? Science backs that good exercise, a good amount of sleep, and plenty of good natural breathing space result in a relaxed mind and body.

Remember those times you were happy? Such as after exercising, sleeping for a full 8 hours, and pampering yourself. During all these times you were feeling great! You were not just looking young, you were glowing!

Happy thoughts and feelings relating to good skin are discussed by experts in what they call the ‘Brain-gut-skin connection.” This connection shows that depression, anxiety, and stress alter the functions of the gastrointestinal tract.


Now that you know what to do to get that glow, all you need to remember is to incorporate these things into your routine ever so often to maintain those effects. Now, to the last step - protect your face from the sun.

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