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10 Thanksgiving gift ideas to give to your host

  • 2 min read

Attending a party? Show your appreciation to your Thanksgiving host with these gift ideas that will definitely nudge you up your host’s thank-you list:

1. Anything personalized

Charcuterie boards, serving plates, coasters - you name it. Anything with your host’s initials or made with materials with sentimental value can make any receiver feel special.

2. Thanksgiving-inspired candles

Opt for food scents like pumpkin spice or cinnamon candles. Certain smells can trigger memories if you pick the right scent. 

3. Cozy sweatshirt 

You can pick a good sweatshirt they can wear while taking a stroll outside or just chilling by the fireplace. 

4. Board games

Taking some time off of our phones & just playing board games with our family can make a great memory. 

5. Outdoor gear

If your host enjoys the outdoors, get them something that would come in handy the next time they go on a trip! 

6. Gift basket

Depending on your host's interests, you can grab a gift basket that sparks joy in them. Spa gift baskets, anyone?

7. Flowers

Whether you’re looking at giving them a succulent centerpiece or a simple bouquet, flowers are always a good idea. 

8. Wine or champagne

Because wine not? Celebrate small & big wins this year with a toast. 

9. Blanket

Weighted blankets are perfect for when your host ends the night with some wine in front of the fireplace wrapped up in your cozy blanket. 

10. Chocolates

Make your host happy by giving them amazing chocolates! They can also offer it to the other guests after you enjoy your Thanksgiving meal. 

A simple, well-thought gift can make anyone blush as long as they know the effort and sentiments you’ve put into it. You being there for your host means you’re part of their list of people they’re thankful for.


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