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As you’re cruisin’ that slope or speeding down the highway, make sure that you’re well-guarded from the elements with GearTop’s high-quality face masks. Combine style and utility as you sport our breathable but cozy face masks in your next snowboarding, skiing, motorbike, or even cycling adventure!

Why choose GearTop face masks for men and women?

Look forward to these benefits as you wear our soft and comfortable balaclavas and face masks! 

  • Protect your face from the elements. Insulate your face from harsh winds or the extreme winter cold with our face masks! Perfect for those exhilarating but chilly expeditions, our balaclavas not only keep your head warm, but they also keep your ears toasty! Guard yourself against windburn as well as dust when you wear our bandana face masks with ear loops! 
  • Keep out distractions.Wick sweat and keep it away from your face when you engage in any of your favorite outdoor exploits! Great as helmet liners, our balaclavas effectively absorb sweat - leaving your helmet odor-free and fresh. 
  • Secure but non-restrictive fit. Save yourself time from constantly fixing your face masks as you wear GearTop’s apparel. The bandana face masks with earloops mount itself in place, ensuring that it’ll stay put no matter how active you are. The snug yet comfy fit of our balaclavas makes it great for keeping hair in place, too.
  • Versatile. You can wear GearTop’s face masks in several different ways to suit any occasion. Wear our face masks as a neck gaiter, or as a dust mask. Our balaclavas, on the other hand, are great when worn as a closed mask, open-mask, or even as a skull cap! Perfect for winter sports, lengthy biking or cycling excursions, or even just an add-on to your favorite sports attire, these multi-functional masks are designed to be your go-to headwear.   
  • Packable.Take these hassle-free portable face masks with you, especially for those icy adventures of yours! Easily foldable, these lightweight masks need minimal storage space for safekeeping. 
  • Lifetime Guarantee. As GearTop strives for excellence, we create our products with quality as an utmost priority. This is why you can expect each one of our items to be a premium build. If you think that you’ve proven otherwise, and have encountered any problems, just let us know. We’ll give you a full refund. Or, we can even replace your product - FREE OF CHARGE! 

GearTop recommends...

Make sure that you have everything covered when you prep for your next trip! 

Pair our lightweight face masks with our grippy touch screen gloves as you ride your motorbike. Keep your gloves on as you navigate through your phone and GPS tools with these gloves’ touchscreen-friendly tips. 

If you’re on your way to a biking expedition, use our balaclavas as helmet liners and pair it with our well-cushioned mtb gloves. Ensure that you have a strong yet comfortable grip as you pedal through the trail!

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GearTop’s shop is a reservoir of premium-grade outdoor apparel. Stay protected and worry-free as you spend time under the sun or as you shred your board on some icy slopes while sporting our gear!