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21 Tips on how to get clear skin

  • 5 min read

protecting your skin from the sun

Table of Contents

  1. How often should you change your pillowcases?
  2. How often should you change your bed sheets and comforters?
  3. Do you need sleeping clothes?
  4. What should you do if you can’t wash your hair before bed?
  5. What should you always do with your hair?
  6. How do you keep microscopic germs off your face?
  7. What can you do to maintain your skin’s integrity?
  8. What should you do to avoid sweat build-up after exercising?
  9. Can you irritate your skin from eating?
  10. How does sugar affect your gut bacteria?
  11. Does make-up make you prone to acne?
  12. Which make-up products are ideal?
  13. Which product helps you avoid clogged pores?
  14. What should you always do right before you go to bed?
  15. What make-up tools are the perfect place for bacteria to gather?
  16. What habit exposes your skin to toxins?
  17. What can help you with reducing the shine on your face?
  18. What does pricking do to your skin?
  19. What does popping your pimples do to your skin?
  20. Should you clean your phone and accessories often?
  21. Do you make sure that everything that touches your face is clean?
  22. Conclusion
woman holding her hat on her head


Since your skin is almost always prone to damage - especially when you spend a lot of time outdoors - it's good to know how you can guard your skin against an onslaught of damaging elements.

pillowcases on a white bed

Change your pillowcases

Change your pillowcases at least once every 5 days, or even daily if you are acne-prone! The untold dirt that your pillowcases collect need not convert to acne in days to come. 

It also matters in what detergent you wash your sheets and clothes. Check the labels. Remember that the skin is permeable. Study shows that skin has a 64% absorbent rate of anything the skin touches.

Change your bed sheets and comforters periodically 

smiling woman laying in white bed

Change your bed sheets and comforters at least once a week. You will feel the difference in your skin! It’s just like staying at a fancy and comfy hotel that pampers you with bedcover changes every day.

woman on bed stretching her arms

Assign sleeping clothes to be worn in bed

You can make yourself a rule to only wear sleepwear in bed. Assign sleepwear that stays only inside of the bedroom. Make your bedroom germ and virus-free.

side view of a woman with a wrap on her hair

Wrap your hair when sleeping

Wrap your hair if you can’t wash your hair.

Did you know that your hair can collect more dirt than your feet? Yes, you read that right. MORE THAN YOUR FEET. You don’t want that dirt on your skin, much less your face! So better keep your hair isolated in a wrap if you can’t wash it.

Keep hair away from your face

smiling woman with a ponytail

Whether you are asleep or on the go, take extra care to keep your hair out of your face. Watch out for the bangs and all!

woman concealing her face through her hands

Keep your hands off your face

Even when you think your hands are clean, it is best not to touch your face. Not touching your face gives the added security of keeping microscopic germs off your skin.

Pat your skin dry

woman drying her hair with a white towel

Skin pores “open” when placed under warm to hot temperatures. Hot or warm water eases the oil deposits and dilates pores.

This practice of patting instead of rubbing will prevent you from pulling or dragging your elastic skin. Patting the skin will help keep your skin’s integrity and is beneficial for you in the long run.

top view of a woman taking a shower

Shower after exercising

After exercising, take 30 minutes of rest to allow your muscles to cool down before hitting the shower. Acne grows not only on the face but in places where toxins from your sweat rest, where fast multiplying bacteria will be found.

Aside from showering, you can also help your face avoid sweat build-up by wearing lightweight yet highly absorbent sweatbands.

Avoid ingesting food or substances that may irritate the skin

Be mindful when you eat something and you somewhat feel a little off. This feeling acts as a signal for you to lay off that particular food.

Watch the sugar

white sugar cubes

Doctors have found how simple sugar and processed food deprive our gut bacteria of some nourishment. Simple sugars are table sugars and other sweeteners found in syrups, fruit juice concentrates, or desserts made of raw brown or white sugar.

Our gut bacteria feed on complex sugar - food high in fiber or natural sugars such as whole grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, fruits, veggies, and dairy products. Depriving our gut microbiomes of high fiber causes an imbalance that instead makes one crave more simple sugar which also causes inflammation in the body.

bare face of an old and young woman

Wear less or no makeup

It’s best to wear less or no make-up at all if you have oily skin with large pores. Wearing makeup makes you more acne-prone as it clogs skin pores.

If you must, opt for natural organic make-up products

woman holding beauty products

Natural makeup products are designed to let the pores breathe and may help reduce breakouts. Gel or water-based natural makeup products are your best bet. See which natural make-up brands work for your skin.

Use non-comedogenic, oil-free make-up

If you cannot avoid wearing non-organic, non-natural make-up, use non-comedogenic, oil-free makeup. This is to make sure you do not clog any more of your pores and bring in elements to aggravate your skin.

woman scrubbing her face with facial foam

Always take off your make-up before bed

Washing your face clean of makeup is very important before going to bed, no matter how tired you are. Makeup staying on your face for a long period will heighten the chances of clogging your skin pores.

Always wash your make-up sponge and keep your brushes clean

make up brushes

Wash your makeup sponge and brushes regularly. You can do this every time you use them if need be. Additionally, don’t lend your makeup accessories to someone else unless truly necessary!

hand holding a scissor cutting cigarettes

Ditch smoking

Smoking exposes your skin to various toxins that damage your skin’s elastin and collagen. Nicotine narrows your blood vessels, thereby constricting the much-needed oxygen flow in your body, including your skin.

This invites and enables more free radicals to your body, leading you prone to all kinds of diseases, including cancer.

Have oil absorbent sheets handy

Always have that oil absorbent sheet handy. More than lessening the shine on your face, an oil absorbent sheet also lessens the chances of your skin catching and collecting dirt.

DON’T PRICK your pimples

Pricking your pimples damages the capillaries, invites infection, compromises natural skin barriers, and induces scars to last you a lifetime. Not to mention the fact that it hurts! Between internal and topical solutions, it would do your best to choose the least painful way to remove the skin’s impurities.

woman trying to pop her pimples

DON’T POP your pimples

For the same reasons that you should not prick your face, you should never pop your pimples!  Popping your acne will only cause skin damage in the form of scars, spots, and skin blemishes. Be patient. Give your acne time to subside and trust your skin’s natural healing process.

Clean your phone and accessories

woman holding her phone

You wouldn't want old sweat and excess oils touching your face again and adding on to a build-up that should be washed away anyhow. Lessen your trouble by cleaning your phone and accessories.

Make everything that touches your face is clean

phone, sunglasses, perfume and other accessories of a woman

Better let nothing unclean get near your face! Be it your summer hat, bandana, scarf, sunglasses, masks, ski masks, and accessories, make sure they are all clean.


After reading this, we hope you now know what to do and what NOT to do to keep clean, acne-free skin. And, most importantly, the things to keep in mind are to make sure that you don’t expose your skin to elements that can potentially damage it.

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