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Whether you’re planning to go on a fishing trip or hiking treacherous terrain in some distant locale, sun hats should be one of your essential items.

Lucky for you, GearTop offers a selection of high-quality sun hats to help protect your face from the harmful rays of the sun. Go off into one of your trail-blazing adventures without worrying about that painful sunburn when you get back!

Sun Hats for men and women

Pick and choose among GearTop’s sun hat selections, depending on where your next adventure is!

Going on a fun (yet insect-filled) fishing trip the next weekend? Let our Explorer Series Sun Hat with Mosquito Net swat those buggy worries away! This fishing hat keeps all those pesky blood-suckers at a distance while keeping out dust and dirt, too!

If you’re not a fan of nets, our Navigator Fishing Hat has a drawstring feature that lets you enjoy your outing without the worry of your hat flying off. Enjoy the outdoors with this windproof and water-resistant option.

On the other hand, enjoy 360° face protection during a warm and long trek with our Discoverer Series Sun Hat. Equipped with a removable neck flap and a face cover, this wide-brimmed sun hat is sure to protect your noggin and your face from the heat of the sun.

Our Wanderer Series brings a straightforward design for the ultimate outdoor experience! This option ticks all the right boxes including optimal sun UV protection, breathability, fit adjustability, versatility, and security.

If you’re one looking for a versatile design that can both work for a casual stroll at the park or that long-awaited camping trip, the Reversible Bucket Hat is perfect for you! Pick among a pair of neutral colorways to match different looks in your wardrobe with this reversible design.

Are you looking for a chic option that also brings effective sun protection? Our Jasmine Sun Visor will suit all your needs. This stylish sun hat with a ponytail hole can accommodate a variety of hairstyles that’ll have you looking good as you spend time under the sun!

Sun protection and more from GearTop Sun Hats!

Aside from what we’ve mentioned so far, GearTop Sun Hats have staple features that are a standard as the company strives for quality. Here are some of the things that you can expect:

  • Packable: Our lightweight sun hats are designed to be easily foldable and can fit into small spaces.
  • Quick dry: The quick-drying elements of our sun hats help keep your head dry.
  • Breathability: Most of our sun hats have a mesh element that lets heat escape to keep your head cool.
  • Life Satisfaction Guarantee: Should you encounter any problems with your GearTop fishing hats, you can contact us, and we’ll replace it completely free of charge.