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Stay focused as you perform your favorite blood-pumping sport with GearTop's premium and high-performing bandanas! Soft and light, these headbands for men and women are sure to wipe those annoying sweaty dilemmas away!

Why buy Geartop sweatbands for men and women?

If the rave reviews that are given by our customers is not good enough for you, here are a few more reasons to choose GearTop headbands.

Comfort.Our silky soft headbands hug the head snugly without that restrictive feeling. Forget that you are wearing our bandanas as they do their magic while you stay active.

Versatile.This one-size-fits-all sweatband is perfect for gym activities or those grueling tasks at home! Whether you’re breaking a sweat at your fitness center or just trying to get that gardening done, let our sports bands keep you from turning into that sweaty mess!

Stylish.Available in different colorways, you can mix and match this unisex headband with several of your outfits. Wear these chic headbands folded or wide! Jump from a sporty-looking ponytail-and-headband combo to a lazy but effortlessly beautiful messy bun in no time.

Protection.Get protection from the elements, as well! Insulate your ears from the wind or cold as you tuck them under this headwear. These sweatbands are also great to put under yoursunhat to keep you cool and dry while avoiding those ugly sweat stains.

Lifetime Guarantee.To uphold the premium quality standards of GearTop products, we have a Lifetime Guarantee for each of our items. Meaning, if you encounter any problems with our creations (although we highly doubt that), we can make a full refund and even replace your item - completely free of charge!

Premium GearTop headwear and more!

Find more of your exercise gear in GearTop’s shop. Alongside our sweatbands is protective gear that you can take along on your next adventure! Avoid pesky sunburns with ourversatile and foldable sun hats or stay warm during a chilly winter trip using ourgloves andhelmet liners!

No products found in this collection