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For adrenaline-junkies out there, never let the cold weather stop you from enjoying your blood-pumping exploits again! From nocturnal late-night joggers, runners that love to sweat it out even in theicy winter air, or extreme mountain bikers, you can stay warm and protected by wearing GearTop’s premium selection of gloves.

Choose among GearTop’s high-quality gloves

Stay protected from the elements as you wear our lightweight and breathable gloves without that restrictive feeling. Here are the models that you can choose from our collection:

Save yourself the hassle of taking off your gloves when using your smartphone with our well-fittingTouch Screen Running Gloves. Featuring touchscreen-compatible tips in the thumb and the index finger, this running glove makes it easier for you to navigate through your touchscreen device.

If you’re a late-night jogger, ourTouch Screen Reflective Running Gloves is perfect for you! Keep the touchscreen-friendly feature while enjoying the added benefit of visibility when running at night. Approaching vehicles should be able to spot you better with this running glove’s reflective elements.

To top it off, both these gloves aren’t just for running, either. You can make these grippy and versatile models your go-to driving and hiking gloves, too! The added grip in the palm allows you to securely grasp the steering wheel as you speed off to your next location. Or, hold your hiking pole solidly as you venture out into your next adventure! Wearing hiking gloves ensures you stay free from blistering!

Frequently Asked Questions about GearTop Gloves

How do I determine my glove size?

To know your glove size, you have to measure the width of your palm.

  • Medium= 3.31" to 3.50"or 82mm-90mm;
  • Large= 3.50" to 3.75" or 90mm-96mm

Are GearTop gloves for men and women?

Yes! We produce unisex gloves. Both men and women can enjoy the benefits of our high-quality gloves.

Which gloves are covered by GearTop’s Lifetime Guarantee?

All our gloves (andall of our other products) have a Lifetime Guarantee. Although we doubt that you’ll be experiencing any problems, if you do, you can let us know. We’ll give you a full refund and replace your item - completely free of charge!