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Hello there! Thank you so much for visiting GearTOP’s website! 

In this section, we are here to address some of your most frequently asked questions so that you can enjoy the great outdoors worry-free with our sun and wind protection gear.

Rider Balaclava:

Absolutely! Most of our products are machine washable! Put this mask in the washing machine to clean it without worrying about getting it stretched or damaged.

We recommend washing it on a cool cycle in 30°C (86° Fahrenheit). However, we do not recommend putting it in the dryer - you should hang or lay this mask out to dry.

As this balaclava has a pocket, check if you’ve left anything inside before putting it in the wash lest you’ll get some important things wet - don’t forget your money and cash cards. ;)

Here are the numerous ways that you can wear this versatile and multifunctional headwear: 

Helmet Liner. Wear it under your helmet without feeling bulky or opt to sport it over your helmet. This hood works either way!

Open Face Mask. Put it on as a stylish accessory with the mask down (just like a regular hood) to keep your head cozy during chilly walks or hikes.

Full Face Mask. When it’s especially freezing outside, wear the Rider balaclava as a full-face mask. Perfect for those ski or snowboarding trips when you’re hitting the slopes!

Neck GaiterIf you find that you want something to warm just your neck, this balaclava can be that, too! Sport it as a neck gaiter.

Face Mask. Pull the hood down and wear it as a standalone mask - no problem!

Aside from being multifunctional and being wearable in many ways (hood, helmet liner, face mask, full-facemask, and neck gaiter), this stylish hood balaclava comes with a pocket and a FREE drawstring bag!

Keep your cash and cards safe even when you’re wearing this headwear. Plus, enjoy more storage for your gear when you put it inside the drawstring bag! Avoid the hassle of always having to carry your gear. 

Racer Balaclava:

In this video, learn the many ways on how to wear our GearTOP Balaclava. Wear this versatile headwear as a neck gaiter, a face mask (that even covers your ears), a full-face mask, an open-face mask, a cap, and even as a helmet liner!

When wearing the balaclava as a full face mask, make sure that the back piece of the balaclava is sitting at the top of your head. Skip to 1:03 in the video to see what we mean!

To check that everything is sitting as it should be, make sure that nothing is hanging, and everything is outstretched and has a snug feel. If your mask is sitting on loose, it needs to be lifted in the back. Finally, wear the last piece - the cap - for full 360-degree head and face coverage.


Here is the easiest way to attach the removable neck flap and mesh face cover:

First, flip the hat upside down. Locate the six different tabs that you will be attaching your clips to. Start with the two tabs on the back. You can locate the back tabs as they are parallel to the clip for the adjustable drawstring. After locating the back, attach the two middle clips of the neck flap to the two back tabs.

Next, locate the two middle tabs on the hat that are in-line with the folding seam. Attach the mesh face cover to the two middle tabs.

Finally, take the remaining two clips of the neck flap and attach them to the two remaining clips of the two front tabs.

Performance Gloves:

Yes, they are! These multifunctional gloves feature a hook and loop Velcro closure that you can adjust according to what suits you best. The openings at the sides also allow you to cover a wider area if you want a tighter, more secure fit.

Plus, the Super Roubaix fabric (which is what these gloves are made of - fancy Italian fabric, if we might add) is super stretchy. So, it brings you a snug but comfy fit! This moisture-wicking and quick-drying pair is also designed for high-intensity activities whether you’re running, training, or spending time outdoors!

Extra grippy! You don’t have to worry about slippage when you hold on to things when you’re doing light to medium duty work. With the silicone grip circles in the palms securely hold on to anything.

Whether you’re holding hiking poles, golf clubs, steering wheels, lacrosse sticks, baseball, handlebars, fishing rods, tight grip on leashes when you walk your dogs outside, or your phone, you can count on these gloves. They are for everyday use for tasks at home or work.

Definitely! Sport these gloves as liners without feeling restricted. These thermal gloves have a fleece-like lining to make sure that your hands stay dry and warm even when it’s cold out. The long-ribbed cuff also provides good coverage for your wrists to keep your joints warm in cold. These are perfect go-to gloves/ liners for outdoor excursions during those icy autumn and winter months!

Reflective Gloves:

All of our gloves are unisex! So, yes, they are for men and women. With its Super Roubaix fabric, these gloves’ stretchy composition can accommodate different hand shapes while comfortably hugging your hand.

These touchscreen-compatible gloves are also a must for anyone who uses a smartphone, GPS, tablet, any other touchscreen device - which, let’s be honest - is basically everyone nowadays.

To determine your glove size, wrap the measuring tape around your palm just below your knuckles. Don’t include your thumb. And, keep in mind that you need to measure your dominant hand as it can be slightly larger.

Once you’re done measuring, check out our chart below to know which glove size you should go for.

Yes, they are! They are specially designed to keep you safe at night or even for those gloomy days. These gloves’ reflective features make sure that you stay visible for approaching vehicles even in low light. Grab this reflective pair if you’re a fan of nighttime runs, love to walk your dog at night, or prefer working out in the wee hours of the morning just before sunrise.

As these are thermal gloves, you can stay warm even when it’s cold out. Doubling down to keep you cozy is the fleece-liner. You don’t have to worry about sweat build-up, either! The sweat-wicking and quick-drying Super Roubaix fabric from which this pair is made ensure that you stay dry and warm. Plus, the soft microfiber on the thumb helps you wipe the sweat away easily!

Sun Hats:

Our sun hats are washable and quick to dry. You can hand wash or machine wash it in a gentle cycle in warm or cold water (max 30degC). Air dry it after for the best result. It is recommended not to use a machine dryer and bleach.

If you find any crease in your hat do not worry! These can easily come out by simply ironing them. Turn the iron on to its lowest setting and turn your hat inside out. Find a temperature that works for you by starting with low heat settings. Make sure to use a clean ironing cloth between your iron and hat to ensure that there is no damage.