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Skin care: Must-knows and tips to prevent pimples

  • 5 min read

Skin care by understanding your skin

Table of Contents
  1. How does the skin act as a natural compass?
  2. Does your skin breathe?
  3. Is skin an isolated part of the body?
  4. Is your skin alive?
  5. Does skin have a microbiome?
  6. What are your skin's needs?
  7. Do you know your skin type?
  8. What is the gut-skin axis?
  9. Are your skin products right for you?
  10. Is less actually more?
  11. DIY Routine
  12. Should you schedule a skin ritual?
  13. How much attention should you give your skin?
  14. Do you need a lifestyle shift?
  15. What's the secret to skincare success?
  16. Conclusion
smiling woman with clear skin


Understanding the nature of your skin is crucial for you to properly care for it. When you get to understand how it relates to your whole body, keeping your skin healthy will come much easier!

The Skin: Your natural compass

hand holding a compass

For starters, the beauty of your skin comes with the fact that it not only protects and keeps all of your body parts together but it is also your natural compass. Your skin is an indicator of what is going on within you.

Your skin breathes

The skin is the largest organ of your body. Your skin is porous and permeable. Your skin BREATHES. What you apply to your skin will be absorbed. What is toxic, the skin secretes and excretes from your body in the form of sweat, oil, and gas - much like breathing.

Although the skin is your protective barrier from the harsh elements around you, the skin’s permeability also takes in elements from the environment. With that, it’s best to give your skin the best breathing space it deserves!

Skin is NOT an isolated part of the body

close up look of a woman with close eyes

Look at the skin as a part of the whole of your being. The skin is your body’s messenger. Healthy skin indicates that everything is right with your body - both inside and outside.

Skin is a natural, biological, and organic material

The skin is a natural, biological, and organic material. Your skin, like your whole body, thrives in a live environment. The skin has its own flora called the microbiota or skin microbiome. This good bacteria, if you will, endlessly labors to keep your skin supple, strong, and protected as much as it could.

Skin microbiome

The skin microbiome is a flora of microscopic bacteria. They are the regular tenants of your skin that keep skin hydrated and supple. They also fight off free radicals by supporting natural skin barriers.

Help your skin protect itself by wearing the right sun protective gear when you go outside! GearTOP brings an excellent array of affordable yet high-quality sun protection hats that can help protect your skin’s microbiome. Pick from a range thatdelivers 360-degree sun protection, one that features UPF 50+coverage, andeven a model that defends you from bugs!

woman holding a lemon

Your skin has needs

Since your skin is a natural, biological, organic material, when your skin needs care and nourishment, it’s ideal to find ingredients that are compatible with it. The best skincare is the one that has taken the shortest path from the source to your skin. This is why the skin responds well to nature. 

Being in nature balances your body’s natural rhythm and hormones. This reflects on your skin. The skin benefits from all of nature’s oil, flora and fauna goodness to replenish its own set of oil and flora.

Know your skin type

woman holding a compact mirror

Knowing your skin type will help you give your skin the right tender love and care it deserves! Half of the things you need to do will depend on whether your skin is normal, oily, dry, or a combination of these. Knowing your skin will lead you to products and ingredients that are right for you!

Get to know the gut-skin axis

woman eating cucumber

Lots of research found that there is a strong relationship between your gut and your skin. They call this the Gut-Skin Axis.

The gut’s microbiome or natural flora is greatly disturbed by this kind of unhealthy diet, leading to its inability to digest food properly. Gut issues also happen when you have a lot on your mind and have not taken time to rest.

Choose products that are right for you

woman cleansing her face with facial foam

Keep your skincare routine simple: Cleanse, Moisturize, Protect. Stick to natural and organic ingredients for enduring clear and supple skin, and make sure to match the products according to your skin’s needs!

Picking the right products doesn’t just apply to skincare. It also means that you need to pay close attention to the type of outdoor gear that you wear! Here are some of thebest outdoor gear that you can find in the market without having to break the bank.

woman holding a lotion

Less is more

Too many products can be confusing not only for you but also for your skin. Review your skincare products well, according to your skin type and condition, and work with one skin product at a time. Give the product reasonable time to work with your skin before you decide to work with the next product on your list.

DIY routine

woman with DIY face mask

Natural and organic product sources such as oils, essential oils, soaps, and other raw materials are great to use. The internet is a great resource for DIY natural skincare tips. It feels good knowing where your skincare ingredients came from and how your skin products were made.

Schedule a skin ritual

Scheduling a skin ritual is a great way to cultivate a personal relationship with yourself. Pick a day or two in a week and come up with your skincare ritual after you read this material. Be as creative as you can. Savor the alone-time tending to yourself. Most of all, don’t miss the date!

woman wearing coal facial mask

Give skincare regular attention

Start your skincare routine one small step at a time. Washing your face twice a day can be a good start. Add one more skincare step, such as face masks, once you are consistent with washing your face twice a day.

Follow through on this procedure. After some time, you will notice how easy skin care can be.

Consider a lifestyle shift

smiling woman dazzled in sunlight

While it’s hard at first, there are some tricks that’ll make it easier for you. You can start by adding a fun, light, and simple skincare habit to your daily routine. Make your routine something to look forward to every day.

Be consistent

The best skin care products and ingredients you have chosen for yourself may take some time to show results. When you find that a product is not working, or is causing more negative effects, you might have to switch the products you are using. However, it can be hard to notice these changes if you don’t have a consistent routine. So, again, be consistent!


Now that you know a little bit about your skin, we hope that you’ll be able to deal with your skin a little better. We also hope you are a bit more attuned to your skin's needs. If you feel like you’re ready to learn the next step, here’s our article onhow to protect your skin.

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