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What are the best hat for sun protection for summer?

  • 7 min read

Best hat for sun protection in the summer

This year’s summer is going to be different. We are living in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, in which many of us are ordered to stay inside our homes. Some areas are easing their lockdown restrictions as more businesses are starting to re-open. Still, we are only to go out for essential travels such as going to the grocery, to the local pharmacy, or if there is an emergency. 

Heading out during the summer season does not only make us vulnerable to the virus, but it also leaves us vulnerable to harmful UV rays and allergens. Even though our world has changed, the sun and its harmful effects, along with other allergens are still there. A trip to the doctor’s office for sunburn or allergies can be too risky right now, which is why it is vital that you are protected at all times. 

In this article, we will discuss everything about keeping yourself protected from all elements, while effectively practicing social distancing.

Table of Contents:

  1. Facial Protection
  2. Headwear Features to Look for This Summer
  3. Why Choose Multi-Use Headwear?
  4. Sun Protection Tips
  5. Sun Protection Headwear
  6. Wind protection
  7. Allergy Protection
  8. Dust Protection
  9. Face Mask
  10. Conclusion

Facial protection

In the midst of a global pandemic, the World Health Organization has released guidelines to protect yourself from getting infected, especially if you are going to go outside or interact with other people. Wearing face masks is important to protect yourself from particles that especially come from saliva. 

That said, you need to ensure that you choose the right protection for your face. There are plenty of face masks available today as well as other forms of products that can help you protect your face.

Here are some of the top features to look out for: 

  • Material and thickness - the thickness of a cloth mask are important. A trial revealed that thin cloth masks are highly susceptible to the virus because they can get penetrated by up to 97% of the viral particles from the air. The best material for a face mask is quilter cotton or a piece of thicker fabric.
  • Fit - it is essential to have the right fit for face protection. Loose-fitting masks can get easily contaminated on the outside. Make sure the mask will fit tightly around the face and that it covers both the nose and mouth.

If you are hoarding N95 masks, it is best to leave this type of mask to those who really need it, such as our healthcare frontliners. Unless you are dealing with a COVID-positive patient, you can use other high-quality masks for equal protection.

When you have found the right face protection cloth mask, it is time to move on to the next step, which is to clean it properly. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released guidelines on how to properly clean your face masks.

  • Cloth facial protection masks must be routinely washed depending on how frequently you use them.
  • Using a washing machine to properly clean a facial protection mask is helpful. 
  • You may also lather it with soap and scrub it for at least 20 seconds using warm to hot water before you use the dryer. 
  • You can also iron the masks to kill any remaining germs. 

Headwear features for the summer 

The summer season is fast approaching, and due to the need to protect our faces, we need to choose the right products that will ensure your masks are comfortable to wear, without feeling too hot or suffocated.

Here are some of the features of your headwear that you should look out for:

  • Lightweight - it is a general rule that the best fabrics to use for headwear for the summer season are made from lightweight and natural materials such as linen or cotton.
  • Breathable - the high temperature paired with high levels of humidity can make you feel uncomfortable. So, choose a breathable fabric to wear. Keep in mind the need for proper air circulation throughout your body to help maintain a cool body temperature. Cotton is a breathable fabric and it can absorb excess sweat as well.
  • Protection - aside from coronavirus, you also need to protect your skin from the heat of the sun. You are aware by now how UV rays can cause damage to your skin, therefore, when you are looking for clothing to wear during the summer in the midst of a global pandemic, find ones that will give you the ultimate protection. The more skin that you can cover, the better. Sun protection hats are an ideal way of ensuring you are protecting your face from unnecessary sun exposure. Keep in mind, that keeping your face out of the sun is a sure way to slow signs of aging!
  • Construction - the garment construction of your headwear is also an important feature to look into when buying clothes for the summer season. The way it is made is as essential as choosing the right fabric in hot weather. More on this as you read on.
  • Color - lighter colors make clothes cooler to wear during the hot season as dark colors can absorb more light, which in turn means more heat. Choose light-colored headwear for the summer.

Why choose multi-use headwear?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a piece of multi-use headwear for the summer?  A multi-use headwear is like having everything all-in-one. 

GearTop Premium Headband


Sports headbands are a multi-use headwear that is perfect for a lot of activities such as running, yoga, and other sports. It is also perfect for casual wear. It can be used as a headband and a face mask. 

This headwear is usually made from lightweight material that is comfortable to wear. It is soft and stretchy and it can absorb sweat efficiently. You can also use it with a helmet or even under your hats. No matter what you are doing, the headband will stay in place.  

During this health crisis, if you are looking for a lightweight material to use as a face mask that will snugly fit around your face, you can use this as well. With its durable material, rest assured that you will be able to use it for proper social distancing.

Always protect your face from the sun 

family wearing proper headwear for sun protection

Regardless if there is a virus threatening your city or not, protecting your face from the sun is crucial for both health and keeping your skin looking healthy and young. That said, you need to wear proper headwear that will give you enough facial protection. 

It is recommended that you understand the composition of the fabric when it comes to sun facial protection. Shiny polyesters and lightweight satin-like fabrics can provide maximum protection because they can reflect radiation. On the other hand, unbleached cotton has natural linings that can absorb UV rays. There are also high-tech fabrics that are treated with chemical UV absorbers.

Sun protection headwear

When it comes to headwear and sun protection, you need something that will give you the most protection. The GearTOP Fishing Hat with Flaps is an ideal solution for both sun protection, and for social distancing.


GearTOP Discoverer Series Fishing Hat with Flaps


The hat is made from high-quality nylon that is quick-drying and water-resistant. It offers 360-degree face protection due to its unique design—wide brim, removable neck flaps, mesh face cover, and adjustable drawcords and drawstrings to ensure that it snugly fits your head and your face. 

Moreover, this hat is also a great way to protect yourself not only from the sun but from the virus as well. It will also keep your head cool if you need to stay in the sun for a longer period. To make it even better, fish hats are so fashionable right now, that you can easily pair them with casual wear and you will look awesome.

Wind protection

Protecting your face from the wind is essential, and that is why you need to have the right headwear. When your face is highly exposed to the heat of the sun, you are also more susceptible to windburn. 

Windburn is the burning and redness of the skin after spending time outdoors. The wind has a significant impact on the face because it can reduce the natural sun protection in the skin. When this happens, the sun’s UV rays can easily penetrate the skin and cause damage. Moreover, being exposed to wind can cause the skin’s outer layer to weaken and dry out, when this happens, the skin reduces its sun-protective effects. 

That said, if the wind can reduce your natural sun protection, it can also affect the sunscreen that you apply to your skin. That is why even if you have sunscreen on, wearing the right headgear under the sun is crucial.

Allergy protection 

woman sneezing due to allergy

A lot of people suffer from allergies during the summer. During the summer, some people can also have allergic reactions to the sun, also known as solar urticarial. This particular sun allergy causes hives on the skin that is exposed to the sun. They can be itchy and appear red and they will appear within minutes of sun exposure. 

A doctor from St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children in Philadelphia recommends wearing sun protective clothing and sunblock to prevent this type of allergy.

In regards to other environmental allergies considerably experienced in the spring, wearing something over your nose and mouth can be of great help.

Dust protection

Dust is a pollutant that is caused by various activities and comes from different sources. Just like other air pollutants, the dust has negative effects on our health such as eye irritation, coughing, sneezing, asthma attacks, and hay fever. 

Anyone who is exposed to high levels of dust may be affected, and the longer you breathe in dust, the greater chances it will affect your health. Therefore, if you are going to a place that is dusty, it is important to have proper facial protection, including headwear.

Balaclava face mask

By now, you are aware of how important it is to protect your head from the sun. Additionally, it is a good idea to keep your nose and mouth covered while in public spaces. A balaclava face mask can give you the ultimate head protection.


GearTOP Balaclava Face Mask

A balaclava can cover all the important features of your face. You can also use it to protect your head alone or just your neck.

The good thing about a balaclava is that it is so versatile. You can have full head coverage, in which only your eyes and your forehead are visible while all the other parts of the head, including the neck, are all covered up. 

So, if you are looking for that full head protection, you surely cannot go wrong with a balaclava face mask.


Now that you know the importance of proper face protection, make sure that you practice wearing the right headwear during the hot weather and in the midst of a virus outbreak when we are all encouraged to practice social distancing. 

If you have any questions, please contact us! We would love to hear from you!

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