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Beat the heat! Enjoy these Fun Summer Workouts for You!

  • 3 min read

Beat the heat! Enjoy these Fun Summer Workouts for You!

Beat the heat and enjoy the weather! 
Summer is the best time to enjoy outdoor activities while keeping in shape. Here's some of the outdoor workouts to enjoy this summer!
It is an excellent cardiovascular exercise and can burn much calories for weight loss. It is much enjoyable to run during summer as you don't need to layered clothing, easier to gear up, more visible trails, dry pathways, and boost motivation to run as more people opt outside. You can even find a new running buddy, enjoy the scenery and ramp up your running performance.
Hiking during winter is really a major challenge and risky. So on summer time, you will get to explore and enjoy nature more, experience lush green scenery, have a break from your  gym routine and escape from city. Nature can be a great stress reliever and improve mental health. You can invite friends or family for a weekend hike, it will enhance your relationship with them and one great way to improve your cardiovascular health, strength and reduced the risk of chronic disease.
Cycling is an enjoyable workout during summer season. You can incorporate it on your daily routine like going to the shop, parks, school or even going to work. It is easy, fun and healthy. A great muscle and cardiovascular workout that can improve both your physical and mental health. Plus,you also get to help lessen pollution as your alternative means of transportation.
We can not enjoy as much as we want the pool and beach during winter. Summer season is the best opportunity to get on your swimsuits and enjoy your much needed water dips to cool off. It is a healthy yet fun physical and mental recreational activity. It is a good all around body workout. 
For beginner work out who is not into vigorous exercise, it is simple and easy, anyone can enjoy it. It can still burn some calories without using or spending in any fancy equipment. You can walk with your dog or enjoy walking with your partner while enjoying nature and having good conversation. You'll get to see what's new and familiarise with your community.Regular walking helps ward off chronic disease. 
Yoga has so many health benefits to our mind and body. The best thing about outdoor yoga is you get to experience, feel , enjoy and be one with nature. The change of surroundings will excites and nature will awakens your senses. Spending time outside also reduces your stress and get some dose of Vitamin D. Bring on your yoga mat outside and choose the best spot where you can be comfortable, safe, quiet and no distractions. You got all the space free to yourself. 
Take a break from your gym workout. Summer is best enjoyed outside. Head on to the nearest park in your area and start sweating out for free. You can start doing some circuit workout without equipments needed. Take advantage of the park bench, grass, tress, and spacious environment. You can do planking, push up, bench press, mountain climbers, wall sit, squat jumping, step ups, burpee, sprint and jog. Take your fitness outdoor and get some dose of vitamin D.
Running in the sand is a strength-enhancing workout for your below the knee muscles. It is not easy but the beauty of the beach is really one for the books. It is also good to try something new if you used to running on the road. Also, no need to worry about skipping workout, you’ll have an option to work out even on a vacation at the tropical beach resort. 

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