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11 Running Tips for Beginners

  • 3 min read

11 Running Tips for Beginners

Planning to start running? Here's some tips to ponder before you start..

Consult your Doctor
Before starting a new exercise routine it is best to check with your doctor first to ensure any complication and health risk that may not suitable to your health status most importantly if you have any health issues like history of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes or kidney problem.
Wear the right gear
Get the right pair or running shoes, moisture-wicking socks and a comfortable running attire. These will help  you prevent from certain types of injuries, gives comfort and helps improve performance. Make sure you have the right kit to get yourself ready to run.


Get Motivated and Set Realistic Goal
Starting a new exercise is really challenging. Set a small, achievable goals for you that can motivate you to enjoy running. It could be losing weight, healthy lifestyle or stress reliever. List down your goal and aspiration to keep you more motivated and focused. Have your own mantra that can boost your desire and energy to go for it. Focus on your goal and never compare your progress to anyone. 


Join a group or sign up to a Fun Run
When you are just starting a running routine sometimes getting up early to run alone is really very challenging and sometimes it could lessen your motivation. Joining a running group leads you to meet new  running enthusiast with the same goals and running can be more enjoyable. Having a motivated group of runners also adds on to your motivation and accountability to pursue your routine. "There’s a so called “social facilitation”  that when you run with others, you tend to give more effort” says Cindra Kamphoff, Ph.D., a sports psychology consultant at Your Runner's Edge.


Don’t Forget to Warm up and Cool Down
You need to warm up your muscles before starting to run to prevent injuries, avoid static stretching for warm up. Dynamic Stretching is better before exercise like brisk walking or high knees to helps activates your muscles during work out. Also, do not forget to cool down stretching after you exercise to lower your heart rate and return to it’s normal level and reduces muscle soreness.  


Play your favourite workout playlist

When you are running alone, music is a very good tool to relieve boredom and also studies from National Center for Health Research concluded that “Choosing music that you enjoy and that fits your exercise routine can help you get more out of your exercise experience”
Take it easy. 
Run easy and naturally without obsessing on running too fast and too much. Run with some walking interval when you get exhausted. Do not force yourself to run all out on your few sessions as your body is not yet used to it, you will likely get injured, easily tired and  you will also lose your motivation. Running will becomes hard work for you that will likely makes you quit sooner or later. Give your body a time to adapt and gradually increase your training as the day goes by. It's always best to enjoy it to achieve the endorphins effect. 
Beware of Side aches
More runners suffer from side aches or cramps in the abdominal muscles during running.  Avoid eating too much before you start running. Eat 2-3 hours before the start and fuel up your body with light, pre-exercise snack to keep you cope with intensity of your training. 
Stay hydrated
Hydration is very important when running more importantly during hot humid weather. Bring enough water to avoid dehydration, fatigue and minimise injury.
Try other exercise too
Incorporate some cross training into your workout routine to help you not get bored of doing the same exercise all over again. It will prevent you from experiencing  stress running and will strengthen other parts of your body to avoid getting more injury and you become more stronger.
Have a Rest Day
Take care of your body and let it have rest to recover from pain and fatigue from your last session. Be patient, enjoy the process, celebrate your gradual progress , and focus on consistency.

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