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Warm-Up Before Running: 5 Easy Exercises That You Can Do

  • 2 min read

Warm-Up Before Running: 5 Easy Exercises That You Can Do

Warming up is a very important drill for a runner and every time you work out. This is getting your body ready and activates the muscles that helps prevent yourself from getting injuries. Here’s the 5 Easy Warm Up Exercise before you take a long run.

1. Brisk Walking

Brisk walking helps warm up your muscles. It is quicker and faster than walking with at least 100 steps per minute. This will make your muscles ready and warmed up to do some dynamic stretching before running.

2. Butt Kicks

This is one of the mostly done warm up exercises by runners. It is a very good cardiovascular warm up that stretches and warm up your legs muscles. This helps improves and warm up your hamstring and glutes makes you more ready to take long run and prevent you from injury.

3. High Knees

It is a great endurance and warm up exercise that you can incorporate with Butt kicks. It helps strengthen your legs, glute and improves cardiovascular capacity. This is one of the runners favorite warm up as it can be done anywhere.

4. Mountain Climbers

This is a quick and effective warm up that targets several joints and muscles of your body. It is easy to perform and can be done anywhere. It improves your cardio vascular fitness, improves strides and strengthen your core which is very important for you to avoid injury while running.

5. Squats with Hip Rotation

This can improves your mobility and strides to warm up your hips, legs and thighs for running. It will prepares and mobilize the right muscles that can prevent lower body injuries.


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