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Exercise in Cold Weather: How to Keep Moving in the Winter

  • 2 min read

Exercise in Cold Weather: How to Keep Moving in the Winter

1. Think of your Goal

Once you are committed to your goal, it gives you something to look forward to. It will fuels your desire to push through whatever the season is. Think of your goal to remind you why you want to stay in shape and active even when it's cold outside.

2. Find a workout buddy

Working out becomes more enjoyable and challenging when you have a fun, persuasive, motivated work out buddy who shares similar goals with you, supports you and pushes you to become better together. Someone who will lookout for your progress and accountability too.

3. Gear Up

Proper work out gear keeps you safe, protected and comfortable. Whenever we have a new nice gear, it somehow gives us excitement to workout. Also, clothing influences behaviour and attitude and it has a subconscious effect on our performance according to a study from Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. Make sure to layer up and wear proper winter workout gear when you hit the freezing temperature outside to stay safe and warm.

4. Create a Routine

Create a routine that will works best for you. Having a Routine creates discipline and consistency with your workout goals. Your body system gets used to it until it becomes a Habit. Once it becomes a routine, you will gradually overcome your lack of motivations to workout during winter.

5. Try something new outdoor

Winter comes and go. Just have fun and enjoy the winter season. There's a lot of winter outdoor activities and sports to keep yourself active and moving even it is freezing cold outside. It is also a great opportunity for you to learn new seasonal sports you might actually love too.

6. Play your Workout Playlist

Listening to your favorite workout playlist relieves boredom and gives you grooves while working out. Music can help enhance your performance and endurance. Sports Psychologist Costas Karageorghis states that "Music can either delay fatigue or increase work capacity."

7. Enjoy Home Workout

When the you can't withstand the very cold temperature outside, enjoying some home work out is the best solution. You can watch some easy to follow free work out video at home that needs no equipment. That way, you did not let winter stops you from getting into your fitness goal.

8. Treat yourself

Enjoy simple rewards like a cup of hot coffee, a sauna, massage, or a new workout gear. It is more gratifying and motivating to treat yourself after braving and conquering the cold to workout. Always appreciate yourself for a job well done.

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