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Christmas gift guide to keep your loved ones warm

  • 5 min read

Christmas gift guide to keep your loved ones warm

Winter is just around the corner and you might be scrambling to find the best gifts for your loved ones to keep them warm and cozy. You don't have to worry anymore - we got you covered! 

Just read through our gift suggestions below, and we're sure that you'll find something for everyone on your list.


Winter balaclavas are a great alternative to winter hats and winter scarves because they can be worn with pretty much anything. They're most helpful during the wintertime since they keep your head extra warm and protect you from the head cold while being so effortlessly cute.

girl wearing the GearTOP Rider balaclava

If it’s your first time picking out a balaclava and don’t know where to start, you can check out ourarticle on picking out the best balaclava for you! Learn the most important factors to consider when picking out one.

Now that you know how to pick out the perfect balaclava for you and your loved ones, allow us to make a few suggestions! 

Perfect for the adrenaline-junkie that spends most of their holidays at the slopes, theGearTOP Rider Hood Balaclava keeps the wearer cozy and warm while elevating style and utility. Featuring a back pocket and a drawstring bag, this versatile outdoor headwear is sure to be a delight for your skiers, snowboarders, and your snow-and-adventure-loving buds!

Cozy Blanket 

What better way to keep someone cozy than with an electric blanket? These blankets are great for all-year-round use due to their ability to heat up quickly without overheating while plugged in. And they can be easily folded away when not needed while still being nice and warm on the coldest days of the year.

Gloves/ Glove Liners

Winter gloves or glove liners are another staple during the wintertime because they keep your fingers extra warm. While winter has always been associated with staying inside, that doesn't mean you should pass up on this year's best winter accessories - including winter glove liners.

hands with GearTOP glove and/ or glove liners

Gloves or gloves liners do more than keep your hands warm; they can help solve problems related to using touchscreen devices during the winter months, especially when used outdoors. 

Want to know more about glove liners and how to choose the best ones for you and your loved ones?Our article on glove liners will address all your questions about it

The GearTOP Performance Gloves and theGearTOP Reflective Gloves are perfect as glove liners for the winter season and great as gloves for driving and running in milder weather. What’s more, these pairs have touchscreen-friendly tips and silicone circles on the palms for a secure grip!

Heating Pad 

A heating pad can help someone feel warm during the winter months or any other time of year when they feel chilly. Heat pads create gentle, comforting warmth that helps to make people feel cozy.

Skull Cap/ Beanie

An excellent winter gift guide pick would have to be skull caps. These come in many different designs, but they all serve one purpose: keeping your head warm during the winter months. For those who like to rock hats or beanies often, having a skull cap available guarantees warmth while still looking fly whether you’re indoors or outdoors.

Towel Warmer 

For those who like a hot towel or don't want their towels to feel like ice cubes when they get out of the shower, investing in a towel warmer is a great way to stay warm during these chilly months ahead.

towel warmer

Towel warmers make great winter Holiday gifts and can be used for years and years. If you're not familiar with towel warmers, they are like a towel rack but with an electric base that wraps around the bar and heats some towels or clothing.

Coffee Warmer

If your loved one loves their java so much they drink several cups per day – and sometimes even share with friends – then they will love having a dedicated coffee warmer that can keep up with their caffeine addiction.

Winter Socks

Winter socks can be purchased at any big or small retail store in your area. They come in different colors and designs! 

Winter socks tend to be thicker than ordinary socks with wool, cotton, polyester, acrylic, or other long-staple fibers being used to create the material for them.

Winter socks do not only keep your feet warm; they also provide comfort when walking around in the snow with boots on. They add another layer of warmth underneath your regular shoes for a nice and cozy feeling.

Winter Boots

Practical winter gifts are always appreciated such as this pair of boots from the famous shoe brand Dr. Martens.

winter boots

They come in black or brown, so they fit perfectly with every style without having too much color that might not work well for everyone's taste. Plus, these shoes were made with comfortable materials to ensure warmth and comfortability, keeping anyone's feet cozy all day long.

Warm Gift Basket

Another great winter gift option is a basket filled with useful items like cocoa, coffee, teas, and other hot drinks. This basket can be placed on someone's desk or in any room in the house, then topped off with a candy cane for that extra winter cheer! 

Warm Gift Basket

Gift Cards

If your friend or family member is the type of person who likes to curl up with a blanket on the couch and watch some shows, why not treat them this holiday season with a gift card

For example, you can't go wrong with a gift card to their favorite coffee shop. Winter isn't complete without drinking copious amounts of hot tea and coffee and looking at the pretty snow outside. The gift of caffeine will keep them nice and warm for hours!

Buy GearTOP Winter Gear for your Loved Ones Today!

If you’re looking for high-quality gear for winter AND the summer, GearTOP is your one-stop shop! Pick and choose among products that have been designed and tested by outdoor lovers themselves.Visit the GearTOP Amazon shop today to get the best deals!


Keeping your loved ones safe and comfortable should not be limited to the wintertime. Giving them protection should be available for all seasons - this is why GearTOP has made sure to do just that! 

Choose not only high-quality and cozy winter gear from GearTOP’s collection but alsopremium wide brim sun hats with a UPF 50+ feature! These sun hats deliver a wide coverage that will keep you and your family members shielded from harmful sun rays and skin damage. 

What’s more, our products aren’t just for grown-ups!  We’ve made sure to have sunhats for kids to ensure that the little ones (if you’re a doting parent or aunt/uncle) have the protection they need as they explore their world! 

On a mission to look for the perfect gift for the adventurers in your life? Our Christmas gift guide might help you out! ;)

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