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Ice fishing clothing and gear to keep you warm & safe

  • 5 min read

Ice fishing clothing and ice fishing gear

If you are struggling to find something interesting to do during wintertime, ice fishing would prove itself the perfect solution! Catch up with friends and/ or family while waiting for that fish to get the bait! 

So what do you need to wear for ice fishing? What are the main things you must not forget before going out? What could be dangerous?

Table of Contents

  1. What to wear for ice fishing?
  2. How do I protect my feet from the cold?
  3. How do I layer my clothes?
  4. How can I protect my head?
  5. How can I keep my hands warm?
  6. What are ice fishing safety tips that you can follow?
  7. Where can I buy premium but affordable ice fishing gear?
  8. Conclusion

What to wear for ice fishing?

Make sure that you stay warm and dry as you have fun on your ice fishing trip when you follow the clothing tips in this section.

Protect your feet 

First of all, let us talk about shoes.

Make sure to choose cold-weather boots that are high enough so that your pants stay completely dry. What's more, your boots should be waterproof - this is important! You don't want to freeze outside, do you?

ice fishing enthusiast protecting his feet by wearing boots

Here are some factors to consider when picking out your pair:

  • Warmth. Look for ice fishing boots that can keep you warm even with the most bitter cold. Ensure that your pair provides great insulation. Also, opt for shoes that have at least a -25 F temperature rating.
  • Waterproof. To stay warm, you’ll need to stay dry. This is why your boots need to be waterproof.
  • Tall and with a collar. Hand in hand with being waterproof, your ice fishing boots should be high enough to prevent snow and water from entering. Otherwise, you risk your feet getting wet even if you’re wearing a waterproof pair. 
  • Good traction on snow. Keep yourself from slipping when walking on hard water covered in a blanket of snow by using ice fishing boots with good traction. 
  • Durability. As with any footwear,  you would want your pair of ice fishing boots to last you a long time. So opting for boots that can take a beating even in the extreme cold is ideal.

Additionally, your socks should be just as carefully chosen as your ice fishing boots. Go for a pair of heavy-duty wool socks to keep your feet insulated from the bitter cold. Wicking socks are also excellent as they keep moisture and sweat from building up around your feet. 

Lastly, a good pair of ice cleats will help you keep your balance. 

Layer your clothes 

What does layering mean? What should I remember when wearing layers?

The idea here is very simple: each next layer becomes thicker and closer to the body (and warmer). What could be the best outfit when ice fishing then? This would include several shirts or coats, an inner fleece or quilted jacket, a wool sweater, etc.

ice fishing hobbyists layering their clothes to keep warm

The important thing here is that you can always remove a layer or two when it gets too hot for you - and the best thing about layering is that your clothes would never get wet!

Protect your head 

Protecting your head (and face, in this case) is just as important as your body. Exposed skin allows heat and warmth to escape. This is why wearing full-face headwear like a balaclava helps keep the cold out. If you’re not a fan of balaclavas, a skullcap that also covers your ears might also do the trick for you.

ice fisherman protecting his head

What's more, wearing earmuffs is also advisable. This will help keep your ears toasty while keeping frostbite at bay. 

If you’re on the lookout for a versatile and multipurpose balaclava or skull cap, head on over to theGearTOP Amazon shop!

Choose from the cozy Rider balaclava that can also be worn as a hood or the Racer balaclava that’s also great for wicking away moisture. GearTOP’s selection of skullcaps will also keep your ears toasty! 

Protect your hands

Another thing which you might need to wear when ice fishing (just like any other outdoor activity) is a good pair of gloves. And, to keep it extra cozy, glove liners are great as well! 

Ice fishing gloves should be soft, thick, and extremely warm. Moreover, they come in different stylish shades and designs.

ice fisherman wearing gloves to protect his hands from the cold

Since ice fishing gloves are thick, they might not be so ideal for tasks that require nimble fingers such as putting bait on your hook. So, glove liners are the best solution for you! Have the option to take off your outer gloves without freezing your fingers. 

On the lookout for great glove liners? We are here to help!

Enjoy affordability and high-quality construction with GearTOP glove liners!

This is evident in their glove liners. Made from Super Roubaix fabric, GT gloves are sweat-wicking and have a touchscreen-friendly feature. Perfect for those moments when you have to use your phone in freezing temperatures! Click the link to get your hands on your next go-to glove liner!

What are ice fishing safety tips that you can follow? 

In ice fishing, ice safety is a serious issue that an ice angler must take into consideration. What safety tips should someone follow while ice fishing? Here are some tips to remember to stay safe for every trip:

ice fishing safety tips that you can follow

  • The ice must be at least four inches thick for a person to walk on it and eight to twelve inches thick for a car to go over it.
  • If you decide to make your way across thin spots in the ice then use a rope or chain with a weight on one end to test ice thickness.
  • What happens if your ice fishing clothes get wet while you're ice fishing? In cases like this, remember that covering wet clothes with dry ones will help warm up your body temperature faster since moist clothes take longer periods of time to evaporate and warm up.
  • If wet clothes start to freeze, take them off immediately and put on dry clothes.
  • What should happen if your ice fishing equipment breaks or doesn't work well is that you should be sure to have backups of the things you need, like extra hooks for fishing poles, lures for fishing rods, etc.
  • Wear safety gear such as ice picks and spikes when walking on the ice in case you need extra balance and reaction time when falling through the ice.
  • Always remember that when in doubt, don't go out onto ice that you are unsure of.

Buy GearTOP Cold Wear for Your Ice Fishing Adventure

If you feel like your wardrobe is lacking the essentials for your next ice fishing trip, why not complete it today!  Chose from a wide array of cold-weather gear that’ll keep you comfortable, cozy, and safe as you enjoy your chilly adventure. Visit theGearTOP Amazon shop today to get the best gear and deals! 


In conclusion to this article on What to wear for ice fishing, we would like to say one more time that you should remember all our tips and tricks in order not to feel cold while enjoying yourself outside at night under the stars. What's more, don't forget that safety still comes first - be safe and warm when ice fishing!

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