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How to choose the best ski balaclava

  • 5 min read

How to choose the best ski balaclava

Balaclavas come in many different shapes, sizes, and types of fabric. The fabric can affect how well the mask will protect your face from low temperatures, harsh winds, and even sun damage.   

In this article, learn the factors that you need to consider when picking out the best balaclava for you and the many ways that you can wear one. Also, get acquainted with the GearTOP balaclavas that are perfect for your escapades - whether you're going on your firstwinter camping trip or even you're hitting the slopes!

Factors to consider when picking the best balaclava 

Picking the perfect balaclava for you can depend on so many factors. But in this section, learn the most important ones to consider. So, without further ado, here are the things to weigh out when picking out the perfect balaclava for you: 

GearTOP rider balaclava

  • Material. Depending on what adventure you’re embarking on, you can opt for different materials. For instance, if you’re off to spend time at slopes, opting for a ski balaclava made from a thicker material would be best in extreme conditions. 

Fleece balaclavas are great at providing warmth and protection for those icy adventures like skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and more! 

However, if your escapades are for warmer climates, opting for fabrics that are light, breathable, and sweat-wicking are the way to go!Super Roubaix fabric, for example, has all these qualities while giving enough stretch to ensure a comfortable fit while guarding against dust, dirt, allergens, and even giving sun protection.

  • Airflow. Since balaclavas protect the entirety of your face, it also covers your nose. Unsurprisingly, it can be a challenge to breathe when wearing one - especially when you’re out of breath from your outdoor activities. Sweat also makes your balaclava feel gunky and hard to breathe through! 
So, make sure that you can still breathe and check if a balaclava allows adequate airflow while providing enough warmth before picking one for yourself. 
  • Size & Fit. Just as the fabric matters, seeing how the balaclava fits on you is crucial. You wouldn’t want your headwear to be too tight or too loose. While some manufacturers have different sizing for their headwear, others also provide a one-size-fits-most construction making it easier for you!
Additionally, make sure the length of the balaclava covers your neck to ensure protection from the outside.
  • Versatility. Some balaclava designs allow only for one or two ways of wearing it. However, more and more brands have started coming up with constructions that are multi-purpose and versatile. GearTOP balaclavas, for one, are wearable in many ways!

Different ways of how to wear a balaclava

Most of the balaclavas available in the market have a construction that allows for them to be worn in several different ways. 

Different Ways of How to Wear a Balaclava

This is true for GearTOP balaclavas as well! Here are the different ways that you can wear GT balaclavas: : 

  • Helmet Liner. GT balaclavas provide a snug yet comfy feel as you wear them under your helmet! Made from soft materials, enjoy protection and comfort at the same time as you spend time outdoors. Protect your helmet from sweat and odor at the same time! While sweat and odor that dries on your helmet can be hard to wash, make your life easier by using this balaclava as a helmet liner instead. 

  • Open Face Mask. Wear GT Balaclavas as an open face mask! This fleece hood balaclava, for example, provides you with a stylish and comfortable way of keeping your head warm during chilly walks or hikes. Wear it like a regular hood with the mask down to protect your noggin from the cold. 

  • Full Face Mask. When it’s freezing out, wear your balaclava as a full-face mask to protect your face, cheeks, ears, and even neck. The GearTOP Rider Balaclava, for instance, is a dual-layer face mask that is especially useful against condensation build-up. Perfect to pair with your winter outfit for those ski or snowboarding trips when you are hitting the slopes! Protect your face, cheeks, neck, and ears from windburns, frostbite, and the bitter cold as you enjoy yourself in an icy yet adrenaline-filled escapade. 

  • Neck Gaiter/ Neck Warmer. If you find that you want something to warm just your neck, GearTOP balaclavas can be neck warmers, too! Pull the hood and the face mask down and sport this headwear as a neck gaiter! 

  • Face Mask. Some designs allow you to pull the hood or cap down and wear it as a face mask. This is true for all of GearTOP’s balaclavas! Wear the GT Rider and Racer as a balaclava mask for any adventure!

  • Cap. For the GT Rider balaclava, wear it as a cap! If you’re pedaling down a  new trail or pounding the pavement, keep sweat off your face as you sport the sweat-wicking cap. 

Here's a video of GT's Racer balaclava to guide you! Learn tips on how to put it on and how to get the best possible fit!

Buy GearTOP balaclavas for cozy ventures

Choosing what type of balaclava ski mask to wear can be a daunting task, but GearTOP is here! With many different types and styles available for purchase in our Amazon store, we are positive that you will find the perfect one. 

  • Racer balaclava. GearTOP’s Racer balaclava brings fit, breathability, and sweat-wicking comfort into headwear. Made from Super Roubaix fabric, this lightweight balaclava is perfect for mild weather. Wear it under your helmet when motorbiking, cycling, and more!

Plus, always stay comfortable with this thin balaclava’s seamless construction! With no stitching causing pressure points, stay comfortable even as you wear it underneath your helmet or any other headwear!
  • Rider hood balaclava. Stay cozy even in the harshest conditions with GearTOP’s hood balaclava! Featuring a fleece hood and a dual-layer face mask, keep your head and neck protected from the icy cold winds of winter as you go skiing, snowboarding, or any winter sport.

What’s more, get treated to a hidden pocket and a drawstring bag! With the pocket, store cash and cards with you to keep them safe even as you hit the slopes. With the bag, keep your hands free as you put your essentials inside.  Each model comes with a unique design to suit your needs based on how and where you plan on wearing it!


If you’re an adventurer looking for affordable yet high-quality sun and wind protection gear, let GearTOP help you out! 

Visit our shop and get acquainted not just with our balaclavas, but also multipurpose skull caps, gloves, and more outdoor essentials. You can also find us on, and

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