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Glove Liners: What are they & choose the best pair for you

  • 4 min read

girl wearing glove liners to have a better grip

Table of Contents

  1. What is a glove liner?
  2. How do you choose the best glove liner?
  3. How do you determine your glove liner size?
  4. Where can I buy the best glove liners?
  5. Conclusion

If you love to move, the cold winter months can put a damper on your routine, especially when you love to spend time outdoors. But it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stop moving! With the right gear, cold winter adventures can be just as fun as summer ones!

When spending time in cold environments, one of the most important things that you need to protect is your hands. Frostbites or even losing a finger or two (ouch!) are things that are bound to happen if you don’t take care. That’s why having the right gear, especially gloves and glove liners, is crucial! 

While you already know that you have to wear gloves, glove liners are just as important. 

If you’re wondering what glove liners are, in this article you’ll learn what they are, why you need them, and how to choose the best pair - especially when you’re looking to spend your time on an icy adventure in the winter season!

What is a glove liner?

Glove liners are thin gloves that you wear underneath your outer gloves. The pair helps another layer of warmth and protection for your hands, especially when it’s extremely cold out. They are also usually made from sweat-wicking fabric to avoid moisture build-up, making your hands less susceptible to the cold.

How do you choose the best glove liner?

Now that you know what glove liners are, it’s important to know that not all glove liners are created equal. That said, there are different features that you should take into consideration when picking the best pair for you! Here are some things to keep in mind and the elements to consider when picking out your pair: 

girl wearing GearTOP glove and Floater Series sun hat

  • Sweat-wicking fabric. Having sweat-wicking liners ensure that you avoid sweat build-up on your palms. Sweaty palms mean that you’re more susceptible to the cold. So, reach for a pair that'll keep your hands dry to ensure that you stay warm and cozy!
  • Breathability. Breathability goes hand in hand with sweat-wicking fabric. Having breathable glove liners mean that you’re less prone to sweating. However, make sure that you opt for a pair that's also thick enough to keep your hands toasty!
  • Lightweight.  Lightweight liners mean that they’re easily packable and easy enough to store in your bag or pocket without you having you worry about extra bulk. You can also take a lightweight pair with you to any adventure without much hassle!
  • Touchscreen Compatible. These are extremely handy if you need to use your phone/ touchscreen device when it’s cold out! While you take off your outer gloves, you still have your liner that will keep your hands warm and nimble as you navigate your touchscreen device.

    GearTOP Touchscreen gloves with grip circles

  • Snug-fitting.  Since glove liners are meant to be worn underneath an outer glove, you should be picking out a snug-fitting yet comfortable pair. You wouldn’t want a loose-fitting or a tight-fitting pair since it’s going to make it harder for you to grip on things - especially when you also have the outer gloves on.
  • Secure closure.  It is ideal to have a secure closure, like a hook-and-loop, to make sure that your liner stays in place while also wearing the outer gloves. You wouldn’t want your liner slipping under your primary gloves! 
  • Non-bulky construction. You should opt for a non-bulky liner that’s thin enough to still move in while thick enough to add another layer of insulation for your hands. 
  • Sizing.  Make sure that you pick out the best size for you. You can find our guide on how to determine the best glove liner size for you in the section below.

    How do you determine your glove liner size?

    Here’s a simple guide on how to determine the best glove liner size that fits you. 

     GearTOP  glove size chart

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    GearTOP gloves with grip circles

    Touch Screen Reflective Gloves

    GearTOP’s Touch Screen Reflective Gloves are great as glove liners and as standalone gloves. Made from Super Roubaix fabric, these liners are lightweight, breathable, sweat-wicking, and can keep you warm without being bulky! 

    When worn as standalone gloves, this pair is an excellent option if you’re looking to engage in activities under low light conditions - whether it be an early morning hike, a night-time run, and the like! 


    Touch Screen Gloves

    GearTOP’s versatile Touch Screen Gloves will ensure that you stay warm and cozy as it adds another layer of warmth for your coldest escapades! Wear this lightweight yet snug-fitting pair to any icy adventure like snowboarding, skiing, a winter camping trip, and more!

    Find out more about these glove liners and grab your pair by clicking the link below!


    Buy Glove Liners



    Now that you know about glove liners, you can enjoy the outdoors and stay safe even during those freezing winter months! With the right gear on you, move about outdoors just like you would in the summer. Of course, not all gear is created equal. Make sure that you grab high-quality ones to stay extra protected.

    If you feel like your winter gear arsenal is a bit lacking, you can visit the GearTOP website to complete your collection! You don’t have to spend too much, either as we’ve made sure that our prices stay affordable for everyone to enjoy! 


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