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Signs of Running Burnout and How to Avoid and Recover

  • 2 min read

Signs of Running Burnout and How to Avoid and Recover

Not all the time that we are in good shape and best condition to run constantly. If you think and feel that you need a break to relax and recharge. Go ahead and give yourself your much needed workout rest.

To avoid running burnout here’s some red flags and recovery tips...

1.  No Motivation
Sometimes we don't have much motivation to run when the weather is too cold, too humid, too wet, or sometimes too busy. But when you started losing motivation to run without any reasons why could be a symptoms of a running burnout. You are no longer excited to run and suddenly you just wanted to stop running. You keep putting off your run and can not decide if you wanted to run or not. Suddenly, running becomes hard for you and you are not enjoying it anymore. 
2.  Alway Feeling Exhausted, Tired and Sore Muscle 
When you always feel exhausted and tired even when you are not running yet. Experiencing pain and sore muscles even after having a lot of rest.
3. Performance Slowing Down
Your lack of energy, sore body and losing enthusiasm keeps your running performance to slow down and you don’t like pushing yourself anymore and you just stop trying to run for the better.


Here’s How to Overcome Burnout :

1. Take a Huge Rest

Our body definitely needs rest. Take a break from your running routine and have some time to let yourself fully recover. Treat yourself to a massage if you want to. Enjoy some at home relaxation that you’ve been wanting to do and let your body heal from the stress and hard work.
2. Do Not Overtrain
Take it slowly and fun way. Lower your expectations and just enjoy little progress one a time. Too much running can lead to an injury and burnout. Be patient and enjoy your training without putting pressure on yourself to increase performance everyday.
3. Cross Train
Try some other trainings that can enhance other parts of your body and allow yourself to discover new interest. You can do yoga, swimming or any outdoor sports you like to try to train. Once your interest and mojo is back for running, you can now alternate your workout routine to avoid running burnout again. 

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