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Signs of burnout from running

  • 5 min read

Signs of burnout from running

Running burnout is rooted in running too much, running too fast, running when injured, running when sick, ignoring mental fatigue—and not stopping long enough period of time between workouts to recover fully beforerunning again

When we cross over this line between training hard and dysfunctionally overreaching, we set ourselves up for running burnout.

Do you feel like you’re experiencing running burnout? Read on to learn the signs to watch out for and the steps that you may take to recover from running burnout.

Table of Contents 

  • What are the signs of running burnout to watch out for?
  • How do you stop or recover from running burnout?
  • Conclusion

What are the signs of running burnout to watch out for? 

running resting on a park bench after running

If you’re an avid runner but have a suspicion that you’re experiencing burnout, here are some classic signs to watch out for:

Lack of motivation to run

You are no longer excited to run and you keep putting it off. You are also indecisive about whether you want to run or not. Suddenly, running becomes hard for you, and what used to be a fun activity turns into a chore. 

Sometimes we don't have much motivation to run when the weather is too cold, too humid, too wet, or when we’re simply busy. But when you start losing motivation to run without reason, it could be a symptom of running burnout.

Always feeling exhausted

You always feel exhausted and tired even when you are not running yet. Experiencing pain and sore muscles even after having a lot of rest may be a sign that you’re experiencing running burnout, as well.

Decreased performance

You notice that it takes more effort to complete your running routine and you are running slower than usual. Your lack of energy, sore body, and dwindling enthusiasm slow down your running performance. You find yourself hating your runs and you question yourself why you're even going for a run in the first place.

Sleep problems 

You may have difficulty falling asleep or experience insomnia. You may also experience waking up at odd times during the night, and not being able to go back to sleep easily. You may also find it hard to wake up on time.

girl having sleep problems because of running burnout

Negative feelings

Feeling irritable and experiencing negative emotions like anger, depression, helplessness, and being frustrated is another sign of running burnout.

Changes in appetite 

Runners who experience burnout may notice a change in their appetite. Some may lose their appetite while others may tend to overeat. 

If you’re experiencing some or even all of these signs, it may mean that you’re starting to burn out from running and need to take a break. It also means that you need to take some steps to prevent your burnout from getting worse while slowly recovering.

How do you stop or recover from running burnout?

runner that recovered from running burnout

Here are some ways to overcome running burnout:

Take time to rest

It’s not all the time that we are in good shape and in the best condition to run constantly. If you think and feel that you need a break to relax and recharge, go ahead!  

After all, having ample rest and recovery is an essential part of a healthy and active lifestyle. Our body definitely needs rest.

Do not overtrain

Take it slowly and make sure to have fun. Lower your expectations and just enjoy little progress one at a time. Too much running can lead toinjury and burnout. Be patient and enjoy your training without putting pressure on yourself to increase your performance every day.

runner resting to not overtrain

Do cross-training

Try someother types of workouts that can enhance other parts of your body. This helps you to discover new interests! You can do yoga, swimming, strength training, or any outdoor sports you like to try.

Have training partners

Going for a run with a buddy may help motivate you and make your runs more enjoyable. You can even join a running club to find folks that are just as into running as you!

runners that trained together

Try different routes and change up your routine

Another way to deal with running burnout is to change up your routine. If you've been running the same route at the same speed every day, try mixing it up! 

Trying out a different route that’ll provide a new set of views to enjoy will give you a much-needed boost and motivation.

Always have a recovery time

Lastly, ensure that you give yourself plenty of time to recover after running. This includes running more difficult paces gradually, running over different terrain, and running longer distances. 

If you're struggling with running burnout, then take some adequate recovery time. You'll be glad that you did in the long run!

How long should you rest when experiencing running burnout?

rest when experiencing running burnout

If you’re experiencing running burnout, the road to recovering from it may mean taking a few weeks or even months off from running - it depends entirely on each individual. Experiencing running burnout can be especially difficult if you are passionate about the sport. 

However, it is important to listen to your body and not continue running - doing so will only aggravate the problem.

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      Running burnout is not the end of the world, and it's something that many people go through at some point or another. Even professional runners who do this for a living sometimes need a break running just like we normal people do. 

      So if you're feeling burnt out, take a step back, relax, and then get back into running gradually. You'll be back to your old self before you know it!

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