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How to Start Running Again after taking a Break

  • 2 min read

How to Start Running Again after taking a Break

Coming back after a long break is hard but it is always great to rekindle your passion you once had for running and get back on track. Here’s some tips to help you get started.

1.  Set new fitness goals
It is best to jumpstart your running with a plan and goals in mind. Write down your realistic small goals that you wanted to achieve on your running comeback. This will help you be motivated to get your groove back and start again with a fresh mind, ideas and fitness goals to work on to. It is really satisfying to checked down some goals you have set and have achieved on your comeback, and you will be looking forward to your next goals.
2.  Running Schedule
Create your running schedule so you can allocate a time for it. It could be early in the morning or after work. Choose what's time works best for you. Following your schedule regularly will become your routine and slowly your body will get used to the routine. Eventually day after day you will get your groove back into running.
3. Start with short easy pace
Do not force yourself to increase your running mileage and go all out in a day. Start easy and short run to avoid injury and burnout. Coming back to your running routine is difficult at first while your body is still coping up, even the pros can feel that way too. Take small steps and a few minutes run  in a day and gradually increase your performance in time. Your time and every small steps is what it makes your comeback more worthwhile. 
4. Run-Walk Interval
In the beginning, running all the way from start to finish is really hard to maintain. It is completely fine to have a walking intervals after running to cool down and reduce fatigue. You can run for a few minutes and walk as your rest, or you can also walk before you start to warm up your muscles. Remember, don’t be too harsh  to yourself, it is alway best to ensure your safety from any injury. Whether you are walking more than running, it is just fine. At the end of the day it will always feels better that you go out of the house and get off from your couch.
5. Rest Day
Always have time to take a day off from running to get your body rest and recover from the work out. This will prevent injury, fatigue and burnout. You will alway have the energy to run the next time you hit the trail.
6. Cross-Training
You can consider other activities to enjoy and try. This will help strengthen other parts of your body and avoid burnout from running all the time. 
7. Be patient and enjoy
Let your body adapt again before taking to the next level. Taking a small steps can help get bring back the fun. Allow yourself to just enjoy the process and set less expectations as you continue achieving your fitness goals. Take your time, enjoy the feeling of fulfilment and satisfaction from just taking the step to coming back to running after time off. 


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