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Starting to run again after a break

  • 4 min read

Starting to run again after a break

Many runners start running with great enthusiasm but eventually start taking breaks from their routine. When they feel the need to start running again, even if they feel like their old self, their body may not be used to the demands of running anymore - it can be hard to start up again.

Are you looking into how to get your running mojo again after taking a break? Read on to learn the different steps that you can take to get back into your running routine again.

Table of Contents

  • What is the best way to start running again?
  • How do you start running again after taking a break?
  • How do you return to running after an injury?
  • Conclusion

How do you start running again after taking a break?

man running again after a break

It takes about four weeks of non-stop persistence in order to get back into proper physical condition. This, more or less, gives your body time to develop the endurance that will allow you to resume your previous level of performance. 

It's also worth considering that when you start running again after a break, your body will start building muscle memory all over again. You might start off feeling a bit tired or even sore because of this. But give yourself time to adjust and don't give up right away. 

Within a week or two you should start gaining momentum, especially if you've been maintaining an active lifestyle in other ways. So, get out there and get moving!

What is the best way to start running again?

Coming back after a long break is hard but it is always great to rekindle the passion you once had for running and get back on track. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Set new fitness goals

writing down your fitness goals

It is best to jumpstart your running with a plan and concrete goals in mind. Write down the realistic small goals that you want to achieve on your running comeback. 

This will help you stay motivated to get your groove back. It will also help you start again with a fresh set of ideas, and fitness goals to work on.

Have a running schedule 

Create your running schedule so you can allocate time for it. It could be early in the morning or after work. Choose what time works best for you!

Start at a short easy pace

girl running at an easy pace

Coming back to your running routine is difficult at first while your body is still adjusting - even the pros can feel that way, too!  

Do not force yourself to increase your running mileage and go all out in a day. Taking your time will make your comeback more worthwhile and more sustainable.

Run-Walk Interval

In the beginning, running all the way from start to finish is really hard to maintain. It is completely fine - even recommended - to have walking intervals after running to cool down and reduce fatigue. 

You can run for a few minutes and walk as your rest. Also, make sure to dowarm-up exercises or walk before you start running to ready your muscles and avoid injury.

Rest Day

Always have time to take a day off from running to get your body rest and recover from the workout. This will prevent injury, fatigue, and burnout. You will always have the energy to run the next time you hit the trail.


girl with a trainer that's cross-training

You can consider other activities to enjoy and try. This will help strengthen other parts of your body and avoid burnout from running all the time. Yoga, weight training, and swimming are just some of the activities that you can engage in alongside running.

Have a running buddy

Having somebody to run with and help you keep accountable may also help you stick to your running routine. You can even join a running group to give you a motivation boost to reach those few extra miles.

Be patient and enjoy

Let your body adapt again before taking it to the next level. Taking small steps can help get bring back the fun. Allow yourself to just enjoy the process and set fewer expectations as you continue achieving your fitness goals. 

Take your time, and enjoy the feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction from just taking the step to coming back to running after some time off.

How do you return to running after an injury? 

runner resting to soothe running injury

First and foremost, getting checked by a medical professional should be the first thing on your list when you want to get back into running after an injury. Your physical therapist or doctor may create a personalized training program for you to follow depending on your own unique case. 

But something to keep in mind when trying to get back into your usual routine is be patient with yourself. Don’t push yourself too hard to avoid re-injury.     

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    Running is a great way to stay in shape, but it can be hard to get back into the swing of things after taking an extended break. If you’ve been out for a while and are looking for some guidance on getting your running routine back up again, take a look at our blog post here! 

    We hope that we are able to address some of the questions that you may have about getting your running mojo back. We also hope that our tips may help you in getting back into your running journey.

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