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7 Tips on How to Prevent Running Injuries

  • 2 min read

7 Tips on How to Prevent Running Injuries

Have you experience injury before? Try this simple tips and make it as your routine to prevent running injuries from occuring.

1.  Right Gear
Wearing the right running gear is very important to avoid injuries .Get the right pair of running shoes that compliments your foot shape, moisture-wicking socks and a comfortable running attire suited for the weather outside. These will help  you prevent from injuries, gives comfort and helps improve performance. Make sure you have the right kit to get yourself ready to enjoy the run, injury free.
2.  Warm Up
Warm up your muscles before starting to run to prepare your body. Avoid static stretching for warm up because studies have shown that it has not proven that it can prevent injury and may weaken your performance. Do dynamic Stretching before exercise like brisk walking, lunges or high knees to helps activates your muscles, increase body temperature and enhance your cardio performance.
3. Cool Down
After running do not forget to cool down to help your body eliminate the lactic acid build up. Perform static stretching to lower your heart rate and return to it’s normal level. It will reduce muscle soreness, relaxes and cool down your body temperature. Cooling down regularly will help your body recover faster and prevent burnout.
4. Hydrate
Hydration is very important when running whether it is a short or long distance run. During running our body temperature increases that it releases more sweats from our body and loses body fluids. We need to drink sufficient amount of water before, during and after run to help restore and replenish our body fluids. Bring enough water to avoid dehydration, fatigue and serious health risk complications.

 5. Fuel Up

Fueling your body before running is important to store necessary amount of carbohydrates to keep your body energised. Eat 2-3 hours before the start to fully digest your food intake. Pack some extra gels or easy to digest energy boosting exercise snack to fuel up and cope with the intensity of your run.Do not eat too much heavy to digest foods just before you start running to avoid suffering from side aches.

6. Cross-Train
Incorporate some cross training that will strengthen other parts of your body. Try some strength training exercise to build strong muscles, increase your endurance and running  performance. Stronger body will help you prevent from injuries.
7. Rest Day
Take care of your body and let it have rest to recover faster. Rest days allows your body to rebuild or repair the damaged tissues during the work out. It is very important to set a recovery phase on your system.

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