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Best summer hats for men and women - Get them now on Amazon!

  • 2 min read

Summer hats for men and women

No matter the season, sun protection should always be a priority every time you venture outdoors. With GearTOP’s sun hat collection, you can pick and choose among high-quality bucket hats that deliver affordability and performance. Meet some of your newest adventure buddies - whether you’re off backpacking, hiking, camping, fishing, and more!

GearTOP Navigator Series Fishing hat with UPF 50+ Sun Protection

Navigator Series Fishing hat with UPF 50+ Sun Protection. Packed with features that ensure you’re well-protected outdoors, the Navigator series hat is your next outdoor buddy! With great coverage from the sun, a breathable mesh band to keep you cool, and a secure chin strap, this wide brim bucket hat ticks all the right boxes.



GearTOP Discoverer Series Sun Hat

Discoverer Series Sun Hat. Enjoy exciting new spots without worrying about sun and UV damage with the GearTOP Discoverer series sun hat! This boonie hat comes with UPF 50+ protection and great coverage from harmful UV rays. 

Explorer Series Sun Hat. Steer clear of annoying bugs, dust, and wind on top of being fully protected from sun damage with the Explorer Series sun hat! With its removable bug netting and wide brim, you don’t ever have to deal with pesky blood-suckers, itchy insect bites, and sun damage when you spend time outdoors. 



GearTOP Explorer Series Sun Hat

GearTOP Floater Series

Floater Series. Looking for the ultimate outdoor hat? Look no further than GearTOP’s Floater Series sun hat! Great for sunny days, this hat will stay put as you tighten its fit with its adjustable drawcords when it’s extra windy. You’ll never go wrong with this well-rounded safari hat for men and women.

GearTOP Wanderer Series Sun Hat

Wanderer Series Sun Hat. Stay fresh and hassle-free as you drift from one adventure to another when you sport the GearTOP Wanderer Series sun hat! Made from premium, durable yet lightweight materials, this wide brim hat brings protection and comfort for every adventure.

Jasmine Sun Visor Hat. Sport a chic look as you wear the Jasmine Series Sun visor! This lightweight and easily foldable/ rollable straw hat are excellent for sun protection while giving a cute fashion-forward look to match your summer outfits. Keep your beautiful hairdo intact as you wear this hat even after spending time doing what you love outside! 




If you’re more comfortable shopping through Amazon, you can also visit our Amazon store!

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