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Why Should You Wear Reflective Clothing While Running?

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Why Should You Wear Reflective Clothing While Running?

Did you know that 122,000 runners get hit by cars annually? Why does this happen? There are many reasons for this, such as inattentiveness whilst driving or distracted driving. However, runners should keep themselves safe, and this is where reflective clothing comes in handy.

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Why Do We Wear High-Visibility Clothing?

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High-visibility clothing is used in different situations. In the workplace, this type of clothing helps reduce the risk of accidents and fatalities in busy environments, especially when there is vehicular traffic. It is common to see high-visibility clothing in construction and industrial areas.

Moreover, high-visibility clothing, also known as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), is required by Health and Safety Regulations. It is also crucial in traffic management roles that help increase the margin of safety.

On the other hand, high-visibility clothing is also worn by individuals, when biking, running, hiking, and other physical activities that will put them in areas where there is low visibility. For example, when you are running at night, it is important to wear reflective clothing to help motorists and other people see you, which will increase your safety on the road.

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Why Is Reflective Clothing Important

Reflective clothing serves as a warning that signals the presence of the wearer in areas and situations that may cause potential threats to health and safety.

When To Wear Reflective Clothing/Gear

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Workers aside, you should wear reflective clothing when you ride a motorcycle or a bike, or you will run or walk on the road. A study showed that cyclists and almost all motorists believed that high-visibility clothing would increase cyclists' visibility, and almost all drivers agreed that cyclists need to wear reflective clothing in low-light environments.

Does Reflective Gear Really Work To Prevent Accidents

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Many studies focus on identifying visibility factors for nighttime drivers. A study by the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology tested how drivers see pedestrians at night and involved various factors. The study showed that the ability of drivers to see pedestrians significantly improve when pedestrians were wearing reflective clothing.

A project named Be Seen After Dark-What Clothes Keep You Safe helps students and people explore and test yellow clothing, yellow fluorescent clothing, and clothing with retro-reflective stripes to find out if they are helpful in improving visibility at night. You can try the test to see if it works!

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10 Safety Tips In Running In The Dark

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So, if you enjoy and like running at night, it is important to wear reflective clothing. Aside from that, here are other safety tips to ensure you stay safe during your nighttime runs:

1. Always Run Against Traffic:

When running, whether at night or day, it is important to run against the traffic to have clear visibility of incoming vehicles so you can reach to them quickly. By doing so, you and the driver know what the other is doing, which helps increase safety on the road.

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2. Choose a well-lit route:

When it comes to running at night, it does not necessarily mean you have to run on routes that are dimly-lit. There are plenty of well-lit areas where you can run in at night. Make sure you choose such a route to protect and keep yourself safe at night.

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3. Be Visible:

It is extremely important to stay visible when running at night; and an effective way to do that is to wear reflective clothing and gear to keep you highly visible at night.

running man in black wearing a white bonnet and a hand reflective gear

4. Always Have Identification With You:

Wherever you are going, even when you are only out for a run at night, bring identification with you. It could be a simple ID or a tag with your details on it. This will help you feel safer when you are running at night.

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5. Run With A Buddy:

As much as possible, bring someone with you when you are running at night. If you do not have friends who are available, you can always join running groups in your community. It is easy to find these groups—you can go online or ask around. Keep in mind that it is always better to have someone run with you at night. Even if you do not like talking while running, just the thought of being with someone will keep you safer at night.

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6. Bring A Cellphone:

Although bringing a cellphone during your runs can be a hassle, it is important. You can get a small belt bag or an arm/wrist belt where you can keep your mobile phone while you are running.

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7. Watch Out For Bikes and Runners:

Be mindful of other runners when running at night, as well as bikes. You need to be mindful of your surroundings to ensure you are safe, especially when you run at night.

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8. Ditch Your Music:

Even though music has become essential when running, you might want to ditch it when you are running at night. You want to be able to hear everything around you, especially when you are running on the road. With that, you might want to leave your earphones at home.

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9. Vary Your Routes And Times:

Nighttime is the best time for criminals to lurk and victimise people. When you run at night, it is important to vary your routes and times just to be on the safe side. You never know who’s lurking, and someone might already be targeting you.

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10. Follow Your Instinct:

When running at night, if you feel like it is not safe to follow a route, follow your gut. If you do not think it is safe to run that night, then don’t. Always follow your gut; it will not lead you astray.

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Aside from reflective clothing, having reflective gear will go a long way. One of the most essential gear is a pair of gloves. Whether in the workplace or when you are simply out for a run at night, a pair of reflective gloves will keep you safer on the road.

GearTOP Safety Gloves

Additionally, wearing a pair of running gloves when you run outside will keep your body warm. That way, you do not need to wear a bunch of layers that will make you bulky and heavier.

Here are some things you need to consider when getting a pair of running gloves:

• Material: Where the gloves are made of is important. The material must be breathable and high-quality to ensure that it will give you the best performance when you are out running at night. Look for a moisture-wicking material as well that will keep your hands dry.

• Comfort & Fit: How the running gloves fit is important; so make sure you fit it before you get it. Running gloves come in various sizes and for them to be comfortable, aside from the material, it must be the perfect fit for your hands.

• Versatility: You want a pair of gloves that you can wear in other situations as well. The good news is, it is possible to find it! You can find running gloves you can use in other activities like driving, biking, etc.

• Grip:

GearTOP Safety Gloves with strong grip

Even though you do not have plans to hold anything while you run, it is still a good idea to get a pair of gloves with a good grip. You never know what you need to touch when you are out at night, such as your mobile phone.

• Touch-screen compatible:

GearTOP Safety Gloves  Touchscreen compatible

Today, you can find gloves that are touch screen compatible. With this, you do not need to take off your gloves just to send a message or call someone on your mobile phone. You can text or use your mobile phone easily with it. Our gloves have touch-screen-friendly tips in the index finger and thumb that will allow you to navigate your mobile phone easily.

• Reflective:

GearTOP Reflective Safety Gloves

When running at night, you need to wear reflective clothing, and that includes your gear. Get yourself a pair of running gloves with reflective features to keep you safer at night. Our reflective running gloves will keep you safe during your night runs.

• Fashionable:

GearTOP Fashionable Safety Gloves

Aside from the safety features and functionalities of a pair of running gloves, make sure they are stylish, too! After all, you still want to look good when you are running at night, right? Fortunately, you can find various styles, designs, and colors of running gloves today. Here we have two styles of running gloves you can choose from.

• Protection:

GearTOP Safety Gloves for Protection

Make sure the running gloves can give you maximum protection from outside elements and weather conditions.

• Weight: You want a pair of lightweight gloves that are easy to use and will not feel like a burden when running.


Wearing reflective clothing and gear when you are out running at night is crucial. Make sure you shop for the right clothing before you head out for the night. Additionally, a pair of running gloves is an essential gear that you should have; not only will this keep you protected and warm, but it also comes with other features that will make your run even more convenient.

Here at GearTop, we have two types of running gloves you can choose from.

Our Touch Screen Reflective gloves is perfect if you will run at night because of its reflective elements.

two man wearing  GearTOP gloves

At the same time, it features grippy elements in the palms for a secure grip. On the other hand, our Touch Screen gloves will keep you warm and comfortable during your chilly runs.

GearTOP Safety Gloves

Whatever you choose between the two, you can look forward to a comfortable run that will add a layer of safety and protection for you.

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