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Winter camping gear: How to stay warm and tips for winter camping

  • 5 min read

Winter camping gear to stay warm and safe

Table of Contents:

  1. What Winter Clothing Do You Need To Pack for Winter Camping?
  2. Where to Buy Balaclavas?
  3. Where to Buy Gloves?
  4. What Are The Essential Gear Do You Need for Cold Weather Camping?
  5. 7 Tips And Tricks To Keep Yourself Warm When Winter Camping
  6. Conclusion

With the right winter camping gear and tips to stay warm, you'll have plenty of outdoor fun even in a snow-filled escapade! Learn some useful tips and tricks to stay warm and comfortable on your winter camping trip. Plus, check out our essentials checklist to know which gear you should pack first!

Winter Camping Essentials Checklist

What Winter Clothing Do You Need To Pack for Winter Camping?

winter camping gear essentials

  • Extra sweaters and jackets. Having extra sweaters and/or jackets comes in handy especially when there’s a sudden drop in temperature. These help you add another layer of warmth to regulate your body temperature.
  • Winter boots. Good quality winter boots are a must-have for winter campers because they keep your feet warm and dry, even when there's snow on the ground. Looking for thick boots that are water-repellant is ideal.
  • Thick socks. Opting for a thick pair of socks to be worn alongside your boots is a must-have. Not only does the pair adds another layer of protection from the cold, but they also help with cushioning and comfort when you’re out for a winter hike.
  • GearTOP Racer balaclava

  • Thick Balaclava and/or skull cap. Protecting your noggin is just as important as protecting your body from the cold. We lose a lot of heat through our heads, that’s why wearing premium balaclavas andskull caps is essential when you’re going on your chilly winter camping trip.
  • GearTOP has some excellent selections for you! OurRider balaclava, for one, is made from a thick material and has a double-layer face mask that prevents your face from getting wet due to condensation.

    Or, if you’re not a fan of bulk, ourRacer balaclava should be a better fit for you! Made from Super Roubaix fabric, this balaclava is lightweight and sweat-wicking - ideal even for summer activities!

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    GearTOP Touchscreen gloves with grip circles

  • Heated gloves. Your extremities - nose, ears, feet, and hands - are especially prone to frostbite. This is why having high-quality gloves is extremely important for any winter activity. Heated gloves are ideal to keep your hands from freezing!
  • Glove liners. Gloves liners give an added layer of insulation to keep your hands toasty! Serving as an internal glove, these pairs help wick away sweat while increasing warmth. Go for glove liners with sweat-wicking fabric.
  • GearTOP gloves are also great as a standalone pair. Our gloves feature silicone grip circles to prevent any slippage when holding on to something. Plus, they’re made from Super Roubaix fabric which is great for wicking away sweat. If you want to know more about these awesome gloves, click the button below!

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     What Are The Essential Gear Do You Need for Cold Weather Camping?

    Winter sleeping bag with first aid kit

  • Winter Tent. A four-season tent is the best option for winter camping. It is specially designed to handle more weight and adapt to icy environments. These are more durable, stronger, and have a more protected interior.
  • Winter Sleeping Bag. Generally, sleeping bags designed for winter have a temperature rating of +10° Fahrenheit or lower. You should also choose a sleeping bag that matches your height plus an extra 1-2 inches. Asking the store retailer may help you identify which one is best suited for you!
  • Winter Sleeping Pad. Opting for a pad with an R-value (ability to withstand cold coming from the ground) of 5 is best for winter.
  • Headlamps with Extra Batteries. Handy for early morning hikes to catch the sunrise or activities that go late into the night, a headlamp helps keep your hands free while you keep busy. Don’t forget to pack a couple of extra batteries if you’re on a long trip!
  • First Aid Kit. Important regardless of the season, having a first aid kit on hand is always a must. Accidents and injuries are an inadvertent part of some of our adventures, that’s why we should always be ready for one. Let’s just hope that we never have to bust out our emergency kits too often!

    7 Tips And Tricks To Keep Yourself Warm When Winter Camping 

    Sweater, boots, scarf, and beanie

    1. Bring extra layers just in case the temperature drops at night or during windy days when you're not actively hiking or skiing. Pack some warm clothes like sweaters and jackets so that once your outer layer gets wet from sweat, there is still something dry underneath to keep you warm. Wearing a balaclava/ skull cap, winter socks, and winter pants also help with providing extra warmth.
    2. Body heat is a good way to stay warm during winter camping. You can use it by sleeping in an inner layer of clothing such as a synthetic long underwear top and winter sleeping pants. You can also sleep with your balaclava or beanie on to help retain heat.
    3. Bring winter camping essentials like a winter sleeping bag, winter tent, or tarp with winter weather protection. Ask your retailer about the best options for winter camping gear and have them help you pick out some winter camping shipping accessories, too. 
    4. Keep dry by staying off the cold ground when possible and pitching camp on snow if it's available.
    5. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Take sips regularly throughout the day rather than waiting until you are thirsty or feeling dehydrated before taking a drink.
    6. Find a winter camping trip with winter temperatures that are just right for your comfort level to avoid any problems like hypothermia, frostbite, or dehydration. Ideally, the temperature should be between 20°F ( -67°C) and 40 °F (-40 °C).
    7. To prevent the cold from the ground during winter camping, bring along some insulating material such as an extra layer of clothing or an air mattress/sleeping pad to provide more protection.


    If you're an outdoor enthusiast who loves to get out there and enjoy the winter season, then a trip into the wilderness for some camping should be on your list of things to do. There are plenty of benefits that come with spending time in nature during the cold months, but it's also important to have all of the right gear so you can make sure everything goes well. 

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    And, don't forget to read our blog post Fun Outdoor Activities to Try this Winter before setting off on your adventure!

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