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28 Beach Essentials To Have You Summer Ready

28 Beach Essentials To Have You Summer Ready

So, you have settled on a great new beach bag, a cute towel, the perfect cover-up, and a summer hat fit for Instagram. Suddenly, you realized you forgot to bring your sunscreen!

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there and we know just how annoying it can be! That is why we are here to make sure that never happens to you again!

Just a little planning can go a long way when it comes to a trip to the beach and with our selection of beach essentials, we will have you summer-ready in no time. Think of this as the perfect beach packing list without the unnecessary gizmos!

1. Beach Tote Bag

sun lounger in a beach

There are many beach tote bags available today, and it can be overwhelming to choose! To help you out, here are some tips:

  • Material - the material you choose must be durable. Choose from canvas, sailcloth or raffia fine straw as these are easy to maintain. On the other hand, if you want to save more, you can always go for a basic cotton material that you can easily wash and dry. Keep in mind to avoid leather material because its texture can get damaged when exposed to saline water, sand, and sun.
  • Color - choose a color that makes you happy. There are also painted bags as well that you can get. Don’t be afraid to explore color options when buying a beach tote.
  • Storage - the perfect beach tote is equipped with enough pockets to store and keep your stuff organized. You don’t want to rummage through the contents of your bag to find a single item, so make sure to get a tote bag with enough compartments.

2. Sun Protection Hat

Did you know that the skin on your face, neck, and ears are thinner, which makes them more sensitive to UV rays? When heading to the beach, make sure that you carry a wide-brim sun hat with you, especially when you plan to spend a long time under the sun. A wide brim hat, which is at least 7.5 cm, is ideal for giving your head enough coverage from harmful UV rays.

sun protection hat

Hats with a high UPF rating and a wide brim are highly recommended. Sun hats offer ultimate sun protection and at the same time, prevent the formation of wrinkles, sun spots, and blemishes that contribute to the rapid development of skin aging. Moreover, sun hats can help protect against skin cancer. With a sun hat, you get to stay protected at all times when you are out and about during the day.

3. Polarised Sunglasses

Using polarized sunglasses when you’re at the beach is helpful. For one, polarized sunglasses prevent you from squinting too much due to the glare of the sun. With regular sunglasses, you may find yourself still blinded when you are overexposed to the sun.

polarized sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses feature polarized lenses that are treated with a special coating that gives them an anti-blur and anti-haze protection. These features will ensure your vision remains clear despite the glare of the sun.

Too much squinting may cause wrinkles, which can make you look older. So, the next time you go to the beach, make sure you pack polarized sunglasses with you.

4. Beach Towels

When going to the beach, another essential that you must take with you is a beach towel. However, you should not just bring any beach towels you lay your hands on—it should be microfiber.

Why microfiber beach towels? Microfiber beach towels dry quickly and since the beach is a wet place, it is essential to use a towel that can dry quickly.In addition, microfiber towels are cost-effective because they can endure almost anything from gravel, saline water, sand, and stones. That said, a microfiber beach towel is a great companion at the beach.

5. Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are an effective way to clean your hands and wipe your skin off when you get sticky from staying under the sun for an extended period. They can be a welcome addition to your beach essentials because you can clean almost anything with them. In addition, at the beach, bathrooms and other areas may be too far, instead of walking to and from the bathroom to wash your hands, wet wipes can get the job done.

Your wet wipes can also help you easily clean your stuff. Sand and rocks may accumulate in the crevices of your items, such as your mobile phone, sunglasses case, etc. Just make sure to dispose of your wet wipes properly.

6. Cool Bag

Cool bags are made from heavy and flexible fabrics, such as polyester, while the interior of the bag is lined with heavy-duty foil. Since you will be at the beach, you need to pack cold water and other cold goods. You can keep everything cool using a cool bag and they can maintain the coolness of your water and other yummy drinks and snacks for several hours.

colorful cool bag

7. Travel Water Bottle

There are many cute water bottles that you can take to the beach, but are they insulated? The beach is a hot place and you need to keep yourself hydrated. Drinking cold water will help you keep cool while you spend time under the sun. Insulated travel water bottles are a must to ensure that your water or other beverage remains cool for several hours.

Orange Travel Water Bottle

8. Beach Cover Up

Beach cover-ups will not only spice up your swimwear, but it can also protect you from the sun. Too much sun exposure is a bad thing because it can cause wrinkles, age spots, and increase the risk of skin cancer. Protect yourself with a beach cover-up if you want to do it in style.

woman wearing a beach-cover up

Aside from skin protection, beach cover-ups are useful especially when you need to walk to and from the beach, especially when you will be passing common areas. If you are conscious about walking around with just your bikini, a beach cover-up is a great way to cover up!

Fortunately, there are a lot of beach cover-ups that you can choose from. Tunic, caftan, and sarong beach cover-ups are the most popular. They are very stylish and you can find them in various designs.

9. Sunscreen

One of the most important things you need to take to the beach is your sunscreen. By now, you already know the risks associated with too much sun exposure. Sunscreens can help protect your skin. A high SPF between 30 and 50+ will give you the best sun protection. Make sure to continuously reapply your sunscreen as you go in and out of the water.

woman applying sunscreen

10. Water Shoes

The sand at the beach can get so hot that walking on it can feel like walking on fire. Instead of just sitting in one area and waiting for the sun to go down, have fun under the sun with water shoes. Water shoes will keep your feet protected from the heat and will also keep your feet cool. Aside from that, you can also wear water shoes when you go to the water. That way, your feet will be protected from any sharp objects in the ocean or lake that you can’t see.

Water shoes also feature a specifically designed tread that delivers optimal traction on slippery surfaces. If you will be on a boat or use a piece of water equipment, rest assured that with water shoes on, you do not need to worry about slipping or any fall accidents. The rubber soles of the shoes provide a better grip on wet surfaces.

11. Flip Flops

If you do not want to wear water shoes at the beach, make sure you have a pair of flip flops. Flip flops are the perfect beach footwear because they are lightweight, waterproof, and give enough protection. Moreover, there are so many choices to choose from.

legs of a woman and sandals on the ground

12. Beach Ground Mat

Nobody wants to lie directly on hot sand at the beach, so make sure that you bring a beach ground mat with you. There are a lot of beach mats available, but make sure to choose one that is durable and has thick material. If the heat can seep through the fabric or material, then there is no point using it at the beach. Look for durable beach mats with thick material that can keep you cool while you sit on it on the sand.

beach ground mat

13. Rash Guard

Rash guards come with UPF protection of 50+ that ensures you get maximum protection from the UV rays. Another thing is that rash guards feature a protective layer that prevents abrasion and board rash.

Rash guards are also a great cover-up and they are quick drying as well. You do not have to worry about wearing a soaking wet top all day.

surfer woman wearing a rash guard

14. Snorkel and Mask Set

If you want to explore the underwater yet you are not ready to go diving, a snorkel and mask set is what you should use. A snorkel and a mask will allow you to enjoy the beauty of what lies underneath the ocean without having to worry about the saline water hurting your eyes. Aside from that, it will let you breathe when you are under the ocean surface. That way, you get to enjoy the beauty underwater.

snorkeling man

15. Lip Balm

Your lips do not have a way to regular oil and it is only your saliva that moisturizes the lips. When you are at the beach, it is easy to get dry and chapped lips, and they can be painful. That is why you need a lip balm with you in order to keep your lips moisturized. In addition, lip balms contain melanin that protects the lips from the UV rays.

16. Portable Lock Box

Make sure that your valuables are protected and secured while at the beach. A portable lock box will be very convenient to use instead of putting your valuables under a beach towel. These lock boxes are water-resistant and can keep your valuables safe when you go for a swim. There are many portable lock boxes out there; do not think that you need to spend a lot of money on it, though. You will find high-quality ones at an affordable price.

portable lock box

17. A Pocketbook

Reading a good book on the beach is very relaxing. Bringing a book with you while at the beach will keep you busy and entertained.

A father reading a book to his daughter

18. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Beach and good music? Ahhh, the dream. A portable Bluetooth speaker will let you listen to your favorite tunes along with everybody. It is a great way to set fun beach vibes especially when you are with your friends. Make sure to get a water-resistant speaker so you do not have to worry if it accidentally gets wet.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

19. Portable Folding Table

Set up a feast at the beach and eat at a portable folding table. This way, you get to eat at the beach while you enjoy the sounds of the waves crashing and enjoy the beautiful sun, perhaps even a gorgeous sunset. Portable folding tables come in various sizes. Make sure that you choose one that is stable enough to be set up on the sand.

Portable wooden folding table and chair

20. Portable Folding Chairs

Along with your portable folding table, you should have portable folding chairs as well to sit on while you eat and hang out. If you do not want to sit on the sand, a folding chair can make you feel more comfortable while you enjoy the beach.

woman seating in a portable folding steel chair

21. First Aid Kit

You never know what can happen at the beach, and sometimes, accidents happen, it could be a bruise from a rock, or worse, a jellyfish sting. Pack your beach first aid kit with the right essentials, such as cotton, bandages, and vinegar for nasty jellyfish stings. Don't have jellyfish in your area? There are still plenty of situations where you may need some quick remedies, such as cuts and lacerations from sharp objects. Make sure to bring medicines, such as paracetamol and ibuprofen as well. It is also a good idea to bring allergy medicines just to be on the safe side.

sprained hand with a bandage

22. Power Bank

It is a challenge to find outlets near the beach to charge your phones, and even if you do, that means you need to spend a couple of hours away from the beach just to charge your devices. Do not let this happen to you—instead, bring a power bank with you that is fully charged so you can charge your phones and other devices conveniently. Keep in mind that phones can easily be drained when taking photos, videos, and connecting with loved ones at the beach. If you have the budget, go for a solar power bank so it will remain fully charged only through the heat of the sun.


23. Dry Bag

Dry bags are great to carry around with you especially when you will partake in water activities. A dry bag can keep your items inside dry even if the exterior gets wet. Make sure to invest in quality dry bags. Cheap dry bags may not be durable enough and may have water seep through.

woman laying in a dry bag

24. Waterproof Phone Case

It is not often that we don’t bring our phones with us to the beach. So, make sure you invest in a high-quality phone case that is water-resistant to keep your phone dry. Plus, this way, you do not have to worry should it accidentally slip in the water.

25. Picnic Backpacks

It is not practical to have your clothes, beach essentials, and foods in one bag; therefore, you need to have a picnic backpack with plenty of compartments that will keep your food organized.

26. Beach Canopies

If you will stay hours at the beach, a canopy would be very useful. Canopies will allow you to stay under the sun for hours without getting direct sun exposure. Just make sure that you invest in quality beach canopies that you can use for a long time.

27. Moisturizing Cream

Just like with your lips, you also need to keep the skin moisturized. Do that with a good moisturizing cream that will not leave you feeling sticky but refreshed. You can also apply the moisturizing cream on sunburnt areas after a day in the sun.

28. Portable Cooler

Staying at a beach can get really hot. So, a portable cooler is practical to keep your drinks cold. You can also bring a pack of ice with you and keep it in the cooler. That way, you have access to cold beverages during the day.

Portable coolers


You do not need a caravan to enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer. Pack light. Each to his own. What is most important is your safety and protection while making those memorable experiences with your loved ones!Now, you don't have to suffer the (mostly) painful after-effects of staying out too much in the sun, instead, you get to have a comfortable experience.


Wearing a sun hat at the beach will not only protect your face from the harmful UV rays, it can also help protect you from skin aging, such as wrinkles, etc. Moreover, wearing a sun hat can help protect from skin cancer and other skin diseases. So, make sure to wear the right hat when you are at the beach or whenever you will be exposed to the sun for long periods of time!

Our Navigator Series is designed for the outdoors. Offering maximum sun protection with a UPF 50+ rating and featuring adjustable drawstrings so that you don't have to worry about your hat getting swept by the wind. Moreover, it's windproof, and breathable. Thanks to its breathable mesh, you get to stay cool while you are under the sun.

If you are looking for more protection, we strongly recommend our Discoverer Series. The hat offers 360-degree face protection with its wide brim, removable neck flaps (for that neck protection!), mesh face cover, and adjustable draw cords and drawstrings. You also get to keep your head cool with its mesh panels.

Grab yourself a GearTop Sun Hat to ensure you are staying protected from the sun!

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