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Your Post Run Recovery Tips

  • 2 min read

Your Post Run Recovery Tips

Post Run Recovery is very important to prevent injury, running fatigue and burn out. Regardless of the intensity of your run, learning how to recover after, will always be more beneficial to your health. 

1.  Stretching
Running can be so tiring that you just wanted to sit down afterwards, go home and relax. Always spend time to stretch for just a minutes after a run so your muscle can cool down, avoid muscle soreness and cramps. This will help you feel better and will improve your flexibility too.
2.  Hydrate
We always hear the importance of hydration and it is really something that we should never taken for granted. Always bring enough water to avoid dehydration after sweating a lot from running. Drink sufficient amount of water or sports drink after a run to help rehydrate and replenish glycogen and electrolytes on our body. 
3. Refuel
A long strenuous run requires energy, fluids and muscles cells from our body that needs to be replenished for complete recovery. This is why you need to eat foods with carbohydrates and protein that can help you replenish the lost energy and some nutrition that align to your work out goal. 
4. Legs Up Wall
It is also called Viparita Karani. If you haven’t done this before, this is a good staple in your recovery routine because it helps lessen the swelling and cramps in your legs by draining the blood and lactic acid build up in the legs and increased circulation in the body. This pose can be relaxing also and can helps relieves lower back pain.
5. Foam Roll
It is very helpful for a runner to do this recovery routine to helps soothes overworked muscles. It will helps increase blood circulation, flexibility and relieves muscles inflammation. Learn to do it properly and your body will love it.
6. Good Shower
It always feels good to be refreshed and clean after a long run. It will wash offs sweats and bacteria in your body that can prevent you from any infections and acne breakout from pores clogged due to sweats. It is best to relax at home after you have showered and worked out.
7. Enough Sleep
The best part of the day is when you have to take rest and sleep after completing the day with a run. Enough rest is very essential for a complete and faster recovery. It will helps your body rebuild and repair cells. A good sleep and a well rested body keeps you always ready for another day of work out. 

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