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Lost Motivation to Run? Here's How to Recharge You.

  • 4 min read

Lost Motivation to Run? Here's How to Recharge You.

Struggling to stay motivated to run and regain your mojo? Check this tips to help you get back on the track and lace your shoes up!

1.  Remember your Goal
We have different reasons why we love running.
Some wanted to lose weight, a healthy lifestyle, a stress reliever, a form of meditation, a chosen sports and simply to feel better. Setting a certain Goals give us purpose why we started running and why it is important to us. Whenever you are losing your motivation to run, revisit your goals and stick to it. Remind yourself about why you started, your purpose and your goals.
2.  Find a Running Buddy
Having a running buddy creates excitement and motivation on your running routine. There is a social factor and accountability that motivates you to run and set aside excuses. Try to get your family members, friends or partner to run with you to enjoy together the health benefits of running. Being with someone who shares the same interest and commitment with you will certainly boost your motivation, consistency and accountability to increase you performance and set new goals. 
3. Join a Fun Run
Participating to a fun run or a marathon is always a good idea to enjoy something new from your usual solo running routine. It is exciting and will reignite your motivation to enjoy running. It is easy and no pressure, you just have to enjoy yourself plus you will get to meet new people who shares the same passion with you. Sometimes fun run have some amazing themes with obstacle race for a little challenge or sign up to a fun run with a charitable cause to make it more meaningful and memorable.
4. Change your route
One of the benefits of running is you get to experience outdoor scenery a lot. Run somewhere new to change your perspective and ambiance. Exploring a new location gives excitement and new experience. You will discover more of your community and a new sight to enjoy.
5. The perks of running on your Health
Running has a lot of benefits to our mind and body. One of your goals to run is maybe to keep a healthy lifestyle and self improvement. Enjoy the  health benefits of running and keep yourself reminded of your progress and improvements. The effort, determination and grit you had to achieve your goal will remind and boost your motivation to keep running especially if you are seeing real results and health benefits of your hard work. 
6. Challenge yourself
Achieving a certain personal goal is very satisfying. Challenging yourself to do more is really exciting and it is something that you will look forward to whenever you are heading out to run. This is one of the most effective ways to stay motivated and will help you improve your running performance to push yourself to the limit.
7. Track your progress 
Make use of some available Apps or gadgets to track your running performance. It is enjoyable to know how much calories you’ve burn, how far and how long you have run. Tracking your progress helps you stay focus on your goals and determine how to improve your performance. Whenever you have something to enjoy and look forward to your motivation also increases.
8. Take a Day Off
It is important to give yourself a break from running consistently to avoid stress running, injury and fatigue. Schedule a day in the week to rest your body and recovery of your bones or muscles from inflammation. After taking the time off to rest and refocus, you will gradually resume your mileage and be excited to get back on track. 
9. Try something new
To beat yourself of getting burn out and losing motivation to run everyday. Try or add something new to your training routine to develop other parts of your body. You can also integrate body work outs to your run. You can do swimming, hiking, cycling, resistance training, intensity training etc. Cross training is a great way to train and improve other parts of your body for a stronger and healthier you. 
10. Get some inspiration
Sometimes when you are losing motivation the best thing to do is to look around and find one. Read some articles about running , watch inspirational movies and fitness journey in youtube, or follow your fitness inspiration that can motivate you and inspire you to keep going and continue achieving your fitness goals.
11. Celebrate and Reward yourself
Every achievement deserves a celebration. Your hard work and passion becomes  more meaningful when you acknowledge and celebrate your milestone. Treat yourself by buying a new running gear, a new running tracker, eat whatever you like or visit your favourite  shop for a hot cup of coffee. Simple things that can make you happy and get you energised. When you love what you are doing and feel rewarded on your efforts, it will always boost your motivation and renew your commitment to pursue your fitness goal.


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