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How To Stick to your Fitness Resolution and Achieve It!

  • 2 min read

How To Stick to your Fitness Resolution and Achieve It!

Every day is an opportunity to be better and it is never too late to get started and make things happen. This year, whatever your fitness resolutions are, once you set your mind and believe it, you have the power to make it happen! 
Here’s some tips to achieve them..
Make your fitness resolution SMART
It is important to begin right. Setting and identifying what your fitness goals are very important in order to achieve it. This is why 80% of New Year's Resolution fails before February because the goals was not clear and not feasible. Set a realistic fitness goal by asking yourself if it is SMART- 
Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound.
Create an Action Plan
As Antoine de Saint-Exupéry quote says “ A Goal without a Plan is just a Wish”.
Write down your Fitness resolutions. Create a check list and Action plan on how you can achieve it. It is important to help you, how to get started and track your progress. This will help you to keep accountable, and be reminded throughout your journey. 
Set Reminders
Sometimes when life’s gets too busy we tend to forget and ignore our fitness resolution. Setting a reminder is important to remember the things we need to do and to create a habit. To stick and keep track on your fitness resolution throughout the year, set a reminder of your routine, action plan and goals in to your phone, office desk, calendar and planner. This will help you remember to work on your goals regularly, evaluate and track your progress. 
Choose the right accountability partner that you can confidently share your fitness resolutions with. Someone who can motivates, trust and helps you to be committed to your goals. Discuss with them about your goals and plans, how you can achieve it and how they can help you keep on track. “Research shows that having a partner or “exercise buddy” can be highly effective at ensuring we will actually work out, not just talk about it.”
Track and Celebrate your Progress
Every little improvement gives you a certain motivation and sense of fulfilment. Any small steps towards your fitness goals encourages you to feel better and appreciate the essence of your journey. Don’t forget to track your progress to know, evaluate and adjust accordingly. Reward yourself, celebrate and appreciate your hard work for every small or big improvements you have achieved so far.

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