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Cold Weather Running Gear You Must Have

  • 2 min read

Cold Weather Running Gear You Must Have

Winter is coming whether we like it or not. But, this will not let you refrain from running this winter. To help you survive with running in the cold, dressing in layer and being prepared is the key. Here's some cold weather running gear must haves for you.
1. Shoes with Traction
Running in the snow and ice is slippery so it is best to wear shoes with better traction. This will help you run better and comfortable, preventing you from getting injury. Also, wear a shoes which has less mesh to avoid getting your shoes wet while running in the snow. This could help you stay dry and warm.
2.  Tights or Running Pants 
This will keep your legs extra warm in a cold winter run. When the weather gets really freezing cold, you can wear the Tights as base and running pants on top. Consider wearing a synthetic wicking fabrics to helps wicks away moisture and sweat faster, keeping you dry and warm.
3. Running gloves or Mittens
Our hands are mostly exposed so it is important to cover and protect it specially when being in a cold environment. Heat loss happens most to our body extremities and being highly exposed to a very low temperature can reduce blood flow to the hands, decrease manual dexterity and can cause injury.
4. Wind proof or Water proof Running Jacket
It is important to consider wearing a wind proof and water proof jacket for outer layer when running in snow and wind chill. This will help you stay warm and dry. Your body loses more heat when your clothes are wet that can affects your body temperature quickly, making you feel colder, uncomfortable and at risk of hypothermia.
5. Technical Fabric Long Sleeve Shirt
Wearing Technical fabrics than the cotton fabric when running is essential to your performance and comfort. Cotton is not ideal for running as it gets uncomfortable and heavy when wet making you feel colder. Technical fabrics are made from materials that provides some kind of function and performance. Choose the moisture wicking, breathable, lightweight , quick drying material ideal for work out and running in winter. Wearing a wicking base layer is helpful to keep you stay warm and dry even when you are sweating.
6. Head and Neck Cover
It is important to cover and protect your head from cold as it one of the most sensitive parts of our body to temperature. Wear a thermal moisture wicking hat, beanie or balaclava to protect your head from the cold during winter runs.
7. Tech Fabric Running Socks
Avoid 100% cotton socks and go with a moisture wicking material to keep your feet dry. The right socks protects your feet from getting blisters, keep it dry, comfortable, cushioned and warm.

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