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48 Outdoor gifts for men

  • 13 min read

Outdoor gifts for men

With the holidays coming up, frantically skimming through pages upon pages of gift guides is an all-too-familiar scenario. It’s not just during the holidays, either. Birthdays, anniversaries, or any other special occasion - it can get overwhelming at times.

It's even more so if you are looking for the perfect gift for the men in your life - whether it’s for your boyfriend, husband, dad, son, or friend - gift hunting for guys can be a challenge.

You can relax now, though.

If your guy is an outdoorsman, perhaps we can shed some light on the things that he’ll definitely appreciate for his next trip. We have done the legwork to find you some unique and useful gifts that he can take with him as he spends time doing what he loves.

Whether he’s an avid runner, a fishing enthusiast, or spends most of his free time hiking the mountains, we have you covered.

We’ve sectioned this article from basic essential items to some unique tools that cater specifically to your man’s interests.

What are the best gifts for an outdoorsman?

What are the best gifts for an outdoorsman

As fun as it is to give out something unique and quirky, there’s nothing more thoughtful than gifting something that your beloved can actually use. If you’re not an outdoor person yourself, it can get confusing at times. This is especially true when it comes to picking out which items to buy for your nature-loving man.

So, here at GearTOP, we’ve decided to give you the low-down on some of the must-have items that you can consider - if he doesn’t have them already.

• Sun hat and sun-protective clothing

Getting an adequate amount of sun protection should be a top priority for anyone that spends most of their time outdoors. Getting your guy a high-performance hat that shields him from UVA and UVB rays can be an option for you. Check out our shop for high-quality sun hats that deliver some of the highest levels of sun protection for headwear.

angler wearing a GearTOP sun hat and sun protective clothing

• Multi-tool

Not everyone can MacGyver their way in a pinch. That’s why having a handy multi-tool is something your guy can appreciate if he happens to have a DIY project come up outdoors. There are tons of options for these tools in the market.


• First Aid Kit

While it might seem unromantic, getting a First Aid Kit is one of the top ways to show that you care. It’s an item that’s practical and something that he can truly use in case of emergencies.

First Aid Kit

• Hooded Jacket

As fun as it is to spend time outdoors, it also means battling the elements. That’s why having a jacket is always a must. Make sure that your guy is warm and cozy as he’s out camping or hiking on a mountain top - it’s just like you giving him a hug.

Hooded Jacket

• Face Coverings

You wouldn’t want your man to be underprepared when he’s exposed to nature’s harsh elements. If your guy loves to spend his free time in chilly regions for this favorite high-octane sport, perhaps it's time to get him a higher level of face protection. 

Breathable and lightweight face masks with earloops, on the other hand, are better suited for time spent in warmer climates. These lightweight masks that double as neck gaiters provide ample protection for the cheek and neck.

guy wearing GearTOP face mask with earloops

• Backpack

Every outdoorsman needs a trusty backpack to take with him on his adventures. If your guy’s pack is looking quite worn out, perhaps it’s time to get him a new one. Have your pick among an overwhelming number of options that are available in the market right now.


He’s already got everything listed above? If that’s the case, we took the liberty of compiling items that are unique to other outdoor sports and interests.

What are the best gifts for a runner?

What are the best gifts for a runner

Picking out a gift for runners can be quite tricky. You’d think to yourself, what could a runner possibly need other than a pair of good shoes and some running attire? Well, there’s plenty of running gear that you can consider for the runner in your life. Here are a few items that will help your guy have better and safer runs.

• Running socks

We reckon that any runner that you talk to can never have enough running socks. For guys that spend most of their time running, not only can they wear out numerous shoes, but this also goes for their socks. So, get your man some fancy, high-quality pairs. He’ll appreciate it.

• A gift card to his favorite running store

If you think that it’s a lazy way out, think again. Getting your man a gift card lets him have the option to pick out an item that he truly needs. Plus, he can save the card for any future running gear he’d want. It’s a win-win for everyone.

• Touch screen running gloves

Don’t you hate it when you have to take off your gloves to use your phone, especially when it’s practically freezing outside? Well, it’s safe to say, runners experience this, too. That’s why GearTop made sure to address it. Help your man stay cozy and hassle-free during his runs when he’s wearing our versatile and multi-functional Touch Screen Running Gloves. You can even make his runs safer when he’s a late-night jogger with our Reflective Touch Screen Running Gloves. You can get a pair for yourself, too. *wink*

GearTOP Touch screen running gloves

• Running chest light

Lessen your worries when your guy goes for his late-night or early morning jogs with a chest light. He’ll also appreciate the better visibility that he’ll have from wearing one. Choose from a variety of options depending on your budget.

• Subscription to running merch

Double the surprise when you get your man a running subscription box. Make sure to choose a subscription box that is worth the wait and the price.

• Wireless earphones that won’t fall out

There’s nothing like a good tune to get that running high going. That’s why a pair of wireless earphones that’ll stay securely in place while your guy runs is one to consider.

Wireless earphones that won’t fall out

• Kinesiology sports tape

Having good aftercare is just as important as having a good run. And we’re not only talking about a good massage. Gifting your man high-quality Kinesiology tape that’s safe for the skin is something that he can be grateful for. Check out Tapegeeks for some of the best kinesiology sports tape options that promote muscle support and can help in post-run recovery.

Tape Geeks kinesiology sports tape

• Foam rollers

If your guy doesn’t have one already, he’s missing out. An excellent way to stretch out muscles and take care of those knots and tight spots, the majority of runners vouch for it. Depending on your man’s running level, choose among a variety of options.

• Running watch

If your guy is fond of tracking his progress, perhaps getting him a running watch is something that you can consider. If you think that you would have to reach into deep pockets to get him this item, we assure you that it's unnecessary. There is a slew of models available in the market right now that can suit any budget.

Running watch

• Sponsor his next race

What better way to show support for your man’s interest than sponsoring his next race? What's even better is that you can get admission for both of you. That way, you can make it a bonding experience.

Sponsor his next race

• Running beanie

Want to keep your man cozy during those chilly winter runs or keep sweat off his face during his jogs? A running beanie ought to do the trick. Or, as we’d like to say, our comfy and multi-functional running beanie ought to do the trick. 

GearTOP Running beanie

Stocking Stuffer suggestions:

• Sports headband

Want to keep your man cozy during those chilly winter runs or keep sweat off his face during his jogs? A running beanie ought to do the trick. Or, as we’d like to say, our comfy and multi-functional running beanie ought to do the trick. 

GearTOP Sports headband

• Neck gaiter.

Another great option as a stocking stuffer is a lightweight and packable neck gaiter. While often overlooked, these versatile face masks can protect not just your man’s face but also his neck from sun and wind burns. The earloops keep it in place so it won’t fall off when he’s jogging.

What are the best gifts for a fisherman?

What are the best gifts for a fisherman

With the numerous methods of fishing, it can be a daunting task to pick out a present for your favorite angler. But not to worry. We have several items up our sleeves that anglers of every level and kind can appreciate. Without further ado, here’s our top ten list:

• Sun Hat

You can never have enough sun protection. That’s why we think that a high-performing sun hat is always a must for anyone who loves to spend most of their time outdoors. Check out our shop for sun hat options that have UPF 50+ sun protection- the highest level of protection that you can get from clothing. For instance, our Discoverer Series Sun hat delivers 360-degree sun protection with its removable neck flaps. It’s a boonie hat that we highly suggest for those fishing exploits of his.

GearTOP Discoverer Series Sun Hat

• A gift card to his favorite bait and tackle store.

If your man is a particularly picky angler, perhaps handing him a gift card to his favorite store would do good. Let him have the option to pick out what he can add to his arsenal of fishing gear.

• Fillet knife

Any reputable angler should have his very own trusty fillet knife. That’s why if he’s in dire need of one, perhaps this is the perfect time to get him one. He’ll be sure to enjoy cleaning and cutting his catch as much as he enjoys reeling them out of the water.

• Neck gaiter

An item that complements well with a sun hat, a neck gaiter will make sure that your man is getting all-around sun protection. As one of the areas that’s most exposed when he’s out fishing, you’d want his neck to receive ample protection, too. 

GearTOP Neck gaiter

• Mystery Tacklebox subscription

Perhaps extending the surprise by treating your man to a mystery tackle box subscription is another route to consider. Tons of subscriptions with great reviews (and that are worth the price) are available in the market right now.

Mystery Tacklebox subscription

• Fishing shirts

No different than getting your guy a shirt, you can consider getting him a fishing shirt this time. Designed for anglers, these shirts provide sun protection and deliver a lightweight and breathable feel for the wearer. 

• Cooler

Getting a great cooler that’s durable and can hold ice for days is an essential item for any exceptional fishing trip. That’s why if your guy doesn’t have one yet, he’ll surely be glad to get one from you.

• Fishing pliers

A must-have for any angler, a pair of fishing pliers is a tool that any fishing enthusiast can appreciate. Handy for almost any type of job in fishing, getting a good set is essential. There are tons of online guides and reviews that you can check out on how to choose the best pliers for your guy.

Fishing pliers

• Digital scale

Help your man keep an accurate valuation for his catch with a quality digital scale. You can choose among a vast array of options depending on what type of angler your guy is.

• Go on a fishing trip (date) together

What greater present is there than the gift of time? Spending quality time together will bring you much closer to your man than any tangible gift could manage. If you don’t know a single thing about fishing and want to read up on it though, our article on Beginner Fishing Tips should be an excellent place to start.

anglers going on a fishing trip together

What are the best gifts for a hiker?

What are the best gifts for a hiker

If your man loves to hike, you can get buried with the tons of gear options that are offered in the market right now. That makes it simpler, right? Eh, not exactly. The paradox of choice is a real thing. So, let us narrow down the list for you. Here are some of the hiking gear that we think the hiker in your life will find useful for his adventures.

• Balaclava

If your man tends to favor some chilly regions for his hikes, one of his first lines of defense against the bitter cold is a cozy and reliable balaclava. That’s why one should never compromise on this protective gear. If you think your guy needs a balaclava upgrade, we’re sure that GearTop’s versatile and non-restrictive Balaclava can fill the spot nicely.

skier wearing a balaclava

• Bandana Face Mask

Since the pandemic hit, the importance of face masks has soared. Wearing masks is just as important to wear in the streets as it is on the trails. Serving as protective gear from the elements, 

• Sun Hat

Boonie hats are a powerful way to avoid wrinkles and premature skin aging. That’s why we’ve designed premium sun hats that every outdoor person would be able to enjoy and take with them in their escapades. Give your hiker the gift of the highest level of sun protection with our Navigator Series hat with UPF 50+ sun protection.

GearTOP Navigator Series Sun Hat with UPF 50+

• Lightweight knife

A knife is a nifty tool to give your man if he’s a backcountry hiker. It not only lets your man split wood, but it’s also a useful tool to protect him from wild animals. Opt for a light model to avoid adding weight to your guy’s pack.

• Grippy Touch Screen Gloves

Make sure your man is well-insulated from the cold as well as blisters with a pair of grippy Touch Screen Gloves. GearTOP’s versatile gloves are designed to deliver a secure grip, especially for those hiking poles. They’re also perfectly fine being worn when using Touch Screen devices with their Touch Screen-friendly tips.

GearTOP Grippy Touch Screen Gloves

• Headlamp

Much more practical than a torch, getting your guy a headlamp will leave his hands free for a wider range of motions during a night trek. It allows him to crawl, climb, and handle other tools when necessary. With the advent of technology, a ton of lightweight yet powerful headlamps are on offer.

• Sleeping pad

Make sure that your guy gets a good night’s rest when he’s out on a hike. Choose from a variety of options that tick weight, insulation, and comfort according to what type of hike your man usually embarks in.

• Tough socks

Although you might not think much about hiking socks, a good pair is your guy’s gatekeeper in having a comfortable and blister-free hike. That’s why any hiker must put on a good set that delivers a great fit. Make sure your guy is as comfy as he can be with high-quality hiking socks.

Tough socks for hiking

• Solar Charger

Spending time in nature requires giving up some modern comforts like electricity for a while. However, there are gadgets that you can't just live without, especially for a lengthy backpacking trip. We're sure that your man can appreciate the convenience of a solar charger if he’s always on the trail.

Solar Charger

• Cool black skull cap

A good way to keep your man snug and warm during a chilly hike is a skull cap. Although, you can have the option to choose among a variety of multi-functional models. 

What are the best gifts for a gardener?

What are the best gifts for a gardener

While most gardening tools are marketed towards women, we’ve made sure to ease your troubles if you're looking for the perfect gardening present for your man. We’ve scoured the internet to give you a hand in finding some useful gifts that your plant-loving guy will be excited to add to his armory of gardening tools.

• Heirloom seeds

Different from the GMO seeds that you find in the supermarket, heirloom seeds have been passed from one generation to another. Not just bringing with them a sense of heritage, they’re also said to yield better-tasting crops. We’re sure that your guy would be ecstatic to plant these in his garden.

• Gloves

We’d wager that any avid gardener wears out their gloves pretty fast. So, buying him a new pair or two (or several!) will be a welcome addition to his collection of gardening apparel. Getting him a pair that delivers a snug fit without being restrictive is something that you should keep in mind.

Gardening Gloves

• Sun hat

As nice as it is to see your man happily tending to his garden, the scene is only perfect when he’s wearing adequate sun protection. That’s why we think gifting him a gardening hat that provides optimal protection from UVA and UVB rays is essential - and we have just the one that’ll fit the bill nicely. Our Explorer Series Sun Hat with a removable mosquito net delivers not only sun protection, but also shields from bugs and wind. Our Wanderer Series sun hat is just as good an option to consider if he’s not a fan of nets. 

You can also check out our article on gardening hats and sun protection to help you choose the best gardening hat for your man.

GearTOP Explorer Series Sun hat

• A gift card to his favorite gardening supply store

Who better knows what he needs best for his plot than your guy himself? That’s why an option for you is to give him a gift card to his go-to gardening supply store and let him pick out the items that he needs to grow his plant babies.

• Book on gardening

If your man is new to the world of gardening, he'd appreciate a gardening book that covers the basics. Or, perhaps, if he’s looking to explore new types of gardening, you can get him a title that talks about a subject that’s new to him.

man reading a book on gardening

• Garden fork

An essential tool for any gardener to have, the right garden fork for the right gardening task makes all the difference when it comes to efficiency. So, if you see that your man could use a good garden fork or two, you can treat him to some.Garden fork

• Kneeling pads

While gardening is a fun activity for those who love it, it can take its toll, too. Aside from skin damage, your guy can also experience muscle soreness in his knees and back from a long day of gardening. This is where a kneeling pad comes in handy.

• Hand clippers

Another essential item for amateurs and professional gardeners alike, high-quality gardening shears should always be present in any collection of gardening tools. We couldn’t stress enough the importance of a quality pair that’s sharp, comfortable, and durable. These are all essential for plant health as it allows for a clean cut that lets the plant heal quickly. We suggest going for a pair of Felcos. Dubbed as the industry standard for pruning shears, your man would be delighted to add it to his collection.

Hand clippers

• Indoor seed starting rack

There are countless articles online on how to create your seed starting rack. So, if you have the time, perhaps creating one for him is one that you can go for. Having a seedling rack has tons of benefits for your guy including being able to harvest his crops earlier.

Indoor seed starting rack

• Gardening course

If your guy is a newbie in gardening, perhaps a gardening course is something that you can consider for him. You can choose from a multitude of resources that are available online. Topics range from beginner-friendly guides to more specific subjects like how to grow healthy vegetables to indoor gardening.

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