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2021 Christmas Gift Guide for the Adventurers in your Life

2021 Christmas Gift Guide for the Adventurers in your Life

The holidays are almost here!  

Unfortunately, Christmas shopping can be a bother. It's difficult to know what presents your friends and family might like without knowing them too well. If you have an adventurer in mind as a Christmas gift recipient, then this Christmas gift guide is the one for you!

Adventurers are known for being bold and brave. They're not afraid of obscurity or difficulty; they accept both with open arms and take on each task head-on. Adventurers make things happen and change the world -- even if it's to help others do the same thing! 

Here we'll explore some Christmas gifts that will make your adventurer happy instead of overwhelmed. The items we've chosen here will excite even the most experienced adventurers because there's something for everyone here: from the all-season adventurer to the Christmas fanatic.


A balaclava is a versatile piece of equipment that allows hikers more freedom when they're out exploring. People can wear it in place of a hat, scarf, or helmet depending on what's most comfortable. 

There are numerous balaclava constructions available in the market today. Depending on what your friend or loved one is into, you can choose which design best fits his/ her interests. 

If you think your loved one deserves a great balaclava, let us point you in the right direction! Choose from GearTOP’s balaclava options of the sweat-wickingRacer Balaclava and the hood-likeRider Balaclava!Both are versatile and wearable and many ways!


Water Filter Straws

Everyone who loves spending time outdoors should have a water filter. The Christmas gift of clean drinking water is not only an essential that every camper needs, but also it's something that everyone can benefit from. 

No matter if you're camping or hiking across the country, having access to clean drinking water is important for everyone. Filters help get rid of harmful chemicals and bacteria so you can enjoy clean drinking water on your adventure.

Water Filter Straw

Sun Hat

A sun hat is a perfect gift for hikers because they protect the face, neck, and ears against harmful UV rays. They are designed to provide shade while at the same time keeping the wearer cool by allowing heat to escape through the headband channel. 

Sun hats are available in many colors and styles so you can choose what you think your outdoorsy person will look best in during their next hike! 

Notably, there are different types and styles of sun hats that you can choose from. If you find that having too many options is confusing, you can check outour guide on how to pick the best sun hat

If you want to get your loved one a premium yet affordable sun hat, you can check out the GearTOP collection. Choose from wide brim options - from the brand’s best-sellingNavigator Series Fishing Hat with UPF 50+ Sun Protection, the versatileWanderer Series Hat, andFloater Series Hat models. 

If your buddy is more into longer and intense adventures that immerse them in nature, you can get them sun hat models that protect not just from the sun but also the elements including bugs. 

Keep your friends from itchy insect bites during their expeditions with theExplorer Series Sun Hat with Mosquito Net! Or, if they’re fans of especially arid hikes or expeditions, they might want to bring theDiscoverer Series Sun Hatwith removable flaps for full-face protection, 

Visit the GT Kids Collection

Sun Hat

Face Mask

A face mask is a great Christmas gift idea for people who go camping or hiking up in the mountains where it tends to be chilly at night. This thoughtful gift will help keep your loved ones' faces and necks warm so they can stay and enjoy themselves outside without having to worry about being cold. 

Face masks come in many different types: merino wool, silk, fleece, etc., so you can choose which one will work best for the person on your Christmas list this year. 

If you’re still unsure where to look, might we suggest starting with GearTOP’sFace Mask with Earloopsto stay with its wearer no matter how rigorous the adventure!

face mask

Solar Charger

Someone who enjoys the outdoors would also love a good solar charger. This Christmas gift helps provide portable power to electronic devices that have a USB port. 

It comes in many different sizes and can be used on phones, tablets, speakers, or any other device that has a USB port. No matter what adventure your loved one is on, having extra power with them can be helpful so they never get caught without power when they need it most.

Solar Charger

Sun Visor

For casual adventurers who still want to look cute while staying protected theJasmine Series Sun Visor is perfect! This highly protective yet chic headwear allows for wide coverage while allowing for a wide variety of hairstyles - whether it’s a messy bun, a sporty ponytail, or even when wearing your hair down - this versatile visor has your back.

Sun Visor

Skull Cap

A beanie is a great  Christmas gift for outdoor enthusiasts. No matter if the gift recipient loves camping, hiking, or skiing, they can always use another beanie to keep their head warm during colder weather.

This excellent gift option is available in many different styles and colors. You can choose which one will work best for the person on your Christmas list this year!
If you’re thinking of gifting your buddies a high-quality skull cap, GearTOP is where it’s at! Choose fromGT’s collection of versatile, sweat-wicking skull caps that are great for any adventure for any season!

Skull Cap

Collapsible Water Bottle

For those who enjoy hiking, this collapsible water bottle can be thrown in a backpack so people don't have to carry large bottles of water with them on long hikes. There are different sizes and shapes available for you to choose from.

Collapsible Water Bottle


If you're looking for a stocking stuffer this Christmas, the sweatband is perfect! These sports bands come in many different colors and styles so you can choose which one will work best for the person on your list this year. 

A sweat-wicking band helps keep sweat out of their eyes and is small enough that they can fit into a stocking! Or, you can simply add this to another gift to make it bigger! If you want to gift your loved one a sweatband for their active lifestyle, click the link below!

Sweat Band


Perfect Christmas Gift for hikers and people who love spending time in nature! Carrying all their things around can be very frustrating so why not get them this little backpack so they can stop worrying about where to put all their stuff? 

A word of advice: opt for a  pack that has many compartments and pockets. It will be quite handy to have available pockets for the numerous gear that you’ll need for adventures!



If there is one thing every outdoorsy person needs it's a good light source. Whether they are going hiking or biking through the mountains or just trying to find their way around their own home without bumping into things at night, a flashlight would make an excellent Christmas present.




This knife is great for adventurers - whether they love hiking, biking, or camping. The stainless steel construction ensures its durability while the rubberized grip makes it easy to handle. A built-in safety lock keeps fingers safe while carrying around or when it's stored away.


Touchscreen Gloves

A pair of touchscreen gloves are also great for the hikers in your life. With winter approaching, they are perfect outdoor accessories because they allow the wearer to use touchscreens without taking off their gloves. They are waterproof and made with durable materials so they will keep warm while being used outside in cold weather. 

If there’s one thing we know about great gloves, they should be sweat-wicking and should be able to keep up with your modern, yet active lifestyle! What’s more, make sure that your loved ones stay visible even in low-light with reflective gloves - perfect in helping your loved ones stay safe especially if they love to run in the evenings or in the wee hours of the morning! 

 If you want to know where to find these gloves, click the link below!

Touchscreen Gloves


For the hiker who likes to capture their journey, this camera is perfect!  It's lightweight and weather-resistant so it can handle any type of adventure that comes its way. It even has a touchscreen on the back so people can easily shoot, review and upload photos to social media sites.


Camping Chair

Another Christmas gift idea for outdoorsy people is a folding camp chair. This chair is compact so it can easily fit inside of a backpack or other camping bag, but when it is unfolded it provides maximum comfort no matter where you sit down to rest your tired feet. 

It has a lightweight design and includes a carrying pouch. The Christmas gift also doubles as a seat cushion while fishing or watching sporting events around campfires at night.

Camping Chair

Camping Hammock

Another Christmas gift idea for the adventurers in your life might be a hammock so that they can relax and watch the world go by. Your outdoorsmen/women will appreciate a Christmas gift that reminds them of their next trip outside!

joint irritation

GPS Watch

GPS watch that records the speed and location of the person wearing it. This Christmas gift is perfect for those who love running or cycling in high altitudes or through rough terrains. It will allow them to keep track of their progress with this gadget!


Camping Hammock

Sleeping Bag

Instead of buying an expensive Christmas gift that your friend or family member will just return, getting them something they'll use and appreciate every day is the perfect Christmas gift. 

Whether you're spending Christmas in a cold cabin up in Northern Minnesota or stargazing under the desert sky at Joshua Tree National Park, a good sleeping bag is always what you need by your side to make memories and keep warm all night long.

sleeping bag

Outdoor Adventure Gift Card

Another Christmas gift idea that you should consider this year is an outdoor adventure gift card. This Christmas gift idea allows your friend or relative to pick exactly what they want and enjoy it as much as they want without having to worry about how much it costs. 

This type of Christmas present can be very practical, versatile, and runs the risk of seeming like you didn't put any thought into the Christmas gift whatsoever! Although everyone likes different things, an outdoor adventure gift card can usually get a good idea of what the receiver enjoys and pick out a Christmas present they will love.

Gift Card

Emergency Kit

As any outdoorsy person knows, having an emergency kit is never a bad thing to have when you're out exploring nature. The Christmas gift of safety comes with bandages, antiseptic wipes, pain relievers for headaches and muscle aches. 

They’ll also have butterfly stitches, tweezers, tissues, hand warmers, a sewing kit, safety pins, a whistle, and even an emergency blanket. Opt for a small enough that pack that your outdoorsy buds can fit it into pockets or easily attach it to her backpack.

Emergency Kit

*Bonus Ideas*

Gifts for kids (and the whole family)
We know that we already mentioned this gift idea before but if you’re looking for great gift ideas for kids (and even the whole family), sun hats should be at the top of your list!

Sun hats are great gifts for kids especially if they love to spend time outside. These lil’ budding adventurers need as much sun protection as their grown-up counterparts. That’s why GearTOP made sure to cover for the whole family!

GearTOP’s collection of sun hats come with adult and kids’ versions to not only protect the whole family but also look cute in the process! Make sure to nail those family pictures as mom, dad, and the kids sport matching sun hats for the outdoors.

You can check the whole collection in the GearTOP shop by clicking the link below!

Bonus Ides


Thanks again for reading! We hope our Christmas gift guide helped you decide on some new gifts so your family members or friends will have more fun and memorable adventures. We hope that they get to enjoy the outdoors more with the new gadgets that they are to have for the coming year. 

Happy hunting - if that's your style of adventure!

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