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Driving Gloves - Why should you wear gloves while driving?

  • 7 min read

Driving Gloves - Why should you wear gloves while driving?

Did you ever wonder why the storage compartment on your dashboard in your car is called a “glove compartment?” Because back in the day everyone wore driving gloves, goggles, and yes, you guessed it,hats - to protect them from the sun and rain.

Thanks to modern design and technology, we don’t have to worry about the harsh elements of nature when roofs, windshields, air conditioning, and power steering were not yet of wide use!

So the real question is, with the modern cars of the 20th century, is there a need for driving gloves? Definitely! You don’t have to be a rally driver or a race car driver to need a pair. Let’s dive into the benefits of wearing gloves whilst driving.

• Grip

The control you have over your steering wheel is vital for your driving. Originally, driving gloves were made to provide drivers with the best grip possible. Driving gloves can improve performance and make the driving experience safer and more enjoyable. A pair of driving gloves can help a driver avoid unnecessary accidents on the road, mainly due to the slippery steering wheel.

GearTOP Gloves

You might see driving gloves more common among race car drivers. Gloves allow racers to have better control over their steering wheel, especially important when racing at 200+ miles per hour. A little slip of their hand will send them off course and towards a disaster

Driving gloves provide more precise steering and better control to promote safer events.

While we may not all be race car drivers, there are moments in our everyday lives when we need to act quick. If you frequently drive on the highway, you will come to thank and enjoy the extra tack that will keep your hands glued to the wheel, especially when you are about to enter or exit interstate on-ramps or when driving during adverse weather conditions.

Additionally, for beginner drivers, if you are still getting the hang of driving, a pair of driving gloves will be helpful because of the added grip. Being able to have a full grip on the wheel will also make you more secure and you are guaranteed to feel more comfortable when you are on the road.

OurGearTop gloves feature silicon grip circles on the palms that allow for a firmer and more secure grip. Aside from driving, they can be used for hiking, driving, golfing, and other activities. You also don’t have to worry about them slipping off due to their Velcro straps around the wrists.

• Comfort

You may know how challenging it is to drive in cold temperatures. This is where driving gloves come in handy—not only can they improve your safety on the road, the gloves will also keep your hands warm. Therefore, this can prevent you from touching the cold parts of your car’s interior with your bare hands. This is extremely useful if you live in a country where temperatures go below 0! Nobody likes going into a cold car!

Man wearing driving gloves

Gloves will act as an insulator that will seal your body’s natural warmth. A lot of people would choose to wear winter gloves to keep their hands warm behind the wheel; however, they can be bulky and do not have the right gripping ability, which will not be helpful at all when driving.

OurTouch Screen Running Gloves guarantee comfort as they will keep you warm and cozy through their non-restrictive fit. Moreover,all our gloves are made from breathable material that is quick-drying as well.

You can also add more reflectivity by choosing theTouch Screen Reflective Running Gloves. This pair of gloves is lightweight, thanks to its stretch fabric that allows for comfortable movement. Both of these gloves also have a fleece-like lining that will keep the hands warm and dry, while the long ribbed cuff covers will make your wrists and joints warmer in cold weather.

On the other hand, are driving gloves needed in the summer?

When it comes to heat, gloves can prevent the hands from transferring moisture to the steering wheel as you sweat. Keep in mind, moisture can affect your grip on the wheel. In more severe cases, moisture could also cause blisters. All of this discomfort can be avoided by simply wearing gloves!

• Ventilation

If you live in warmer climates, the ventilation holes in traditional driving gloves will keep your hands cool and dry. Moreover, they can help prevent hand perspiration on the steering wheel that will improve your safety when on the road.

GearTOP gloves breathable material for ventilation

Get a pair of gloves that are made of breathable fabrics that are sweat wicking as well to prevent moisture and sweat buildup.Our gloves don’t have holes, but rest assured, they are made from breathable material, which means you can get the comfort that you want.

• Cleanliness

Steering wheels are one of the most handled objects inside a vehicle. This means that a steering wheel can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. To reduce bacteria and germs, a pair of driving gloves can keep the steering wheel cleaner (and your hands, too!) This is very important, especially during a pandemic. It is also a good idea to wear a pair or driving gloves if you are renting a car, or if you share a car with others (even if it's with your partner or family).

 germs and bacteria

• Preserve Your Steering Wheel

Your steering wheel, just like the other parts of your vehicle, should be protected and well-taken care of. A dirty and worn out steering wheel is a tremendous eyesore, that can be easily avoided. Your car is one of the most significant investments you make throughout your life, you should take care of it as such.

A steering wheel is worth protecting, and with a pair of driving gloves, you can prevent sweat from getting into the steering wheel that could cause discolouration or promote bacteria.

Preserve Your Steering Wheel

Avoid Blistering And Hand Fatigue

If you are always on the road, driving for long hours, you are probably familiar with hand fatigue. This is also why most truck drivers wear driving gloves because having hands on the wheel for hours at a time can tire the hands out. Truck drivers also report blisters may form if the gloves are not worn.

Hand gloves also prevent the abrasion of the gripping wheel. So, if you spend most of your days on the road, driving for hours, or if you are going on your first ever road trip that will have you driving for hours, a pair of driving gloves will definitely come in handy.


• Looking Awesome

If you want to achieve a classy and sophisticated look while you are on the road, then a pair of driving gloves will do the trick. With so many styles to choose from, you will likely find a pair that will allow you to express your style and look cool at the same time.

Looking Awesome

Key Features


Driving gloves could either come with or without lining. If you need a pair for the cold season, you will come across different lining materials, such as:

  • Polyester
  • Wool
  • Cashmere

Each material offers varying levels of comfort and warmth. On the other hand, if you live in an area where you experience warmer climates, you can choose a pair of driving gloves with no lining to keep your hands cool and comfortable.


Man looking cool and sophisticated while wearing GearTOP driving gloves

When it comes to the design of your driving gloves, it really comes down to your personal preference. However, it is natural that you want to look cool and sophisticated while wearing them, which is why a leather design is highly popular. You can also go for polyester.

Some of the most popular designs are:

  • Fingerless: Usually made of leather, that covers the hand from the wist all the way to the knuckles. Motorcyclists often use them, but you can also use it for driving. The reason the design is popular is also due to the convenience it brings; it allows users to use their mobile phone without the need to remove the gloves. Moreover, the gloves protect the palms of the hands. Ourtouch screen gloves are perfect for this as they will provide you with comfort and the ability to use your touch screen devices without the need to take off the gloves!
  • Cold-weather: Similar to winter gloves, they will cover your entire hand. Cold-weather driving gloves are made of leather and are available in various colours. They are great for winter because of their lining, which were mentioned above.
  • Traditional: This type of driving gloves is made of leather, but they do not come with lining.

Touchscreen Compatibility

GearTOP Driving Gloves with Touchscreen Compatibility

We all know that almost everyone has a touchscreen smartphone that they need to use while on the road (but definitely not while driving!). Aside from smartphones, most newer vehicle features are touchscreen as well, such as GPS navigation, radio, etc. You do not want to remove your driving gloves to access these parts in your vehicle.

With that, there aredriving gloves (most of them!) that have touchscreen compatibility. As mentioned, we havetwo different types of gloves you can choose from. That is why it is best you ensure that the gloves you are buying have this feature.

Other Considerations

leather gloves

For the color, you can find most leather gloves come in black and brown shades. Some have a wide range of stitching colors you can choose from. When it comes to the size ,some brands offer ten different glove sizes, while others only have one. You must get a pair of driving gloves that will fit your hands right. Consider the wrist straps, make sure you consider elasticity or measurements.


At the end of the day, it all boils down to personal preference; how you value safety and above all, prevention.

Here at GearTOP, PREVENTION IS KEY. We have innovative products that are versatile and designed for daily use with comfort and style in mind—protecting you from what nature has to offer.

Our driving gloves would take your daily driving experience to a whole new level, and you can guarantee you will be comfortable and stylish while you are at it. Be a more responsible driver on the road, avoid unnecessary accidents, and wear a pair of high-quality driving gloves.

If you enjoy the outdoors as much as we do and believe PREVENTION IS KEY, come and join our community —get special discounts and the latest updates.




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