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25 Best gifts for snowboarders

  • 5 min read

Gifts for snowboarders

More than boards and boots, there are other gifts you can give to snowboarders that are hella crispy! Whether you’re gifting it to a pro or as a gift for an upcoming holiday trip, you’ll find something they’ll surely love.


Even the smallest things make a huge difference for a snowboarding enthusiast. These accessories will make their adventure hassle-free and more enjoyable.

1. Touchscreen Gloves

Hate it when you have to take your gloves off just so you can use your phone or navigate your smartwatch? Ugh. Us too. 

More than keeping your hands warm, touchscreen gloves make your snowboarding experience seamless and easy. Like GearTOP’s Gloves, we recommend your gloves to have a one-touch fabric on the index and thumb tips, materials that gives you a strong secure grip and reflective low-light visibility feature.

2. Boot Bags

Packing for your snowboarding trip is a such huge pain. Bringing all those chunky and expensive gear is a nightmare when you don’t have the right bag for them. Check out boot bags that have padding to protect your gear, compartments for your helmet, gloves, and goggles, and also materials that will help keep your gear dry.

3. Balaclava

To protect your head from low temperatures and wind burns, check out balaclavas which have a four-way stretch material with great thermal insulation to keep you snug and warm during the winter season. This GearTOP Balaclava is also a perfect helmet liner while you hit the slopes.

4. Gear Clips

If the lucky gift receiver is the type that usually loses a lot of things while snowboarding, an easy fix for that is to attach it to his jacket. Instead of randomly placing his gloves everywhere in the resort, give him gear clips.

5. Snow Socks

Following an age-old tradition of gift-giving, socks have been a staple for the Christmas holiday. Make it snowboarder-friendly by giving them a pair or two from the various brands that specialize in snow gear. 

6. Hydration Bottles or Packs

Every snowboarder knows how important being hydrated is during their cruise down the piste. Make sure to opt for snowpacks designed for the slopes! 

7. Warm Base layers

Snowboarders can never own too many warm base layers. Keep them warm and cozy by gifting them a base layer that they will surely adore.

8. Skin Care

All that wind and low temperature are not gonna be good for the skin. Windburns and chapped lips, oh the cost of loving the sport. Be the friend that cares by gifting some skin care products to keep their skin looking fresh and hydrated. Reminding your friend to lather on sunscreen is a must even on the icy slopes!

9. Universal Power Adapters

When you’re traveling outside of the country, you can’t be too prepared. More than just a perfect gift for snowboarders so they can easily plug in and charge their devices no matter where they go, universal plug adapters are always a good idea. 

10. Hand Warmers

As a good friend, you should always be ready to lend your friend a hand…warmer. With a good pair of high-quality hand warmers, keep them warm and cozy after the day’s valley run.  

11. Phone Case

Our smartphones have become an extension of our extremities and most of us, like keeping them close to our bodies. If you know the phone model of your giftee, look for Kevlar or thermal phone cases.

Equipment Accessories

Once you get hooked on snowboarding, there’s no going back. These gift ideas would make your gift the ultimate stand out. 

12. Snowboard bag

Every snowboarder needs a snowboard bag. Keep it neutral with a snowboard bag in black.

13. Tuning Kit

Not all snowboarding enthusiasts can afford to buy a new board for every trip. They would most likely prefer spending the extra cash on extending their stay rather than buying a board. Being that you’ve got their back, keep them in tune with the sport with a tuning kit to keep their boards looking fresh!

14. Boot and Glove Dryers

Snow is cool and all… until it melts. Instead of using blow dryers that don’t take away the smell, choose a brand that does.

15. Snowboard Stomp Pads

Best for beginners, stomp pads can give them a good grip, especially when getting on and off a lift. There are a lot of types of stomps available - metal or rubber, may it be pads or individual studs. If you’re looking for a rubber stomp pad, look no further. 

16. Snowboard Wax

When you give a snowboarder anything for the maintenance of his gear, you’ll probably be his or her favorite person for at least a year. Snowboard wax is every snowboarder’s must-have. 

Smelly snow boots are such a bummer. Thanks to you and your great sense of gifting, you got that covered. 

17. Boot Deodorizers

Smelly snow boots are such a bummer. Thanks to you and your great sense of gifting, you got that covered. 

18. Snowboard Lock

One of the many things that we know we need but keep forgetting to buy - locks. Even snowboarders who take good care of their boards forget to buy something as important and basic as locks.


With all the available tech out there, some gadgets are specifically made for snowboarding and skiing. Let us break them down for you.

19. Tracking Device

It’s quite impossible not to lose something when you’re out and about enjoying the snow. Enjoy your vacation or snowboarding session minus the constant 1,567 snow-jacket pocket inspection with tracking accessories you can put with your keys and wallets. 

20. Smartwatch

If your loved one likes tracking their progress or simply wants to know if they’re still within their limitations, smartwatches can be a good gift for them. To pick the right one, check and compare the durability, water resistance, battery life, and features that your snowboarder friend or loved one would use. 

21. Action Camera

Capture every slip and tumble with an action camera. Whether mounted on your helmet or your chest, your giftee will always remember you every time they use and watch it. 

22. Satellite Messengers

For those who like taking the slope less traveled, we’ve got the perfect gift for them! Never go off the grid with these communicators and keep in touch while in the backcountry. You can’t only rely on your phones especially when there’s no cell service. 

23. Headphones

Sometimes, the high-end headphones that dig in when worn inside your helmet just don’t cut it when you just want some feel-good music while you’re cruisin’ down a trail. Choose a pair that are made to fit inside your helmet. Plus, aside from being water, sweat, and cold resistance, it goes without saying that they should also have premium sound quality.

24. Portable Chargers

For those who like to travel, I bet at least once they’ve wished they had a portable charger with them. Make their wish come true by giving them good quality portable chargers that are compact, can hold a lot of juice, and are waterproof.


25. Snowboarding or Ski Books

Gifting books are always a good idea. It’s well thought out and sentimental. Snowboarding enthusiasts would love to know more about the sport and what it entails. Some would love to know where else can they test the slopes. 


Don’t leave your snowboarding friend or loved one out in the cold. Give them something they’ll actually love and use with any of the gifts we listed.

Not sure what to give yet? Check out our Snowboarding gift items at theGearTOP Amazon shop to get the best deals and discounts! 

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