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25 Best gifts for runners for the holidays

  • 4 min read

25 Best gifts for runners for the holidays

It’s that time of the year again. We’re about to run around in circles finding the perfect gift for our friends and families. For those who are particularly inclined in the field of running, we’ve got the perfect list that would surely get you off to a good running start!

Here are 25 gifts for runners that you can give for the holidays

1. Running armband

There’s a pretty good reason why runners prefer being hands-free during their run- it messes with their form and pace. Be this holiday’s favorite friend by giving them a running armband that conveniently holds their phone. 

2. Water bottle

When you’re out and about going for a run in any type of weather, hydration is key. Especially during long runs, it’s recommended to drink 4oz every 15 minutes. 

3. Running Mask

During cold winter runs, your face tends to get the most attention from the cold wind resulting in windburns. Ouch! We recommend getting a mask with a four-way stretch that gives you protection from snow, wind, dust, cold, and UV rays like GearTOP’s Balaclava

4. Fitness Watch

Watches have gone a long way from just telling time. Most smartwatches now can track your steps, your heartbeat, and many more. But not all smartwatches are created equal. 

5. Headlamp

Let us light the way for your gift-giving woes. Headlamps are good gifts for runners, especially for those who like running at night.

6. Kinesiology tape

For hardcore runners who like to push themselves to the limit, Tape Geeks kinesiology tapes can help reduce injury and improve blood and fluids circulation.

7. Socks

Apart from great quality shoes, runners need performance socks, too. Whether it be to prevent blisters or compression socks.

8. Earbuds

Workout-proof headsets keep every runner’s trail more entertaining and good music can either pump up your pace or calm it down if needed.

9. Foam Rollers

Self-massage tools are a good way to show how much you care. From boosting muscle flexibility to reducing stiffness, foam rollers are now becoming a must-have for runners. 

10. Anti-Chafe Balm

An anti-chafe balm is a sure winner for your friend or colleague who loves to run. They’ll always remember you for introducing them to a good natural anti-chafe balm.

11. Running belt

Fanny packs are getting a makeover! For runners who like keeping things with them at all times, this is the best choice for them. 

all times, this is the best choice for them. 

12. Massage Gift Card

Everybody needs some TLC especially when you just finished the 10k marathon you’ve been training for. Massage gift cards are going to be a sure favorite at your holiday party. Look for a good spa that offers Swedish massage therapies in your area.

13. Massage Gun

For a gift that keeps on giving, massage guns are the answer to every runner’s prayer. It helps with pre-run warm-ups and post-run recovery. Every time they use their massage gun, they’ll always remember you as the best gift-giver!

14. Polarized Sunglasses

For a polarizing gift, a pair of polarized sunglasses might be your winning choice. It's a plus if it has an interchangeable lens feature. From multi-laser color options or smoke black lenses, it’s like giving four gifts at once!

15. Hands-free Dog Leash

If your friend or colleague is a dog lover, we’ve got the perfect gift! Oh, a Hands-Free Dog Leash brings us so much joy and I bet you’ll get twice the love for this gift - both from the pet owner and the pup!

16. Running jacket

Block wind, repel water, and keep you warm and reflective - this is your checklist for spotting a good running jacket to buy as a gift. 

17. Shoe Insoles

To help prevent pain from common running injuries, running insoles give support to all arch types and reduce shock by 40%. 

18. Electrolyte tablets

Sometimes, good ole’ water isn’t enough to maintain the balance between fluids inside and outside your cells. Adding electrolytes to your diet when you go for a run is a must to keep your body going. The best source is coconut water but it’s not always available. Nuun Sport Hydration Tablets are a good all-arounder option for runners and athletes in general.

19. Reflective Gloves

If reflective jackets are too expensive to give as a gift, you can start with reflective gloves. The ones we love are GearTOP’s Touchscreen Running Gloves with its one-touch fabric on the index and thumb tips.

20. Magazine Subscription

Runners like learning and updating themselves with new trends and tips to perform better. Whether it’s a digital subscription or a hybrid subscription, access to a magazine subscription for runners will be a surefire way to help them push beyond their personal best.

21. Stretching Strap

Stretching straps can help elevate the boring stretches during warm-ups and cool-downs. 

22. Running Stroller

Moms run, too! It helps lose the baby weight and is good for the child to be part of their mom’s morning run. Having a running stroller will help you take care of yourself and your child at the same time!

23. Ice packs

Post-run pains can be a bummer. For your on-the-go friends, a cold pack may be a welcome gift.  

24. Running Shirt

To keep them up and running, a good shirt that would make them look forward to starting their run will push you to the top of the “Favorite Friend Of All Time” list. 

25. Recovery Sandals

After a long day, everyone just wants to slip into something comfortable to help reduce the stress on their feet, joints and back. Runners love this especially when they’re recovering from a rigorous training day.


These gift ideas would kickstart a runner’s endorphins and make their hearts pumping for joy. For more gift ideas, check our GearTOP Gift Guide

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