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GearTOP Balaclava are now available on Amazon!

  • 2 min read

GearTOP Balaclava are now available on Amazon!

Receive full-face 360-degree protection when you wear GearTOP’s premium balaclavas! Depending on your preference, choose from different constructions - whether you’re looking for a form-fitting fit or a looser and more cozy design.

Being one-size-fits-all, men and women can enjoy wearing these versatile balaclavas. Wearable in many ways, sport these headwear as a ski mask, open mask, hood, and even as a neck gaiter!

GearTOP Racer Balaclava

Racer Balaclava.  Protect yourself from dust, dirt, and wind when you wear the GearTOP Racer Balaclava! Lightweight with a comfortable brings a great fit even when you’re wearing it under your helmet. 

Just as it’s able to keep you warm during the cold season, this balaclava is just as good in protecting you from the sun! Take this versatile headwear with you - whether you’re spending time out in the cold or exploring some new trail on your bike.



GearTOP Rider Balaclava

Rider Balaclava. Keep yourself cozy and protect your face from the cold when you wear GearTOP’s Rider Balaclava! With a dual face mask, keep condensation at bay and stay dry even as you rip it out at the slopes. 

And while you’re at it, keep your valuables with you the whole time when you put your cash and cards in the hidden pocket. AND, the surprise doesn’t end there! The hidden pocket holds a complimentary bag to keep your hands free while providing some extra space for your gear.


You can also visit our Amazon store to check out some of our other products! Get acquainted with some of the most high-quality yet affordable sun and wind products to keep you safe on your adventures.

Choose GearTOP Amazon store today to get the best deals!

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