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Father's day gift guide: 36 Gift ideas to make your dad feel special

  • 10 min read

father's day gift guide to make you dad feel special

Father's day is a holiday that falls on the third Sunday of June every year. It is a special day to celebrate all fathers by highlighting their sacrifices and achievements. 

Are you looking for the perfect gift for father’s day? 

In this article, we’ll show you some gift ideas that you can get your dad depending on what he loves to do in his spare time. 

Table of Contents 

  • What outdoor accessories are the best gifts for fathers?
  • What are the best sports-related best gifts for fathers?
  • What are the best gadget gift ideas for fathers?
  • What are the best fashionable gifts for fathers?
  • Conclusion

What outdoor accessories are the best gifts for fathers?

For outdoorsy fathers, go for outdoor equipment like binoculars, GPS devices, backpacks, hiking gear, and other camping essentials. These father's day gift ideas are not only functional but also fun! They will fuel the adventurous spirit of every dad who uses them.

Best Gift Ideas for Dads Who Love to Hike

GearTOP sun hats for fishing - Navigator Series with UPF 50+ sun protection

1. Wanderer Series

Make sure that your dad has the sun protection he needs as he goes off into his nature hikes with the Wanderer Series Hat! This breathable wide-brimmed hat effectively shades the face from harmful UV rays while still staying cool and fresh.

2. Collapsible Water Bottle

While it's tempting to give your hiker dad a hardy, all-steel water bottle. But, it’ll be more of a burden (pun intended) than a useful, practical item. Just think about it, it’ll be another weight to carry on a 10 to 15-mile hike. If you’re thinking of gifting your dad a water container for father’s day, opt for acollapsible water bottle. They save storage space and bulk when not being used, and are extremely lightweight.

3. Floater Series

Featuring a wide brim GearTop’s Floater Series Hat, have the ultimate outdoor sun protection while staying comfortable. With a pair of breathable mesh panels on each side, it’s designed to keep the heat cool and refreshed. Adjustable and waterproof, your dad will want for nothing when sporting this bucket hat.

4. Backpack

Every hike needs a reliable backpack to store every one of your dad’s hiking essentials. Depending on the length of your Dad’s hikes, you can select how big the backpack will be. 

5. Multi-tool

You’ll never know what tool you’ll need when hiking. This is why having a reliable multi-tool is a must-have in every hiker’s backpack. Ensure that your dad has all the tools he needs as he immerses himself in nature. There are tons of multi-tool options that offer a wide range of functions. 

Best Gifts for Dads Who Love to Go Fishing

GearTOP Sun Hats

6. Navigator Series

If you’re concerned that your dad isn’t getting enough sun protection for his fishing trips, then the Navigator Series Fishing Hat with UPF 50+ sun protection should solve your dilemma. Get the highest level of sun protection as you spend time outdoors when your dad wears this breathable, lightweight, and versatile sun hat! Aside from fishing, it’s also perfect for hiking, gardening, spending time at the beach, or any other outdoor activity!

7. Discoverer Series

If you feel like your dad can use another layer of sun protection for his trips, the Discoverer Series’ 360-degree protection has his back! Ensure that he stays fully protected as he steps into every adventure with this high-coverage sun hat, With removable flaps, protect not just the face but also your neck and ears from harmful UV rays. 

8. Fishing rod

To choose the best fishing rod for your favorite angler, you’d have to know what type of angler your dad is. Some of the factors to consider when choosing the right would be the length, the type of material it's made of, its action, and power. For this father’s day gift idea, you might have to do some sleuthing around to know the type of angler your dad is to surprise him.

9. Discoverer Air

If you feel like your dad is not a fan of flaps, the Discoverer Air brings just as much protection from harmful UV rays for the face, neck, and ears. Featuring a wide brim, breathable mesh panels, and adjustable drawcords, your dad will stay protected and comfortable for any sunny escapade. 

10. Explorer Series

Make sure that your dad steers clear of annoying bugs and stay protected from the elements when he wears GearTop’s Explorer Series sun hat! Featuring a removable mosquito net, ensure that he gets full protection from the sun, wind, dust, and insects while spending time outdoors!

What are the best sports-related best gifts for fathers?

If your dad is a sports buff, the best gifts for father's day don't have to be expensive or luxurious. They just have to reflect his passion and dedication towards his favorite sport or activity. 

Give him his favorite sporting apparel like baseball jerseys (if he’s a baseball fan) or basketball shoes (if he likes to play on the hardwood) to instantly boost his motivation and morale. You can also give him a framed autographed photo of his favorite athlete if he enjoys collecting them as a hobby. 

If your dad is a sports fan but has a limited budget at the moment, you can go to the best gifts for 8father's day auctions online to find cheap but valuable memorabilia. 

Here are some more father’s day gift ideas according to the sport he loves: 

Best Gift Ideas for Dads Who Ski or Snowboard

Best Gift Ideas for Dads Who Ski or Snowboard - GearTOP balaclavas and beanie

If your cool dad loves to spend time in an adrenaline-pumping adventure on the slopes, here are some father’s day gift ideas 

11. Rider balaclava

With protection, utility, and style rolled into one, the versatile Rider hood balaclava is a must for every adventurer! Wearable in many ways, this one-size-fits-all balaclava features a hidden back pocket to store valuables and a complimentary drawstring bag for your gear and to keep your hands free. If your dad is an adrenaline-junkie who loves to spend time on the slopes, this hood balaclava is a must-have in his pack (which comes with this balaclava, by the way)! 

12. Ski or Snowboarding Goggles

We’re sure that a pair of cool-looking and durable goggles would be a welcome gift for the cool dad who loves to hit the slopes. Meant to keep snow, wind, and water away from his eyes, this gear is a must-have for skiers and snowboarders alike! Depending on your budget, there are numerous options that you can choose from.

13. Racer balaclava

Give your dad the gift of full-face protection from dust, dirt, cold, and painful wind burns for every adventure for any season with the breathable Racer face mask. Versatile as it is multi-functional, he can wear this balaclava as a full face mask, open mask, dust mask, skull cap, and even as a neck gaiter! 

14. Black skull cap

Help your dad stay focused as he pounds the pavement while wearing GearTop’s Running Beanie! Made from a quick-drying and breathable Super Roubaix material, it wicks away sweat and keeps distracting hair away from the face while staying active.

15. Base Layer Shirt

An essential for any slope-loving adrenaline junkie, a base layer shirt is designed to stay close to the skin, wick away sweat, and help in keeping the wearer dry and warm. 

Best Gift Ideas for Dads Who Love to Run

Best Gift Ideas for Dads Who Love to Run - GearTOP running gear

If your dad loves to turn to run as his source of exercise, here are a few more gift ideas for your fave runner: 

16. Touchscreen running gloves

If your dad uses his phone a lot while running, he’ll love the GearTOP’s Touch Screen Running Gloves! Designed to help him smoothly navigate his touchscreen device while protecting his hands through sold weather runs. Also perfect as liners, this versatile and multifunctional pair will also help keep hands toasty for any season! 

17. Touch screen reflective running gloves

Stay safe and warm as you wear GearTop’s Reflective running gloves for your nighttime runs! Featuring reflective elements increase your visibility in low-light especially for oncoming cars. Plus, the touchscreen-friendly tips, save yourself the hassle of taking this pair off when you use your smartphone, tablet, or GPS tools.

18. Anti-blister socks

Help your dad improve his running game with a pair of anti-blister socks! Specially designed for running, make sure that your dad stays comfortable during his runs. The best ones have a synthetic blend of materials like spandex, nylon, polyester, acrylic among several others. Stay away from cotton! You should also consider the cushioning, size, and length. 

19. Reflective skull cap

Stay safe and focused when you run at night when you wear a reflective beanie! Increase your low-light visibility especially from oncoming cars with this skull cap’s reflective elements. And, keep distracting sweat and hair away from your face as you work out. 

20. Sports headband

Stay focused as move when you wear sweat-wicking headbands! Soft and absorbent, this comfortable sweatband effectively wicks away sweat and keeps hair away from your face without sacrificing comfort.

Best Gift Ideas for Dads Who Love to Bike

Best Gift Ideas for Dads Who Love to Bike

If your dad's go-to sport is cycling, here are a few gift ideas that will make father’s day  super special  for him: 

21. Biking gloves

Are your dad’s hands prone to blistering because of biking? Make sure that his hands are well-protected and even keep them toasty by gifting him a pair of versatile biking gloves. There are plenty of options in the market that have a multi-functional design. 

22. Heart Rate Monitor Armband

If your dad is the type to track his bike performance progress, perhaps a heart rate armband will make his life a lot easier. While trackers that are worn around the chest are popular, armbands are far less distracting and far more convenient when it comes to size. 

23. Bike Tool Kit

A very handy gift for any avid cyclist is a bike tool kit. Having it on hand ensures that your cyclist can at least do basic repairs whenever his bike breaks down or needs a few tweaks here and there. There are a variety of bike kits available in the market that offer the most basic and essential tools to the more elaborate kits that hold numerous pieces. 

24. Bicycle Storage Hook

If your dad is having a hard time looking for decent storage space for his bike, a pair of bicycle storage hooks are a lifesaver. These bicycle mounts can be used to vertically or horizontally keep your dad’s bike. 

25. Bike Lights

Perfect for safety and visibility, bike lights are a must for cyclists who love to bike at night. Bike lights allow cyclists to see hazards better and it also keeps your dad visible to approaching vehicles. 

What are the best gadget gift ideas for fathers?

best gadget gift ideas for fathers

If you're looking for functional yet stylish for your techie dad for father’s day, gadgets are perfect options!  

Fathers use gadgets every single day. Whether it is to stay connected with family and friends or to make every day like cooking and computing easier and better, they are a staple especially if you have an especially techie dad. 

Hundreds of gift ideas can be categorized into gadgets that you can buy to make your father happy. Here are some ideas: 

26. Apple TV

If your dad loves to watch TV, perhaps he would highly appreciate getting an Apple TV as a gift on father’s day. He can have his pick between different streaming services like Apple TV+, Netflix,  Amazon Prime, and Hulu. He can even play games.

27. Universal Travel Power Adapter

For the dads who are always on a long trip abroad, a universal travel adapter can come in quite handy. Depending on the brand,these power adapters feature USB ports, power sockets, and usually come in a compact design to save on storage space. 

28. Wireless Charger

Is your dad notorious for losing his classic phone charger? Perhaps a wireless charger can help him! With a wireless charger, he can leave it in one place and just go there every time he needs to charge his phone. What’s more, there are wireless charger models that prop up the phone so you can see the screen.

29. Bluetooth Tile Tracker

Is your dad always losing his house o car keys? Getting him aBluetooth Tile Tracker will save him loads of time that’s been otherwise used in running around the house looking for the keys. Usually as small as a nickel, you can tack these on and pull up the app in his phone to locate it. 

30. Wireless Headphones

If your dad loves his tunes or even audiobooks, perhaps wireless headphones are in order this coming father’s day. The awesome thing about these babies is that your dad can still move around without worrying about annoying wires. He can wear these while washing his car, working on a new project, or even when he’s working. 

What are the best fashionable gifts for fathers?

best fashionable gifts for fathers

Style-conscious fathers will love fashionable items like watches, cufflinks, and more. But, being fashionable doesn’t have to mean that you have to spend a lot. If you want to give him something that he can use throughout the year like clothing, here are some staples in a fashionable dad’s closet: 

31. Custom suit

If you feel like your dad’s wardrobe is wanting a well-tailored suit that perfectly fits his size, why not treat him one. Upgrade his wardrobe with this staple for any fashionable dad. 

32. Leather belt

Another must-have for the dad who prides himself to be fashionable, a leather belt is one of those items that really polish a look. Plus, they come in handy for those baggy pants that are way too big. 

33. Topsider shoes

Comfortable and stylish, topsiders are sure to elevate your dad’s look while still looking casual. Easy to pair with any classic polo shirt, you can opt for neutral colors that are sure to be versatile enough for a wide range of color palettes. 

34. Classic polo shirt

You can’t go wrong with the classic polo shirt! While we're sure that your dad already has a bunch of these, another one sure won’t hurt. To keep it fresh and fun, you can opt for a color that pops and is more vibrant than your dad’s usual selection.

35. Cufflinks

Is your dad one for fancy dinners and events? Perhaps a new pair of cufflinks will put a nice finishing touch to his formalwear. There are plenty of design options to choose from. 

36. Wristwatch

For centuries now, watches have been the go-to best gifts for father's day. This is especially true if you want to give something with an everlasting value. The best watches to buy as a gift for fathers day are those that have a strong construction. The best materials the watch is made from should be durable and rust-resistant so it can last a lifetime. 

If you want to give something with an enduring value, look for Swiss wristwatches because of their quality craftsmanship. These come in different sizes which makes them appropriate for any wrist size. 


We hope that our list of gift ideas has helped you in your search for the perfect father’s day present. If there are any other suggestions or gifts we missed, please let us know in the comments below! Happy shopping and Happy Father's Day!

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