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8 Kid-friendly Halloween outdoor games

  • 5 min read

8 Kid-friendly Halloween outdoor games

Being locked up for 2 years, it’s time our kids get out and enjoy the outdoors. Of course, we still have to keep them safe. When letting your keeps play under the sun for a few hours, don’t forget your trustykids sun hats from GearTOP with UPF 50+ sun protection

For your epic Halloween party this fall, we have listed down 8 fun Halloween games your kids and their friends can play in your backyard!

1. Scavenger hunt

You can’t go wrong with a good ‘ole scavenger hunt outdoors. Get the kids up and running, and let them find this year’s Halloween treasures.

What you need

  • Printed checklist of items that the participants need to find
  • Halloween treats scattered in the perimeter search
  • Timer

How it works

  1. Know your perimeter.
  2. Hide the objects within the perimeter. 
  3. List the treasures you have hidden and distribute the list to the kids (or kids at heart!).
  4. Make sure the kids know your perimeter.
  5. Tell them how much time they have to search the area for the treasures.
  6. Let the kids know whether they need to bring the item, take a photo or write down where they found the treasure.
  7. Whoever finds the most items or the kid who found them all first, WINS!

2. Pumpkin bowling

For a party that would surely knock their socks off, try pumpkin bowling. 

What you need

  • Small pumpkins (Around 4-6 inches in diameter)
  • Plastic bottles
  • Paint or paper with glue/tape to decorate your plastic bottles
  • Filler - small rocks or pebbles, rice, corn kernels
  • Googly eyes (optional)

How it works

  1. Decorate your plastic bottles using paint or paper with glue. A cute ghost, maybe? Make it fun by adding some googly eyes!
  2. Put your fillers inside the bottle to add some weight just enough to let it stand on its own.
  3. Position the bottles in your backyard in a triangular or V form
  4. Set up a distance from the bottles to the release point of the pumpkin.
  5. You can decorate your pumpkin too!
  6. Kids can take turns in rolling the pumpkin and trying to hit the bottles. The participants with the most bottles hit after 3 turns (you can add more turns), WINS!

3. Ghost piñata

Just like most horror movies, fighting ghosts in the dark is such a fun challenge. Less scary and more fun, let the kids take a swing at it!

What you need

  • You can DIY your piñata by using paper lanterns, crepe paper, tape, and scissors. Make sure you cover the bottom of the paper lantern. 
  • Candies or other Halloween treasures
  • Rope
  • Baseball bat or any wooden stick 
  • Blindfold

How it works

  1. Set your piñata up in your backyard by using a rope where you can control the height of the piñata
  2. Each kid gets a turn to try to hit the ghost while blindfolded. They can only swing 3 times each turn.
  3. Whoever hits the ghost, WINS! Of course, all the candies coming out of the ghost are up for grabs for the other kids.

4. Spider web fly toss game

Need a game that sticks? Do a spider web fly toss game and have the kids all tangled in a web of fun.

What you need

  • Masking Tape
  • Hula Hoop
  • Small black pom poms/fuzzy balls
  • Toy spider
  • Rope

How it works

  1. Take the hula hoop and make a spider web pattern using the masking tape. Make sure one side has all the adhesive. Secure the spider near the middle.
  2. Set up your hula hoop in your backyard using a rope and put it in place.
  3. Each kid gets a number of black pompoms to throw and make sticks on the web. They have to make it stick in the middle for the spider.
  4. The pompom must stick at least 5 seconds in the middle for it to win.
Kids having fun during Halloween

5. Witch hat ring toss

Come and get the kids lost in a magic spell with the Witch Hat Ring Toss Game.

What you need

  • You can DIY your witch hat using black construction paper, tape or glue, and some scissors.
  • Glow sticks/wooden rings
  • Exercise mat
  • Marker

How it works

  1. Put your witch hats on the mat and secure them with tape
  2. Create a point system wherein each hat earns different points.
  3. Set the mat at a distance. (We suggest 3-4 feet from the throwing point)
  4. Give each kid at least 3 glow sticks for 3 tries. Each participant has to toss their rings from the throwing point and make sure the ring goes inside the witch’s hat.
  5. The kid with the most number of points, WINS!

6. Paint your pumpkins

For the kids who are just too shy to play games, we got one for them too! Get their creative juices flowing with the Pumpkin Painting activity.

What you need

  • Pumpkin
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paint Mixing Plate or Recycled Yogurt Covers
  • Paint Brush
  • Water

How it works

  1. Set up an inviting painting station in your backyard
  2. Give the kids a pumpkin to decorate using the materials provided
  3. You can print out and display sample pumpkin designs so you can inspire them on what to paint or create.
  4. Let them take their creations home so they have something to remember your epic party by.

7. Halloween cookie face-off

From spooky to cookie - let’s play some fun games with yummy Halloween cookies. 

What you need

  • Cookies - the spookier, the better!

How it works

  1. Each participant gets a cookie they can put on their forehead while tilting their head upwards.
  2. The goal is to move their faces so that the cookie goes to their mouth.
  3. If the cookie falls, they have to start again on their forehead.
  4. The first participant to get the cookie in their mouth and eat it, WINS!

8. Suck it up: Candy corn

Whenever candies are involved, your kids are going to be up for it! Have fun with this minute-to-win-it-inspired game with items you would most likely have for your Halloween party.

What you need

  • Straws
  • Paper Plates
  • Candy Corns

How it works

  1. Each participant gets one straw, candy corn, and two paper plates.
  2. Before the timer starts, one paper plate must contain all the candies and the other plate is empty.
  3. The participant must use the straw to suck the candy and transfer it to the empty plate. 
  4. The most candies transferred in one minute, WINS!


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