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10 Tips to get ready as a beginner for the New York City Marathon

  • 3 min read

10 Tips to get ready as a beginner for the New York City Marathon

Get ready with us for the much-awaited New York City Marathon this November. Expected to be joined by 50,000 starters this year, the NYC Marathon is the marathon we’ve all been waiting for as elite athletes and celebrities are lacing up with one goal in mind - cross that finish line in Central Park. 

Running a 42.195km (26.2 mile) course is no easy stint. Here are 10 tips that can help you get a running start for this year’s New York City Marathon:

1. Plan your start and finish logistics with your support group

With over 50,000 runners and approximately 2 million people lining the course, you wouldn’t believe how many people are waiting both at the start and finish line. As families and friends support their loved ones who are joining the race, you may want to map out where you can meet your support group before and after the race. You can also pinpoint where, along the course, they will be cheering for you so you can rock a smile for their camera. 

2. Check the weather

Constantly check the weather so you know what gear or clothes you may need to bring during the marathon. Whether it’s hot or cold, you can wear sweat-wicking hats like ourGearTOP Skull Cap that can keep the sweat out of your face while protecting your head from sunburn or keeping your ears toasty during cooler weather with its versatile Super Roubaix Fabric.

3. Protect your skin

Opt for sunscreens that are sweatproof and waterproof. Ideally, you should pick a sunblock with at least 50+ UV protection in case it rains during the event. For added protection, you can wear hats as well asUPF clothing that covers highly exposed areas of your body like your arms and legs. 

4. Pace yourself

In running a marathon, you can’t always be fast or intense for the entire course. You need to train beforehand as to what pace you’re comfortable with. For beginners, it is important to take it slow and steady pace to keep yourself away from burnout and injury. You can start with the average 12-15 minutes per mile pace and work from there. 

5. Download the app

Knowing about your next conquest can help you prepare for what’s in store for you. TheNYC Marathon App can help you get first dibs on any updates during the race week. Your friends and family can also download the app to help track where you are at the course and have uninterrupted coverage of all four professional divisions. 

New York city marathon

6. Avoid injuries through kinesiology taping

Before registering for the marathon, it’s best to train so you’re aware of your limits and avoid injury. TapeGeeks kinesiology tapes can help you build your endurance while training and also during the marathon itself while it also helps improve your blood and fluids circulation. 

7. Have a hydration plan

Drink before, during, and after the marathon. Throughout the course, there are fluid stations for every mile from 3 to 25. You can also bring your hydration packs but keep them compact and light because backpacks are not allowed during the race.

8. Plan your diet

Marathons being the true test of endurance, you would need a diet that would prepare you for the race day. For some, carb loading can be done a week before the race. Increase your carb intake by 8-12 grams of carbohydrate per kilogram of body weight at least 1-3 days before the event. Or, you may ask your nutritionist for what’s the best diet plan for you in preparation for a full marathon.

9. Check where the first aid stations are located

Best to know where the medical aid stations are in case something happens. Stations are located at approximately every mile after mile 3 and the finish line. Professionals are ready to help you in case you are injured or feeling ill. You can also check out the health and safety protocols of the official NYC marathon website.

10. Run your own race

This is your race. Your own time is the time to beat and not anybody else’s. Focus on your goal of finishing the race or achieving your personal best. With elite athletes joining the race, it’s easy to feel intimidated. Remember, not all 50,000 runners are elite athletes, but all 50,000 started as beginners. 


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