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Sun Protection Hat for Kids with UPF 50+ - Safety Headgear - Ariel Foldable, Waterproof, Adjustable Hat Fish Design

Light Pink

Protect your child's skin with the Ariel Hat, designed for kids aged 2T-7 years. This UPF 50+ sun hat offers superior UV protection, a safety-release chin strap, and an adjustable fit. Its foldable design transforms into a playful fish toy, perfect for adventurous kids. Lightweight, waterproof, and machine washable, it's ideal for all outdoor activities.

  • Ultimate UV Protection: Offers UPF 50+ protection, blocking 98% of harmful UV rays to keep your child’s delicate skin safe during outdoor adventures. Perfect for beach days, hiking, and family outings, this sun hat ensures your child stays protected from sunburn and long-term skin damage.
  • Safety-First Design: Two breakaway clasps prevent choking, keeping your child safe during play.
  • Waterproof & Floatable: Ideal for beach days, this hat is waterproof, floatable, and quick-drying.
  • Adjustable Fit: Grow-with-me drawstring fits head sizes 21.5" to 22", offering a secure and comfy fit.
  • Transformative Fun: Converts into a playful fish toy, adding entertainment to sun protection.


  • What does UPF 50+ mean?

UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor. It indicates the amount of UV radiation a fabric will allow to reach your skin.  

There are different UPF ratings. A sun protection hat with a UPF rating of 50+ means that 2.5% or less of the UV rays can penetrate the fabric. That said, the larger the UPF rating, the more UV protection you can guarantee.

  • Should kids wear sun hats?

Definitely! Just as adults need sun protection, it’s the same as kids. A wide brim paired with UPF features brings great coverage while protecting the face, neck, and ears from UV rays. 

  • What should I look for in a kid’s sun hat?

When it comes to a sun protection hat, it is essential to pay attention to the fabric or material of the hat. This also applies to sun hats for kids. Here are some of the considerations that you need to take: 

Wide Brim. Wide brims bring a bigger coverage and ensure that you are protecting, not just your face, but also your ears and neck from sun exposure.

Breathability. A good sun protection hat is made of breathable fabric that allows for proper airflow. A light fabric guarantees that your head will not feel too hot and will not trap any sweat. Additionally, a mesh panel will help protect the skin from the sun and adds ventilation.

UV protection. Fabrics used for sun protection hats have a UV protection rating. Stick to hats that have a rating of over UPF 50+ for the most protection.

Moisture-wicking sweatband. A moisture-wicking sweatband found around the inner crown is a great feature, especially if you sweat a lot. The band can help prevent the sweat from dripping into the eyes.

Last but not the least, your little one should look adorable! So, a vibrant color paired with a cute design is a must. Perfect for snaps that you can look back on for when your lil’ tyke is all grown up!

  • How do you keep a sun hat on a toddler?

While it might be tricky, we have a few tips and tricks to help you keep your rambunctious toddler’s sun hat on. Here are a few of them:

Make sure that the hat has a comfy fit. Choosing the right-sized hat for your toddler is key to getting a comfortable fit. The hat is too big or too small may annoy your little one leading them to want to take off their hats. GearTOP hats have solved this problem by incorporating an adjustable drawcord for our sun hats. Loosen or tighten the fit according to your child’s needs!

Secure it in place with a chin strap.While your energetic little one might not actively remove their sun hats, they can fall off while they’re busy at play. This is why having a chinstrap may help your child keep their sun hats on while they’re moving about.

Make it a habit to always wear hats when outside.Perhaps most important of all, make it a habit for your kid (and even you) to wear high-performing sun hats every time you go outside. After doing so, your kid will just get used to the feeling of wearing a hat and would not mind it anymore.

  • How do I measure my kid’s sun hat size?

Here is a simple guide to measuring your child’s head size: 

  1. Use a measuring tape (or a string, if you do not have one at home), wrap it around your head above the ears and across the eyebrows.
  2. Stick your finger under the tape to allow for some room, and from there, you get your little one’s head circumference.

*GearTOP’sun hat for kids are available in L (20.9”) and XL (22”) sizes which fit kids aged 2-5 and 5-12 years, respectively.