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Face Masks

A versatile bandana face mask with earloops that will stay securely in place as you stay active outdoors. Protect your cheeks, neck, and shoulders from the elements with this breathable and non-restrictive face mask!



  • Bandana face mask with ear loops for a secure fit
  • Face cover scarf that protects from dirt, wind, and UV sun rays
  • Cooling gaiter mask that maintains breathability
  • Stretchable fabric that can fit most head sizes
  • A versatile face mask that’s wearable in many ways
  • Unisex neck gaiter face mask for men and women
  • Quick-drying face scarf
  • Foldable and non-bulky bandana gaiter for easy portability and storage
  • Machine washable and easy-to-wash scarf mask
  • GearTop Lifetime Guarantee

Enjoy your outdoor adventures without the hassle of fixing your mask as it slips off your face! GearTop’s Bandana Face Mask with Earloops ensures a secure but non-restrictive fit while effectively protecting your cheeks, neck, and shoulders from UV sun rays, wind, and dust! Take this packable and lightweight neck gaiter as you go biking, hiking, cycling, skiing, snowboarding - or enjoy any other outdoor activity!

Quick-drying and easy-to-wash, this bandana gaiter is perfect for on-the-go outdoorsmen! Just throw this face mask bandana in the washing machine whenever you feel it needs a thorough clean. When you're outdoors and the mask gets wet, just leave it under the sun for a bit, and it’ll dry in no time. Its foldable and non-bulky construction makes for easy packing and storage, too. You can put this scarf mask inside your pocket or your backpack for safekeeping.

Wearable in many ways, this versatile neck gaiter can also serve as a fun add-on to some of your favorite looks! Romp a bad-ass style as you wear it as a motorcycle face mask for men and women or sport it as a scarf face mask when you go out. The possibilities for this multi-functional neck gaiter face mask are numerous!

Aside from all this face mask’s amazing features, get treated to GearTop’s Lifetime Guarantee! You can rest assured that this product has been built with the utmost quality in mind. And although it’s highly doubtful that you’ll encounter any problems with our items, if you do, let us know. We’ll give you a full refund, or even replace your item - all for free!