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Racer Balaclava Mask

Guard yourself against the dust, cold, or painful wind burns as you enjoy skiing, snowboarding, cycling, or riding your motorbike with this breathable face mask.



  • A versatile face mask that’s wearable in many ways
  • Sweat-wicking balaclava face mask to keep you fresh and cool
  • Multi-functional balaclava that’s great as a helmet liner, keeping your helmet clean
  • Stretchy Super Roubaix fabric brings a snug but non-restrictive fit
  • One-size-fits-most construction that can accommodate most head sizes
  • Choose among this mask’s numerous colorways
  • Complete face protection from the cold, wind, sun, and even allergens
  • Keep distracting hair and sweat away from your face
  • Packable balaclava face masks for easy portability and storage
  • GearTop Lifetime Guarantee

Enjoy your chilly outdoor expeditions without any distractions as you sport GearTop’s Balaclava Face Masks! Get full face protection against dust, wind, and the icy winter air as you spend time outdoors - whether you’re motorcycling, snowboarding, or skiing! This cozy but breathable balaclava also wicks sweat away as it keeps your hair in place.

With its Super Roubaix Fabric’s four-way stretch, get treated to a snug yet non-restrictive fit from this balaclava mask! Made with a one-size-fits-all construction, this headwear is designed to accommodate most head sizes.

Versatile as it is multi-functional, opt to use this face mask as your go-to helmet liner! Effectively keep sweat and hair away from your face while doing away with that funky helmer odor, too!

You can even guard yourself against allergens with this face mask’s full face protection! Be worry-free as you spend time outdoors in the summer.

Have your pick between neutral shades of black and white, or sport eye-catching color combos of pink/black or black/ green.

Style this headwear in several different ways depending on the occasion! Wear it as a closed ski mask, an open mask, or as a dust mask. You can even opt to sport it as a skull cap or neck gaiter as an add-on to your look. There are countless possibilities for this multi-functional headwear!

With GearTop’s Lifetime Guarantee, rest assured that each of our products is made with quality as the utmost priority. If, however, you think you’ve proven otherwise, just let us know. We’ll give you a full refund, or even replace the item - FREE OF CHARGE!