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Headband Sweatband

  • WHILE OTHER HEADBANDS FOR MEN DON’T absorb large amounts of sweat, stretch out too quickly and rarely stay in place, our headband is made of PREMIUM QUALITY, silky soft ELASTIC MATERIAL, TESTED AND PROVEN to ABSORB HEAVY AMOUNTS OF SWEAT, wicks away moisture and dries quickly. Easy to wash, and always retains form and elasticity! This means that the HEAD BAND ALWAYS STAYS IN PLACE without being too tight and causing too much pressure on your head, which GREATLY REDUCES HEADACHES
  • UNLIKE OTHER SWEAT BANDS, BASEBALL CAPS AND TERRY CLOTH HEADBANDS said to absorb sweat, but instead retain moisture like a wet sock on your head, OUR MENS HEADBAND WICKS AWAY MOISTURE AND DRIES QUICKLY to STOP SWEAT BUILDUP. Sweat can drip a lot, especially if you have no hair to soak it up, and sweat on glasses and in eyes is irritating, even more so if you wear contacts. Our hairband is a SWEAT DISSOLVING MAGICAL BAND made for your fit lifestyle, SAVING YOU FROM BURNING EYES and KEEPS YOU DRY
  • KEY COMPLAINTS OF MOST HEADBANDS ARE feels cheap, and falls off both small and even large heads! Heavy or tight headbands also cause headaches. That’s why WE DESIGNED OURS TO NOT ONLY be LIGHTWEIGHT, BUT TO STAY IN PLACE throughout even the toughest of workouts! These are headbands for women and men as they fit any sized noggin. Feel NO MORE FRUSTRATION as you NO LONGER have to constantly adjust your head band. GUARANTEEING YOUR WORKOUT is the most STRESS FREE and COMFORTABLE that it can be.
  • WE’RE ON A MISSION to make your workouts as COMFORTABLE as possible! We believe in making exercise easy and fun and that in helping you do this by providing QUALITY WORKOUT GEAR, we are creating happier and healthier individuals. BE ADVENTUROUS and WORK ON IMPROVING YOUR PERFORMANCE without dealing with annoying things like fixing your headband, sweat dripping down your face or poor stitching.OUR HAIR BANDS ARE SEWN PROPERLY, so that our headband will LAST LONGER than other brands on the market
  • WE PROMISE A FOREVER HAPPY HEAD WITH OUR LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. We are real people who use our own products every day. We expect the best for ourselves and want the same for you! If you experience ANY problems with this headwear FOR THE LIFETIME OF THE PRODUCT, contact us and we will refund every penny of your purchase, and ship you a new sweatband FREE of charge. AMAZON CUSTOMERS SAY: A life saver … You will not regret buying this! FEEL THE DIFFERENCE!