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Tips to Increase your Running Endurance

  • 2 min read

Tips to Increase your Running Endurance

Trying something new, challenging yourself and taking your running experience to the next level is something that spice up your running routine. As a runner wanting to join your first marathon or a beginner who wants to increase running performance and stamina, heres some tips for you. 

1. Consistency on your training goals

Consistency is the key to increase your running endurance because our body and system learns to adapt on the level of training and gradually it becomes easier day by day while slowly increasing the duration and intensity of your training. It helps strengthen your muscles and improve cardiovascular fitness. The more you train and consistent on your training goals, your endurance and stamina also increased.

2.  Cross Training 

Incorporating other exercise and improving other parts of our body will help increase your running endurance and strength. You can try core exercise, body weight exercise and aerobic exercise to help improves your cardiovascular efficiency, stability, balance, and strengthen muscles and joints which is very essential fitness components as a runner.

3. Fuel

Our body needs energy to increase running endurance. Fueling and proper hydration before, during and after  running is important to your body to store necessary amount of carbohydrates to keep your body energised. The first 30 minutes time after a run is essential window to refuel your body with some snack with carbs and protein to best absorb most nutrients for a complete and faster recovery. According to the study of National Center for Biotechnology Information , the general nutritional demand for athletes engaged in general fitness program  needs to consume normal diet of  45-55% Carbohydrates, 10-15% protein and 25-35% Fat. Remember to eat the necessary foods that compliments to your training goals.

4. Rest and Recover

Cool down and perform post run recovery routine like stretching or foam rolling to reduce soreness and tight muscles, relaxes and lower your body temperature. Eat healthy meals rich in protein to helps rebuild tissues. Have enough sleep to allow your body to rest, repair and boost immune system to set you ready to increase running endurance and performance.

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