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How to Enjoy Exercise and Love It!

  • 3 min read

How to Enjoy Exercise and Love It!

There are always times when we don't feel like going to the gym and can't find the motivation to add physical activities to our lives.

Here are some tips to help you learn to enjoy exercise and love it even more.

Table of Contents:

  1. Make Exercise as a form of meditation or your stress reliever
  2. Choose what works for you
  3. Find a Partner
  4. Tune in to your Work out Playlist
  5. Never mind the vital statistics
  6. Make it a Habit

Make Exercise as a form of meditation or your stress reliever

Our day to day lives at work, school or at home are sometimes really stressful and we have our different ways to manage the stress. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America “ 14% percent of people make use of regular exercise to cope with stress” . Exercise is actually good for our mental health because  it releases endorphin in our body that relieves the stress and pain. So, going to the gym can be more enjoyable when you know it is something that can makes you happy , calms your mind and effective ways to have a happy and healthier life. Whenever you are feeling unmotivated to exercise, consider exercise as your happy pill most importantly during stressful times, you will love the results and finds new reasons to enjoy it more.

Choose what works for you

Sometimes you do not enjoy exercise because it is simply not the type of workout that fits your style and personality. Choose an exercise where you will enjoy the routine, people and environment. If you are the type of person who likes being alone, you can try running, yoga and swimming or any other workouts that can be done alone. If you like socializing and enjoys the company of people, you can go to the gym where there are instructors and more people to talk to and make friends with, join a fitness class or engage in any recreational sports team or work out group. Choosing  an exercise that works best for you will surely helps you enjoy and stick to it.

Find a Partner

Have you ever hear someone says, they can’t start exercising because they don’t have a companion or they stop because their buddy stops as well? There are times that exercise is more fun when you have a training partner. Try to get your family members, friends or partner to hit the gym and do exercise together. Being with someone who shares the same interest and commitment with you will certainly boost your motivation, consistency and accountability to increase you performance. Just find a committed work out buddy that will help you get up from your couch and hit the gym together. 

Tune in to your Work out Playlist

Listening to Music when you work out is a very good tool to relieve boredom and also studies from National Center for Health Research concluded that “ Choosing music that you enjoy and that fits your exercise routine can help you get more out of your exercise experience”. Indeed, this is why you will see a lot of runners or gym goers usually have an earphone plugged on their ears while exercising because music keeps them focus, elevates the mood, and helps improves work out. So the next time you hit the gym or work out alone, download and play some high groove music to enjoy it more.

Never mind the vital statistics

When you think that exercise can give you nice desirable body, your motivation will be gone when you can’t see any improvement yet. Studies have shown that more people give up exercise when they can’t succeed on their weight loss journey. Instead of thinking about the pound loss or the muscle gain. Focus on how exercise change your lifestyle and mental health. Remind yourself how it elevates your mood and makes you feel good. This way, you will find yourself working out regularly and happily.

Make it a Habit

Once you have established a proper mindset and routine it will creates you discipline and consistency. Doing it regularly will form a habit and you will get hooked to it, until exercise will become part of your daily life. Exercise will no longer a chore to you and a daily physical activity is already part of your system to keep going.

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