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How to stick to your new years resolution

  • 2 min read

How to stick  to your new years resolution

Are you someone who always sets a goal for the new year? How's your new year's resolution so far? Are you still on track with your goals?

If your answer is “yes,” that’s great! Keep it up. 

But if your answer is “no,” it’s completely fine. The important thing is you can still start today. Every day is an opportunity to be better and restart.

Here are some tips to keep you committed and motivated on your journey towards your goal:

1. Aim for a realistic goal

Setting goals is easy. But how to execute it consistently is the challenge. 

This is why 80% of new year's resolution fails before February. Set a realistic expectation wherein you know that you can allot time and effort to be able to do it consistently. Have a goal that will excite you every day to do it.

2. Know your 'why'

Every goal should have a Reason - a “why.” We want to achieve something because we need it, we want to change for the better, or for good results to happen. 

Having a reason why you need to do it gives you a sense of purpose. Once you have your purpose, you will be motivated to stay focused. 

Knowing your “why” will always remind you of the importance of your goal or resolution and it will create value on what your purpose is in doing so.

3. Write down your goals

Write down your goals. Don't just leave them on your mind. 

Study shows that when you write down something, you will remember it better. Writing down your goal has a powerful effect on your memory and action. Place it somewhere that you will see every day and will remind you always of your goals and plans.

4. Create a routine

Take a look at your life goals or resolution and plan how you can execute them. Having a routine pushes you to stay disciplined and consistent. Once you have the routine, you get used to it and it will eventually become a habit. And habit makes it easier to follow through on your goal every single day.

5. Celebrate your progress

Every little improvement gives you motivation and a sense of fulfillment. Any small step towards your goal encourages you to feel better and appreciate your journey more. Don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back for every small or big success you have achieved so far.

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