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Morning Workout: Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Day

  • 2 min read

Morning Workout: Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Day

Have you ever planned to start the day with an early morning workout but always struggling to wake at ease and failed to get out of bed? 

Check out this tips for your early morning goals.

1.  Sleep on time

As the saying goes “ Early to bed, early to rise”. Indeed, It’s always necessary to complete your night time sleep  to have your full energy and focus on your morning workout routine. Ditch your screen time an hour before bed time, get a good shower and optimized your evening to get a better morning. It always feels good to work out in the morning with enough sleep and energy to start your day right.

2.  Prepare your gear a night before

Preparing your work out attire the night before will help you get ready quickly as soon as you get up. Planning and putting your gear together and seeing it ready in the morning will reminds and helps you jump into action and be ready to go.

3. Do not snooze

When the alarm goes off, never hit the Snooze Button. Snoozing and sleeping for a few minutes more will eventually keeps you more sleepy and lazy to get out of bed. Getting up without snoozing is surely the first challenge to overcome when you are not a morning person. It is always a struggle to get out of bed earlier than usual but it always feels great when you do and start your day off with a positive note.

4. Place your alarm away from your bed

The hardest part is getting your body out of bed when everybody is still sleeping soundly in the wee hours of the morning. But by putting your alarm away from you, this oblige you to get out of bed first when alarm goes off. Make sure that the alarm tone is just enough for you to hear it and wakes you up though. Getting up from your bed to get it will initially helps to keep you fully awake and skip the snooze button to get ready.

5. Lights on and hit your playlist

As soon as your alarm goes off turn on the lights and play on your work out playlist to awaken your senses. Light gives us the wake up signal as soon as our eyes are expose to it. Playing music will gives you groove to get out of bed and head on to your work out routine.

6. Reliable workout buddy

Get a buddy who shares the same interest and get you committed to your early morning goal. They could be your partner, friend or a trainer who can certainly boost your motivation, consistency and accountability when you struggle. Your workout accountability partner can help to keep you on track. 

7. Commit yourself

Committing yourself to just do it and setting your mind into it, plays a big role in achieving your early morning workout goals. Getting started is always the hardest part of the journey but when you are 100% committed, everything can be possible. No excuses and you can do it!

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